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C’s lose another tough one to their L.A. rivals

Just got back from the big Red’sArmy party which was fantastic-despite watching the C’s fall to the Lakers 97-94 at Staples Center today. The Celtics were ice-cold and just could not get things going in the 1st quarter. Things starting looking better towards the end of the 1st half though, and behind a couple of Brandon Bass jumpers, some good defense and a Rondo buzzer-beating 3-pointer, the C’s were right back in it, trailing L.A. 44-42 at halftime.

The second-half of this game was a classic Celtics-Lakers battle. Rondo scored 10 points in the 3rd quarter on an array of layups and jumpshots. But the Lakers continued to feed the ball to Gasol and Bynum, and Kobe & Artest attacked the rim. Between that, and some help from Joey Crawfod, the Lakers took 14 free-throws in the 3rd. A scuffle between Ron Artest, KG & Pierce led to double-techs, and we had ourselves a “bar-fight”.

The 4th was highlighted by Kobe and SugarRay; Kobe scored 10 points in the final stanza, including two huge 3-pointers that put L.A. up 84-83 with 5:24 left. Ray buried a 3 of his own after a huge block by KG on Bynum. It was 94-89 C’s with 2:41 left. Then the well ran dry, and the C’s would not score again. Brandon Bass and Ray both came up-short, and Bynum’s hook with 15 seconds left sealed the deal.

The C’s competed. I will say that. It began to look like we might see the sluggish version of the C’s in the 1st-half. But they came-out with fire in their eyes in the 2nd-half, but just could not get a big stop or basket when it really mattered in the final 2 minutes. L.A. had 42 points in the paint, which was expected, but the Celts actually held their own as far as rebounding- L.A. had boards to Boston’s 34. Stiemsma did a decent job in the abcense of Wilcox & J.O. with 3 blocks in 14 minutes. But it was the offensive struggles, (which Doc mentioned was his main concern during an in-game interview) especially in the 1st quarter and late in the game that doomed the C’s. Most notably, Paul Pierce was 4 of 14 from the field, despite dishing out 9 assists and grabbing 3 steals. Rondo led the C’s with 24 points, had 10 assists, and surprised everyone by calmly drilling 2 clutch FT’s with 3:24 left, that put the C’s up 91-89 at the time.

The C’s now face the young, atheletic Clippers tomorrow night back at Staples. It will be Rondo and CP3’s first match-up this season. Should be interesting.


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  • KG.the.great

    Rondo was a true general tonight. He set screens on bynum that were ferocious. Celtic have heart and this was a heart breake. but, im just happy to see the C’s still have the fight in them. Man paul pierce was scared shitless of World peace. I was so mad yet i was laughing the whole time.

  • paul

    Cannot continue to have Rondo disappear in the fourth quarter as far as scoring and attacking the basket is concerned, though

  • Really wish we had a center…

  • *Editor’s note: Sorry folks-should read; “L.A. had 42 boards to Boston’s 34”
    Big thanks to all who came-out to the RedsArmy party today and to all of you who continue to read and support the site!

  • Brick James

    Nice writeup. It was a good game, fun to watch. We had it and let it slip away. The execution on the last possession was a microcosm of the execution down the stretch. With under 4 minutes left Ray shot multiple catch and shoot 3s off of picks with plenty of time on the shot clock. That’s the best we can get? Don’t even get me started on Pierce’s 30 footer – with 5 seconds left – that was blocked. Blech.
    I don’t want to see anyone leave necessarily, but this team is going nowhere. I hope Danny can maximize long term value for this organization, whatever that may be (even if it’s keeping stuff intact).

  • Brick James

    Which game did you watch?

  • Quest

    They screwed the play coming out of the time out and gave the win to the Lakers.

  • JasonG

    NBA refs (particularly Joey “Angry Baby” Crawford and other notables) are incompetent to the point that the only logical conclusion is that they are vindictive or flat out corrupt. At 3:43 in the first quarter Pietrus saves a ball from out of bounds. His foot is 3 full feet from the baseline and Crawford calls him out of bounds. It’s so pathetic that it’s enraging. Somebody please post the video.

  • He means Rondo didn’t attack the hoop in the 4th because he can’t shoot free throws. Pierce not showing up and being outplayed by Artest is what lost the game.

  • Refs didn’t do a bad job this game. Your example is silly.

  • Thanks Brick-I was the only one sober enough after the party to put a few sentences together. ;D

  • Well said KWAPT, they competed. And in the end, so did Kobe. Just glad we didn’t have to see anything close to what we saw in Philly last week. At least the roadie is off to a competitive start, and hopefully tomorrow night in the same gym the results will be different.

