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Taking Stock: Celtics – Rockets

Taking stock

After every game, we'll take stock of how each individual performance affects the player's overall value.


Sideways_double_arrowRajon Rondo:  He came out like a house on fire, but then he slowed down.  And then, of course, there was the bobble.  Tough ending to what was going to be another spectacular night.   

Green arrowPaul Pierce:  He's only averaging 30.3 points per game so far in March.  He's also averaging 5.7 rebounds and 4.3 assists this month, so he's back to doing a bit of everything.  I don't know what the hell it was that woke him up, but I'd sure like to buy some.  

Green arrowRay Allen:  He missed a 4th quarter free throw, which we could have used, and it would have been great if he hit that shot to end the game (how the hell did he get so wide open?).  But the C's don't even get into a position for Ray to take that shot without Ray making some big ones earlier.   

Green arrowKevin Garnett:  Ho-hum… another double-double.  Sometimes it feels like he's the only guy rebounding out there. Probably because his 13 rebounds were 4 more than the entire bench combined and only 3 less than the other 4 starters combined.

Sideways_double_arrowBrandon Bass:  8 points and 4 rebounds don't sound like much but he was out there on a rolled ankle.  He still managed a very un-Brandon-like 3 assists.  


Sideways_double_arrowAvery Bradley:  He had a few good moments, but he had a few terrible ones too.  There's definitely some "good with the bad" dynamic with Bradley right now. 

Red arrowKeyon Dooling:  Doc Rivers trusts his veterans a lot.  And while sometimes I can see why he has faith in Dooling to do step up, sometimes I can't.

Sideways_double_arrowMickael Pietrus:  Missed a couple of shots, grabbed a few rebounds… otherwise, he didn't do much.  We're going to need him to start stepping up a little more consistently.

Sideways_double_arrowChris Wilcox:  Missed a couple of shots, grabbed a few rebounds… otherwise, he didn't do much.  We're going to need him to start stepping up a little more consistently (c'mon, bench… step it up).

Green arrowGreg Stiemsma:  What does it say about your bench that Stiemer, pressed into early action, scored 8 points almost immediately and never played again.. but STILL led the bench in scoring.  Not only that, his 8 points matched the rest of the bench combined (Dooling-0. Pietrus-0, Wilcox-4, Bradley-4).

Sideways_double_arrowJaJuan Johnson, Marquis Daniels, Sasha Pavlovic 


Sideways_double_arrowDoc Rivers:  My patience with Dooling is running lower and lower.  We'll see what the rotation brings tonight, but these guys have played a LOT of minutes lately.


Green arrowThe bench mostly stunk, the team went into a malaise, and they got crushed on the boards.  But hey, it happens.  Orlando lost to Charlotte last night and the Lakers lost to the Pistons… so in perspective an OT win over a good Houston team ain't all bad.  Plus, we had the Big 3 stepping up to deliver the win… which we haven't seen a whole lot of this season.  

I'm focusing on the positives.  I'm fully aware of the negatives, but my bitching about them won't change those negatives and neither will yours.  The Celtics won despite those negatives, and that's a good thing. 

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  • Okay? you pointed out Ray’s negatives but no one else’s. How about the Pierce turnover or the Garnett missed free throws in OT? Cut the old man some slack.

  • Danno

    What was going to be another spectacular night? LOL.
    2 points, 3 rebounds, 4 turnovers and 1-9 shooting in quarters 2, 3, & 4 was never going to be a spectacular night.
    The 9 assists in those quarters was good. But not spectacular given the rest of the stats and the defensive lapse for the entire game.



  • Alex

    Not sure… all I know is that Dooling is taking his minutes when he shouldn’t be.

  • Anyone else notice that Rondo`s #1 fan/defender {Paul}…has been missing ever since “The Lay-Up”?

  • Gix1

    My man! You sound like a Scorned Ex. Where you denied an autograph request or something? The credibility on your posts is suspect at best. Get over it already.

