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Bynum on the Celtics: “We don’t like them boys”


Andrew Bynum had strong words when talking about the Lakers' upcoming game with the Celtics on Sunday:

"We're going at they head. We're going at the Celtics' rack. Yo, we going at the Celtics' rack. At they head."

Bynum's been known to play pretty dirty, most notably/recently, his clobbering of the Mavericks JJ Barea during last year's playoffs. 

Ramona Shelburne from ESPN L.A. has all of Bynum's comments, as well as Kobe Bryant's thoughts on the matter.


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  • Alex

    Is that an actual word for word quote? If so, this kid NEEDS an education.

  • Pete

    My thoughts exactly. It’s probably an act… or “acquired knowledge” lol. He grew up in Plainsboro/West Windsor NJ (a few blocks from Princeton University), and went to private school at St. Joes in Metuchen, NJ. I live and work about 30 min from these areas. The average income is probably close to NBA minimum. In other words:

  • Pete

    Or perhaps he is just gifted.

  • I bleed green in L.A.

    This is the last time these 2 teams will face each other in this incarnation. I hope it’s a blood bath and players get ejected. Rambus clothes-line part 2.

  • Elliot

    It wouldn’t surprise me if Andrew Bynum couldn’t spell his whole name.

  • stomping on world peace would be the best

  • Sylvia Maggio

    Very eloquent. Exactly what I would expect from him.

  • very cool