  • Alex

    Gotta blame this loss to Paul Pierce. This guy, man. Bricking shots as if he was Dooling, loses the ball constantly at the WORST possible times, can’t block out his own man so they won’t get the rebound, he look scared of Artest, the list goes on.
    I gotta say… now Paul Pierce is the one that needs to be more consistent. Rondo has been absolutely magnificent even though he doesn’t want to attack the basket to avoid the free throws (argh).

  • TJames

    Kind of getting sick of everyone saying “to avoid the free throws”. He nailed 2 clutch free throws tonight. It’s more of an issue of getting pounded at the rim and not getting calls. Who wants to drive to the basket to get pounded all the time and rarely get calls? Rondo does everything for this team, he is the floor general. Get off the kids back. He dominated this game, from all aspects. If it wasn’t for his jump shots the Celtics wouldn’t have even been close. Pierce couldn’t hit anything, and if Artest was in the game, forget about it.

  • Alex

    Relax. Just saying that it would of been good if Rondo kept penetrating like he was doing in the other quarters. He was a bit more timid on the fourth. Not really going to go in “BASH” mode over it but it’s something to watch for. Rondo did play great and I state that in my previous post.
    Pierce was the main problem in that game. Artest is his kryptonite, let’s face it.

  • TJames

    Wasn’t aiming that directly at you, probably should not have hit reply. I was just saying… people are always quick to jump on Rondo. Pierce was to blame for this game mostly.

  • Rondo could have been worried about his eye, since he cant wear protective glasses. I dont think u would see Bryant attacking the basket if he didnt have the mask on because he would be afraid that someone would pound it again.

  • Rondo has got to have slept with one of the ref’s wives. They hate him. From never calling anything when he gets hammered under the basket to bs stuff like not letting him wear his glasses, he gets the short end of the stick EVERY. SINGLE. GAME. It’s maddening. LeBron or Kobe or Lin could show up to a game in an NFL helmet and full pads and they wouldn’t say anything. A pair of protective glasses to aid in his play after an injury is too much. The officiating on this game was garbage. I can’t say I’m surprised as soon as I saw Joey Crawford was a ref, though.
    Let’s hope we get to watch Rondo prove tomorrow that a Rondo for Paul trade was a bad idea.

  • JasonG

    The post in no way implied “they lost because of the refs.” Inferring that is silly. As for the example itself, it’s a pretty egregious screw up by a supposed professional; Pietrus didn’t come within 3 feet of out of bounds. For claiming incompetence, that example is pretty nail on the head, quite the opposite of silly.

  • Clippers just lost a tough-one too. They came all the way back from 21 down, but couldn’t get over the hump. They lose to GSW. Will be a couple of angry teams tomorrow scratching and scraping for a win. I like the C’s in those types of games..

  • trytryagain

    My own personal 3 moments of joy during this game:
    1) Watching Garnett get muscled into oblivion by Bynum on several key plays. KG looked like a twig, and quickly learned his place. Step aside, son.
    2) Kobe blocking Pierce’s last ditch and ill informed 3 point attempt. The wanna be gangster once again let #24 get the best of him.
    3) You all saw this one coming. Pierce attempting to get something started with Artest, again. Failing miserably, again. And KG thinking that a two handed shove (which looked like it took all of his weight to even get Ron to budge) would somehow be seen as “tough” or perhaps “a smart move”. Then to top off the skirmish? Ron steals Pierce’s ball, runs the floor, and dunks on him. Paul & KG left with their flaccid egos in their hands.
    True, this was a contest between two teams that are shadows of their former selves this season. But it had the classic intensity of a great game. Kudos for the attempt Boston, but y’all couldn’t get it done. It’s a great night in Los Angeles. This one was for the true fans, f**k Hollywood. And even more so tonight, F**K YOU BOSTON!

  • trytryagain

    Late additions:
    4) Mike Brown waving BYE BYE towards Boston’s bench after Rondo missed his 3 point attempt. Classic. Dude just went up a notch in my book. Watch the replay.
    5) Sweeping Boston this season!

  • trytryagain

    Just saw the report on Chris Wilcox being out indefinitely with a heart ailment. Best wishes to him.

  • There was one true fan there today and it wasn’t you, asshole. I was there. Your idiotic statements are typical of dumbass Laker fans. Yes, it is true that KG, a forward, wasn’t tall enough or heavy enough to keep Bynum away at the end. But your Lakers gave up open shot after open shot. Brandon Bass just missed a wide open shot near the end. Metta is an idiot and should have been tossed after his flagrant attack on Rondo. Anyway, your putrid Lakers will go nowhere this season with this lineup, so post on Fakers Nation where you belong.