  • Gix1

    I will engage you in pauls place. Whats your deal? Is rondo also your girlfriends or partners favorite player? What’s wrong with 12 assist from your point guard in a win?

  • Alex

    Stop being a dick. You are trying too hard to make yourself look like a clown.
    If you are going to criticize anyone on the team, provide some substance to support your view. Don’t just bash for one mistake (the ball was slipping from his fingers so it was tougher for him to make the layup).

  • Rondo is a mixed-bag…some aspects of his game are excellent, others are awful.
    One thing we know : Rondo now has one hell of a blooper film clip that will follow him throughout the remainder of his career!

  • Danno

    How is posting statistics not credible? get a dictionary. look up credibility, then get back to me.
    also – John said Rondo was on his way to “another spectacular night”.
    I call shameless fanboi shenanigans on that one.
    When your turnovers are more than your points and rebounds in 3 full quarters, you miss multiple bunnies, and the two guys you gaurded for 44 munites put up 29 points on you, there’s nothing spectacular about it.

  • Danno

    giving up 29 points to the man you’re guarding. and disappearing for 3 quarters.
    They won because of Paul Pierce and Ray Allen. Rondo had little to do with it last night.

  • Gix1

    The same can be said about most players. As a Lifetime Celtic fan I’d rather follow the clips that have him closing out game six of the 2008 finals as the best player on the floor. Averaging a triple double for a 7 game playoff series and and my favorite one where he dislocates his elbow and comes back on the floor to lead his team to victory. Just a few of the blooper clip you must be referring to.

  • Any time you can pull out a win despite getting out rebounded by 19 (without dominating any other statistical category to make up for it), I think you have to be happy.

  • Danno

    Oh definitely. They said it was an “Ugly Win” But I found it quite entertaining.

  • Gix1

    I wrote posts. That’s plural my man, I don’t need a dictionary. I’m very familiar with your act. Sounds personal, get over it already.

  • Danno

    You seem to be going for the whole tough guy angle here. Grow up. It’s really ok if some people have a realistic persepctive on a player’s abilities and flaws, rather than being a blindfold wearing homer.

  • God, I can’t believe I’m going to defend Rondo a little bit but here goes. You have to actually watch the game, not look at the box score to criticize him. Lowry may have had 18 but he went 4-17 from the floor and was mostly fouled by other players. Rondo was cheating on defense a lot and losing his man a lot but those did not result in a lot of points scored. I’m not sure why, but he was not actually the player guarding Lowry or Dragic on most of their scores. Believe me, I watch for that. He missed the lay-up at the end, yes. A stupid play by using his right hand on a lay-up on the left side, instead of his left or just dunking it. But KG missed two free throws in a row in crunch time and Ray missed an open shot he’s made 1,000 times before. Goof-ups happen. Criticize Rondo for walking the ball down the court too much last night, yes. Criticize him for pounding the ball too much instead of attacking but, as bad as his defense was, he actually did not get scored on all that much. But stop picking on Avery. His defense was great and I didn’t notice many screw ups, so I’m not sure what you’re talking about.

  • Gix1

    Tough guy angle. C’mon man Really ? I’m just telling you to get over your inability to appreciate a unique talent that happens to play for the team you obviously follow. As far as being a blindfolded homer, wrong again Danno! I wouldn’t think twice about trading , replacing, or getting rid of anybody on the team if it made them better. But I’d rather do without fake a$$ fans such as you that want to rip the best player on the team after every loss or win. So I’ll ask you again to get over it and let it go already.

  • Obviously, you don`t need to “try” to be a clown of a dick…it comes naturally.
    What part pissed you off…that I said of Rondo that “some aspects of his game are excellent”?

  • Danno

    You should really buy a dictionary. Clearly you don’t understand the meaning of lots of words you keep repeating. “Appreciate” isn’t a synonym for “unconditional love”. Appreciation is the state of observing ALL aspects of a subject. Bad, good, and indifferent.

