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Breaking: Chris Wilcox out indefinitely with heart issue

CSNNE’s A. Sherrod Blakely reports that the Celtics’ Chris Wilcox is out “indefinitely”:

“Chris Wilcox is out indefinitely after the results from routine cardiac tests showed a need for additional tests to be performed.”

This news comes roughly 3 months after Jeff Green learned that he had an aortic aneurysm. Our thoughts and prayers are with Chris and we may learn more tomorrow when Doc addresses the media in L.A.

You can read Sherrod’s post on CSNNE’s site.

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  • Just to be clear..they’re just ordering more tests-they haven’t officially diagnosed him with a heart condition(yet). I pray it’s nothing serious or a false alarm..

  • pam

    Wow that’s a huge setback for us. This is too similair to the marquis injury before the trade deadline. Anyone else think this will encourage danny to blow it up? I think he should do a dooling for beasley switch. Both teams have need for the other player more (with rubio and wilcox/jo out)

  • KY Celts fan

    well damn.

  • Nick

    sign Kyrylo Fesenko, no need to get crazy here… He’s bigger and better than Wilcox. You sign him and let Steimsma and Jajuan fight for the scraps.

  • Quest

    Getting messier and messier. Pietrus out with his knee and bunch of Bench players still learning to play like contenders. This trip could turn ugly.

  • Nick

    Another idea could be to trade 1 of our firsts for Robin Lopez of the Suns… He is just the type of banger we need inside, I think he’d be a great fit

  • better off trading for marc sanchez

  • Alex

    Well… now we can expect something to happen at the deadline.
    This road trip is going to get ugly… Very ugly.

  • Aaron

    You are back. What about Matt Barnes baby?????hahahaha

  • Lee in Oregon

    I hope & pray Chris is okay. Couldn’t have come at a worse time for the C’s. Steimsma has been getting more minutes and hopefully he’s ready to step up on this 8 game trip.

  • Chris57

    everyone chill…if we can just go 4-4 on the road trip we will be fine…sac, GS, and milwaukee should be guaranteed wins…and every other game i think we have as good a shot as the other team…lets go Cs

  • Elliot

    god damn it

  • Jeez, too bad..
    Wilcox was about to become a factor for this team, couldn’t happen at a worse time. Of course my first pray is for the man and his health, hoping for the best.

  • Going to be an uphill battle today with no Wilcox or J.O. It's gonna be crucial for KG & Bass to be active on the boards or Bynum & Gasol will have a field day.

  • We are so out of luck this year.
    Best wishes for Wilcox first–hope nothing terrible comes up in the following tests.
    This is the worst news I have heard in this season–it is even worse than Jeff Green suffering from aortic aneurysm. It is simply because we’ve already shown we are thin in the paint and losing Wilcox makes the situation a lot worse.
    I simply can’t afford to see playing Steamer and JJJ in the paint in the playoff…

  • Quest

    4-4 on this road trip may be the best case scenario for the Celtics. Pietrus & Wilcox out, time changes, # games, playing lots min with guys out, fatigue all interact together. The Laker Bigs are going to kill the C’s. I predict another blow out loss Sunday.