  • I think that Rondo’s 3 at the end of the half was more inspiring than any of your three bullets.
    1) Are you seriously comparing a PF and a C and gloating about one being able to out muscle one? I’m guessing you’re celebrating with a considerable amount of alcohol. Or maybe ganja considering you’re based in LA. But you have a good point– KG walking off with a limp to the locker room made him look like a twig. Wait, that was Bynum. Nevermind.
    2) How could that possibly be an ill informed trey? Did you miss the Knicks game last week? Pierce can and will make that shot in clutch plays. Watching purple and gold run into his arm as he got the shot off looked like a foul more than a block to me. You’re delusional if you don’t think P2 could have made that shot. I’d put that ball in Paul or Ray’s hands over and over again in any game.
    3) You’re calling Artest tough? Because he can fight fans in the stands? Because he had to have Joey Crawford hold his hand to keep him from storming off in a temper tantrum like the immature jackass that he is? You’re delusional if you think that took all of KG’s strength. KG was defending his man (Pierce) and that was that. I kept wondering if Artest had fallen off his meds. Fortunately he had Crawford holding his hand and making sure he wouldn’t foul out of the game.
    It was certainly a great game– I would have enjoyed it a lot if I didn’t have a lot of investments in both teams, but you can’t tell me that L.A. is truly celebrating and uncorking the Dom for a three point win against the 7th seed in the east. Face it, man, you’re gloating about single possession game won by cold shooting against your opponent. How about you start wondering how you blew a 15 point lead and won it due to some bad clock management?
    Neither of these teams are winning a banner, and the Lakers and Celtics are the two most storied team in the league. How about we collectively wince when we see LeBron and Wade share an MVP trophy in June? Not use profanity and low class language when talking about one another?

  • trytryagain

    It’s called a rivalry. Toughen up a tad!
    Nerve hit!

  • Artest was hammering Rondo all night with no calls. Crawford and the refs must owe him something. Completely garbage.

  • trytryagain

    It’s ok. You won’t think about getting swept by The Lakers this season tomorrow at work. You’ll be too busy worrying about losing to another Los Angeles team.
    Better prep your ref blaming diatribe now.
    Oh and far as the language? Point taken, even though I did censor myself. Unlike James Eisenman up there, eh?

  • trytryagain

    Yeah. Gotta be. Crawford made sure Pierce and Rondo missed those 3’s too. Right?

  • I probably won’t be thinking about beating the Clippers tomorrow at work, you’re right about that. I’ll be quite busy performing my job that (unfortunately) has no affiliation with professional sports.
    I’m quite interested about tomorrow’s game. I feel the Clippers have some great pieces and I’m curious as to how they match up. I look forward to a few beers and the TV tomorrow evening. I don’t typically speak out about the refs, but tonight was quite egregious on multiple occasions on both sides. After Artest threw his hissy fit, Crawford realized he needed to start throwing calls (and lack thereof) his way to not have a fight on his hands. Artest ran over Rondo’s head to no foul of consequence. You can’t look me in the eye and say that didn’t happen.
    I won’t speak for Eisenman. I just don’t love watching language that cheapen’s one’s argument, honestly. My dad went to USC, so I don’t shy away from LA teams. But some “F***” another’s entire city seems a bit much. That’s all. I can’t cast stones, though. You should have seen me after the season opener and my diatribe about NYC.

  • James Eisenman

    It’s called a rivalry? No, it’s called classless Laker fans. Do you know what the fans chant in Boston? “Beat LA.” That’s a rivalry. You know what they chant in LA? Right, “Boston sucks!” Lowlife, low class fans. Who taunt when they win and cry when they lose. Stay on Fakers nation. I’ll be there again tomorrow but I bet you won’t. You’re the typical LA fan that leaves 5 minutes before the game ends to beat traffic getting out of the Staples Center. Don’t let the turnstile hit you in the rear on the way out of here. This is a place of tradition. 18 real championships. Not 5 fake ones from a prehistoric era and a different city. And we don’t make fun of people with heart conditions, you creep

  • trytryagain

    I didn’t make fun of Wilcox, jackass. That was sincere.
    And you’re wrong on every other point as well. Tonight the Lakers beat the Celtics. Toughen up your skin.

  • trytryagain

    Classy reply. Thanks.

  • At least this coming season, L.A. fans will have their NFL team to root for. Wait. Nevermind.

  • Mike Brown, lol..
    They hired him to bring room service in the morning in Kobe’s house, nothing more (LeBron assured him he’s good at that); he’s gonna wave bye bye to himself in a couple of years, for sure.
    Anyway, too many classy answers for you in this blog, that’s because people coming here are nice and politically correct. Mine, you can imagine..

