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Recap: Celtics make Blazers tap out in the 2nd quarter


Holy crap. I cannot remember the last time I witnessed the Celtics pummel an opponent like they did tonight.

This was more about Portland being awful then the Celtics dominating. The Blazers were flat-footed and disinterested. Credit the Celtics for smelling blood early and not letting up until late in the 4th.

The halftime stats are hilarious.

Score: Boston 65 – Portland 30

Turnovers: Portland 17 – Boston 3

Steals: Boston 11 – Portland 1

The lead peaked at 43 points (81-38) midway through the 3rd quarter. I was openly rooting for it to reach 50. The final was 104-86. Boo.

KG, Paul Pierce and Ray Allen shot 20-for-30 and combined for 54 points. As you would expect in a massive blowout, all three sat the entire 4th quarter. 

Sasha Pavlovic had 10 points and 2 steals. He was a key contributor in the Celtics 38-13 2nd quarter blitz. Yup, Sasha Pavlovic and key contributor in the same sentence. Remember this night.

Box score



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  • Could not have asked for more; much-needed confidence boost and extra-rest for the starters before the long road trip.

  • Any chance they get to rest them tired legs is a good thing.

  • Rondo To KG

    Great game, now lets do this to the Fakers on Sunday.

  • Quest

    The Stats in this game are really. Danny looking to trade then trade this Bench they are terrible. This is what we got for support for the starters going into a possible 7 game playoff..yikes!

  • KY Celts fan

    Keep in mind we were without our two best bench players, and Bass has now become a starter.

  • as the driver of the sasha bandwagon here in Boston i would like to say again.the kid can play..and he DOES NOT give up easy lay way no how..#sashafever

  • Paul

    Just wanted to let you guys know that I just brought up your website on my Android Bionic and got the following:
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    I them closed my phone’s browser and opened it again and tried to get on your website and once again, received the same warning!
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    Just wanted to bring it to your attention!

  • Paul

    I then not them

  • Lee in Oregon

    I’m the co-pilot on that wagon, Sasha is a great athlete and always plays hard.
    The Blazers are a mess, and to quote the great Bob Cousey, “the fish stinks from the head”.

  • Paul

    Just restarted my phone and had no warning message when I brought up your website this time!!!
    Maybe it was my phone, but wanted to give you guys the heads up!

  • Erin

    No mention of Jermaine anywhere? Looks like we can trade him. Beasley, Josh Smith, Odom?

  • The Pope Pissed on Boston
  • Enjoying the Mike Brown era? Bahahaha…

  • Quest

    Without two best bench players…who would that be? Pietrus , Wilcox? Now I am worried for Celtics on this West road trip. Bass is the only support player contributing anything. At least Danny scored well getting Bass. But you can’t win against elite teams with 6 guys in 48 min.
    Its just been two long not having a good team bench.