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Doc sorta calls out a few guys

Paul pierce and kevin garnett arms around each other

Doc Rivers was on WEEI earlier today and while a lot of people are focusing on him saying everything is cool between him and Rondo, I want to focus on something else he said: 

“I underestimated a couple of things,” Rivers said. “Number one, the lack of practice time, how that all was going to affect us and every team. And you know, one thing we didn’t do where some teams did, I don’t think all of our guys came in to the beginning of camp in great shape. And I thought when you’re an older team and you’re not in great shape and you don’t have a lot of time to get in shape, I thought that really affected us.”

This goes along with what I've said before about the lockout.  

I firmly believe that a few guys, Paul Pierce and Kevin Garnett among them, were basing their offseason level of activity on how the lockout was going.  And I think once the union decertified, they thought either the season wouldn't happen, or it wouldn't start until 2012 and it would be much like the 50 game season played during the last lockout. What they didn't anticipate happening was the insane ripple effect that led to saving the season.  Caught by surprise, they came into camp in less than stellar condition.  

Doc calling guys out… saying an "older team" is "not in great shape"… he's not talking about the rookies, or most of the bench guys.  And he's not talking about Ray Allen, because he's always in great shape.

And let me just add to this that I'm not blaming KG or Pierce for trying to preserve themselves.  These guys are older… they need to make sure they can give all they've got in games.  And I can see them trying to gauge the lockout so they could be ready for the season to start.  I'm just saying they got caught by surprise and burned.  

That's why they're playing better now, and why they looked so horrible to start the season.  They're finally rounding into game shape. And it's just one of the many factors that go into explaining why this season is going the way it's going.

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  • Lex

    Rondo is one of the best players in the league, when he takes a mind to it, which is more often than not. Starting with that premise, you don’t want anything coming back except an elite player.
    That ain’t happening.

  • Right on.

  • paul

    I think Doc is right, but even in better shape, Garnett and Pierce are old. So is Ray. These guys can still be great. But they aren’t what they once were. Doc’s announcement that he had ‘set the rotation’ was crazy. Our only hope is having a flexible rotation with the young guys feeding in and out. Yes, they will be exploited at times, but we have no choice. The legs of the Big Three just aren’t consistently there. They need the help.

  • don’t forget the last lock-out the knicks were he 8th seed and made it to the finals. if c’s get healthy they’re an ugly team to match-up against. but next years draft/trades determines dannys metal.. i can’t wait to see who they give rondo to run with.

  • Report: Josh Smith tells Hawks he wants trade.. jsmooth straight up for KG works for me

  • doc’s making excuses hes got to be held some what resposible for the record of the celtics instead of anwsering reporters questions when the celtics lose with “We were tired tonight” ” or we didn’t have enough energy) were not just losing energy battles were losing because of the basketball x and o execution. a i mean i can tell from my lviing room where everyone in the celtic offense is going to io am sure an nba team with scouting and gameplanning can tell too

  • simple probelms doc could fix
    attack the offensive board with more than one player
    tell ronod to push the ball at all times whetehr the older guys can keep up or not
    tell everyone to box out on defense espcially kg and the big men
    i could go into a whole lit on stuff doc should say to rondo to fix his game which would improve the celtics in my mind but this post isn’t about rondo hating it’s about questioning the “INTOUCHABLE DOC RiVERS”

  • k.g. the great

    Your flawed in a couple of ways. rondo cant attack all game long that should be pretty simple to see. second when rondo goes 1 on 2,3 or even 4 who will get the missed rebound. third athleticism kills in this league. sure boxing out will get you a share of the rebounds, but constantly getting jabbed and hit by younger,stronger and higher jumping guys ruins your confidence. sooner or later rebounds will be taken out of your hands. last we have no FUCKING true big men.

  • Maybe Doc should stop running the starters into the ground a la Dantoni. Not his finest coaching year.

  • Danno

    So, I have a pretty good source for trade rumors, and he’s saying that pretty much there’s no shot in hell Danny is trading any of the big 4. There’s nothing near valuable enough out there to risk the chemistry for.
    however, there are two moves in the works taht intrigue me and could possibly make this teama force to be reckoned with:
    1. We’ve all heard it: JO & picks or Moore to Minny for Beasley. I still like this.
    2. – I like this even more: Steimtoller or Sasha and Daniels to Portland for Kurt Thomas. Size and attitude. an Instigator. I really like that.
    Get it done, Danny.

  • Quest

    This team’s time is up already. Shortened season basically killed whatever chances they may have had. All that is left are randon rumours of how Danny is going to replace players which will go on well into the summer. Predict Rondo gets traded over the summer after Free Agency is open to deal.

  • This season is already part of the rebuilding process. Its painful to watch
    2012-2013 Roster:
    1. Rondo
    2. Pietrus
    3. Pierce
    4. Garnett
    5. Howard
    1. Bradley
    2. Allen*
    3. Green
    4. Bass
    5. Wilcox
    *Ray Allen’s expiring contract and skills are so valuable to any contenders bench. We have to keep him

  • Danno

    I would love to see that lineup, but there’s problems wiht it.
    even if KG and Ray take hometown discounts to stay and retire here, wiht Howard’s max contract, you probably won’t have enough left to sign Bass, wilcox, Green and Pietrus. 2 of those 4 maybe.

  • Celtics have bird rights on bass, I think, because of the trade. Not sure about green

  • did i say attack all agme long??? I said push for rondo to push all day long he can bring it out when hes out numbered but when hes not pusing the offense slows down and does worse, second i don’t give a fuck about athleticism box the fuck out and man up this is the nba u get paid to rebound the basketball then rebound the basketball and how do you do that you box out.