  • Gix1

    Ok Danno! I will buy a dictionary on one condition. You need to come clean about your motives buddy. Did rondo block you on Facebook or twitter? Did he ruin your chance at winning your fantasy basketball league by not producing enough for your team? Did he disrespect you by not signing your authentic number 9 player replica jersey in front of all your buddies? Or did he and I think this it, just refuse your advances and obtained a restraining order? Give me something man? Did he break your heart? I’m going with that one since most of your posts remind me of an adolescent relationship gone bad. We are here for you man! I myself have had my heart broken before, just never by an nba basketball player although I have a small crush on Sue Bird. But your situation is clearly different and I would like to help. You also seem like an Internet tough guy which is understandable since its just as safe as mom and dad’s basement. I’m a little different Danno. You can find me live and direct at just about every home game. Section 9 row 23. I also have an extra pass to the premium club that I can offer you free of course for any game you want. We can hang out there two hours prior to tipoff where I will try my best to see you get that jersey signed. I willet you buy me a drink as a form of gratitude, then we can go over the meaning of words, and I promise to act like I understand obsession with rajon rondo. How about it Danno? The ball is in you r court CLOWN!

  • Dooling is the worst player I have seen in a Celtic uniform in the last decade.

  • Danno

    There’s no obsession. I talk about every member of the team on this site, to varying degrees, when they are playing well, or poorly.
    Just because you happened to stumble upon this site in the last 2-3 weeks when all the Rondo trade controversy kicked up doesn’t mean these are the only posts I make. I’ve been posting here for about 6 years now.
    While you’re out looking for a dictionary, you might want to learn to use paragraphs, and maybe wipe some of the spittle and bits of food from your monitor. These running rants are a little tiresome. Nobody cares that mean old Danno from some blog doesn’t like it when Rondo plays lazy. I’m sorry I insulted your woobie.
    Also – I liked you better when you posted as Paul.

  • Gix1

    I’m posting from my phone while running a business Danno! I visit this site every day and have been doing so for years but absolutely not as long as you have been living with your mom, using her Internet eating all her food and posting on this blog looser! Offer still stands. You can also show me how to use paragraphs and I will convince my sales rep to let you take part in the high five kids tunnell as long as it doesn’t violate the terms of your restraining order. Woobie? Remind me to look that up if we ever meet. How about it Danno?

  • Danno

    Let’s get off Moms.
    I just got off yours.

  • Danno

    I love that this guy called me and “internet tough guy” and in the same sentence offered to meet me at a game in a vaguely threatening manner.
    So Brave.

  • Gix1

    My goodness Danno! you are way too insecure. Get your ass up and out of that basement man. Threatening manner? i thought it was a favor for a favor? You were going to teach me the meaning of words and how to put paragraphs together and i was i was going to try my best to get you closer to the one you are obviously obsessed with. Two Redsarmy and Celtics Fans at the Budweiser premium Club my account my treat by the way inside the Garden. Forget it then. Stay in your Comfort Zone Dude, Mom or Dads Basement talking slick behind a keyboard.
    You are who we thought you were! i am all done with you looser.

  • Danno
  • James Eisenman

    LOL. No Alex calls everyone who disagrees with him a clown or a dick. I’ve been the recipient as well. Also, he regularly complains about people criticizing Rondo for his weaknesses and claims that they don’t support their claims when they do. I’ve been the recipient of that as well. The sane people who comment on this site know that Rondo has brilliant aspects of his game and horrid aspects of his game. The lovers see only the brilliant and excuse the inexcusably horrid. I don’t blame him for one mistake. I blame him for never correcting the fixable problems of his game – lazy defense, walking the ball up court, poor free throw shooting, spotty mid-range jumpshooting, holding the ball until there are only 8-9 seconds on the clock and an attitude problem. But Alex is about to call me a dick or a clown without providing supporting evidence so I must sign off. 😉

  • Jerry Sondler

    Thanks for the warning, James.