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The Rondo rumors persist

Rajon rondo close up
The rumors I had hoped would die still won't. Chad Ford is the latest one to keep them alive (insider link) by suggesting Rondo is still the most likely player to be traded by March 15.

I know the Celtics are saying Rondo isn't going anywhere. But there are two problems with that. (1) It doesn't jibe with what a number of NBA GMs are saying based on conversations they've had with Celtics president Danny Ainge. (2) Ainge isn't stupid. He doesn't want to trade Rondo, but Rondo is the best chip he has to play right now.

If Ainge waits and does nothing, the Celtics will be a middling lottery team without much hope next season — in the same spot where Ainge inherited them a few years ago. He doesn't want to go back there. If he can get two pieces back for Rondo, I think he'll do it. Atlanta, Portland and Indiana are interesting destinations if they are willing to pay.

Ok, let's play this game.  

Who would I want from Atlanta?  Josh Smith (2nd on the list) isn't enough for me to give up Rondo.  Hell, I barely want to give up KG for Smith.  Then you'd have to give up other parts and it gets too complicated.

Portland?  They've got one star: LaMarcus Aldridge, and they're not giving him up.  That means the rest of any deal would be spare parts.  And while I think Nicolas Batum would be a great role player here, that doesn't do anything for me. 

Indiana?  Unless they're giving up Granger or West, everyone on that roster makes about $3 million or less.  And I don't see a package that makes sense for both teams. 

And do any of those teams have any draft picks that will be so much better than Boston's we have to get it for a shot at a top pick this year?  Nope.  Portland is the worst of those teams, muddling along and fightihng for an 8th seed.  So they're probably going to have a pick right around the middle of the draft… right where the C's will probably be.

So we can continue to blah, blah, blah about where Rondo may or may not go.  I'm open to a trade that make sense.  Other than the Chris Paul rumors at the beginning of the season, nothing has.   

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  • Rondo on Philly would be crazy. That team is fast break every play.

  • Scott

    You barely want to give up KG for Josh Smith? Really? Come on.

  • Mike

    It’s crazy for u to suggest that bogus idea. lol

  • chachee

    Chad Ford? Really? This guy still has a job?

  • Joe

    The Hawks are currently in 6th place right now. Josh Smith has been playing out of his mind as of lately. Why would ATL trade arguably their best player for an aging KG? That wouldn’t make sense to me.
    Portland would never trade LaMarcus Aldridge, he’s their franchise player. Trading him would be a huge mistake by the Blazers.

  • Johnny

    Nope! If u give up KG right now, then you’re basically giving up the entire 2012 season.

  • Ainge has a “winning hand” right now…he should resist all trade offers and stand pat!

  • rondo jajuan johnson avery bradley/etquaan moore jermaine oneal our two first round picks and possible future first round picks and any amount of second round picks for dwight howard

  • Rondo To KG

    Chad Ford must think that the Celtics are desperate to give up Rondo if he thinks we’ll trade him to those teams for garbage. Unless we are getting a superstar in return, Rondo is staying in Celtic green.

  • chad ford and the rest of espn is trash

  • Isn’t it also possible other GMs are trying to feed the fire? I love unnamed sources.

  • DD

    My favorite part is him saying if the Celtics don’t trade Rondo they will be a lottery team. Really? You have a crystal ball there Chad? With a huge amount of cap space and 2 first round picks they can make a decent move here or there. I’m not saying they will be “the Team” to beat but they won’t suck. My problem with most columnist’s is they they think they are GM’s and know how to run a team (i.e Bill Simmons). When in fact they just throw shit out there to start something and in reality they don’t know dick.

  • DD

    Also Jackie M was just on M&M (who’s show really sucks by the way) and she said that from everything she has heard there are no major trades on the horizon for this team. Maybe a small one, but nothing big. Now let me ask you. Who the hell do you think is tapped into this team more? Jackie or Ford?

  • Alex

    Stupidest trade offer I’ve ever heard.

  • Danno

    the Celtics have already won too many games this year to be a lottery team, even if they intentionally tank the rest of the season. You know you’re a shitty sports columnist when even basic arithmetic eludes you. Chad Ford is as dumb as a bag of hammers.

  • Danno

    I would only believe this so much, though. Jackie is definitely more in tune with the C’s than probably anyone else, but no one saw the Perkins trade coming last year, either.

  • in what way? according to most celtic fans rondo is a top caliber pg who is cap friednly, jajuan johnson and avery bradely are young talent and an expiring contract in jo along with 2 first round picks albeit deep picks still first round picks and 2nd round picks for dwight howard who orlando is going to trade unless they feel they can resign him according to the espn trade machine it works out in favor for both teams and thats without even adding the first round picks in

  • DD

    Fair point. I guess my over all point is that Broussard, Ford, Simmons (not that he is a source but you get my point) etc. all act like they are in the know with this team. They probably are with Miami, Chicago and some of the other good young teams but not with this team. Hell I can’t understand why Broussard is a halftime analyst?!?! Do you think Magic and John Barry really take his opinion seriously? I wouldn’t.

  • Jp

    It’s stupid because that trade does not help the Celtics. Dwight is not going to help win a championship this year in Boston. chances of him resigning with Boston when we don’t have a point guard anymore is terribly slim. And then we’re left with what next year?

  • I would do that trade in a second for dwight howard. Your an idiot if you can’t beleive that the big 3 with Dwight howard and a pg who could atcually shoot would do to the celtics. IF WE GOT DWIGHT WE WOULD BE INSTANT CONTENDERS. .Danny’s job is to win championchips and with dwight howard we would be unstoppable as the same celtic team but with a rebounding force, defensive monster, and offensive juggernaut. I would even do the trade without an agreement of dwight signing in the offseason. The big 3 window is closing and this is the year to go all in for. Its on us to make dwight howard love boston and re-sign but thats gettign a head of ourselves. If dwight came to boston for that trade we would look at a HOWARD GARNETT PIERCE RAY RAY ETWUAAN MOORE/AVERYBRADLEY?KEYON DOOLING PG?(BUYOUT FREE AGENT PG) and that line up is 100 percent top flight contender and would be my favorite to win it all not the HEAT.

  • sev

    if kg and ray allen want to cement their legacies even more than they will return next year for the vet min and with our draft pics, current squad and money to sign legit free agents, than we could be pretty good. Kg and ray might do it for another title and if any older players could keep playing, those two would be it. They’ve shown me that will A Lot of help next year, they could def lead a second unit or mix and match.

  • This makes sense then use cap space in Summer to chase DWilliams. Lock down Howard for max. Resign KG/Allen for short money.
    Bass or ??
    KG (sixth man as back up Center and PF)
    Jeff Green
    Avery or Moore
    That would be quite the reload

  • undeniable relod and even if he doesnt resign i mean danny did what he could to go al in this year for the championchip which in the end is all that matters

  • The Celtics would lose a point guard with a lot of potential if they trade Rajon Rondo. He plays so well with Garnett and Pierce, and the dynamic he brings to the Celtics line up makes them a formidable team come the playoffs. Also, he’s very good at controlling the tempo of the game – when he wants to run the ball, practically everyone runs with him, even the defense. He’s an awesome player with great court vision. And in the eyes of some, he is the true MVP of this team.