  • James Eisenman

    I was not wrong about anything I posted. First, nearly everything that you posted was gloating, arrogant and cheap shots so why would anyone assume that you were being sincere about Wilcox? Second, Laker fans do chant “Boston Sucks.” I was at the game today. They were chanting it in the hallway as I was leaving the game in the hundreds. Boston fans do chant “Beat LA” and never any childish crap like the Lakers’ fans do. Are the actions of Mike Brown acting like a 12-year old, something that you thought would go over well to gloat about on a Celtics’ fan site? Right. Then you come on telling people that they should be worried about thinking about losing to the Clippers on Monday night. Nice and classy. Lakers fans do leave early all the time. I have seen them do it. I live in LA. The Lakers have won 11 championships in LA but fans regularly tout their 5 in the 40’s and 50’s as part of their alleged 16. My only false statement is that the Celtics have only won 17 so far, not 18.
    My skin is plenty tough but what were you thinking? Are you some adolescent who wants to gloat anonymously on a Celtics site because the Lakers blew a 15-point lead and could have easily lost this game due to their multiple turnovers and poor defense? They won a close game because the Celtics, with only Garnett and a guy that they pulled from the D-League (missing Wilcox and O’Neal to injuries), were not big enough to keep Bynum away from the basket at the end of the game. We know that. So, stay were you belong. Chat to all the Faker fans. I’m sure they’ll gloat along with you. Here we talk about basketball, not playground bragging.

  • James Eisenman

    Although, I did not think the referees actually turned the tide today, why IS it that we constantly get Joey Crawford as the lead referee in our important games against the Lakers? I don’t get it. There are like 60-75 referees and this dolt gets assigned to Games 6 an 7 of the 2010 playoff, our game in LA last year, both of our games against LA this year. And there is always a significant free throw discrepancy in every game he refs with us against LA. I’m not a conspiracy theorist but this is not a coincidence. Just google “Joey Crawford Sucks” and you’ll see multiple websites on the topic of this incompetent baboon.

  • Please don’t feed the trolls.

  • Speaking of those 5 championships won during the ancient pre-24 second clock era {1949-54}…exactly how big was the turnout for those parades as the rumbled down Figueroa Street?
    I lived in LA {Encino} for over 20 years {attended the McHale/Rambis game}…so I know what you`re going through!

  • haha

    And the celtics fan were so classy when they won 2008 and started tossing rocks/ shaking the Lakers bus..If your skin is so tough, why are you so sensitive when people chant Boston Sucks? Cry me a river Leprechauns! lol

  • trytryagain

    Lighten up, I’m not trolling. I think it’s obvious James is much more antagonistic than I. I believe I’m allowed a little bragging rights after The Lakers swept Boston this season. Especially since this was the last time the two teams meet, more than likely forever, with the “Big” 3 etc. If it had been Boston who was doing the sweeping, I seriously doubt Celtic fans on here would be gracious and focus on basketball. C’mon.
    See you next season. Sorry it ended this way for your team.

  • Of course you’re trolling. If the Celtics swept, it would be proper to have bragging rights on a Celtics fan site. You made a purposeful attempt to brag and say obnoxious things about our players on this site, not Laker’s Nation. Coming on here and saying the mindless things you posted is trolling. Now, you’re trying to be all magnanimous. Too late. We know who you are. Personally, I hate to lose but never brag when I win to the one who lost. It’s classless, like “Boston Sucks.” And, by the way, that stupid chant doesn’t get under our skin, it displays the Lakers’ fans lack of class, that’s all. This isn’t about having thin skin; it’s about your lack of class. “Close game. You guys almost got us again.” That’s class. Loving your 12-year old coach waving bye bye to the opposing team and posting it here? That’s trolling.

  • What year do you think this is? Maybe check a calendar and see how long you’ve been asleep?
    The past few weeks, LA is a bunch of under performing whiners and sleepwalkers. The C’s left their game at the hotel and almost won on chutzpah.

  • AWESOME game by the mighty Lakers together with Black Mamba, MWP and Bynum-Gasol combo as well, great effort! Paul Pierce was again acting like a complete moron at Staples Center, Rondo is more like Dodo nowadays, and Ray Allen is….. well, considered forgotten and put into the history book.
    for all those naive Celtic fans out there, be prepared to cry to your mama again when your beloved team lose another game in LA facing Griffin and CP3, CHEERS!!!

  • like how Dumbdumb Wade and Chris Boshit giving free anal penetration for your grandpa?

  • James Eisenman

    LOL. You’re just about as smart as your namesake, Metta World Dip****!. Nice call dummie. CP3 looked like CP3O tonight. A tiny little robot who kept getting overturned by the big boys. And if your Fakers are so good, why did they have to struggle to beat all those old men you’re talking about in your ridiculous post. Go back to Fakers Nation where you belong.