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Recap: Evan Turner and the Sixers pummel the C’s


*clang**clunk*….*clank*.. Those were the sounds of the Celtics offense missing shot after shot tonight. They shot 34% in the first half, and 35% for the game. In total contrast, the Sixers shot a blistering 52% in the first 2 quarters and finished at 48% for the game.

We all expected the C’s to be tired after 2 overtime games in 3 days, but this game was a joke. The Sixers scored the first 6 points of the game and never looked-back, beating a listless, uninspired Celtics squad 103-71 tonight.

Paul Pierce led the Celtics with 16 and Evan Turner’s career-high 26 points led all-scorers. There are so many bad things I could speak-on, but I won’t bore you – I’ll just state the facts: C’s were out-rebounded 52-33 and were 0 of 7 from 3pt land. Pierce managed to attack the rim here & there, but most of the C’s offense consisted of hucking-up jumpshots.

20 of the Sixers first 24 points were in the paint. They scored at will on an array of dunks, layups and jumpers. It took the Sixers almost 5 minutes to score in the 2nd quarter, but it also took C’s just-about as long so they couldn’t chip-away at the then 16-point lead. This was an absolute blow-out from tip to final horn. Before tonight, a 31-point loss to the Cavaliers was the worst loss in the Big 3 era. This 32-point smoking now takes the honor.

Interesting moment with about 1 minute left in the 3rd; Mickael Pietrus came-off the court, and Doc grabbed him, said a few words and then sent him right to the locker room. Eddie Lacerte followed close-behind. It’s been obvious (to me anyway) for about the last 3 games that Pietrus has not been himself. Have not heard anything as far as an injury-update as of yet.

Well, the C’s will have to shake this off quickly. Because a very good Portland team will be in Boston Friday, and then the road-trip from hell begins with a back-to-back of Lakers/Clippers in La-La Land.

Put your helmets on and strap-in CelticsNation…

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  • Alex

    Called it

  • KY Celts fan

    My butt hurts after that game.

  • KY Celts fan

    At least the Lakers lost.

  • Butt hurt is pretty accurate. Those pr*cks are lucky they get us on the 2nd night of a back-to-back every time we play them this year. I still think when they come to Boston on Sunday 4/8, the C’s will remember tonight and give them an ass-whooping. (as long as we’re Now things get interesting. Portland on Friday, then it’s out West we go….

  • now 0-6 on the road in second half of back to backs (although 5-0 at home), in hindsight this was fairly predictable

  • as early as now, i’m claiming 2 wins for the C’s… on march 14th vs golden state and on march 16th vs sacramento. ‘coz i’ll be there. representing celtic nation in NorCal =)) hahaha

  • Nice to see other transplant fans. I was at the Dallas game last month. I hope you have the same luck as I did– I was surrounded by Celtics fans at the game and all of the Dallas fans were classy, friendly and respectful before, during and after the game.

  • Lee in Oregon

    I hope Friday & this huge roadie goes better than tonite. I honestly think that’s the worst I’ve seen them play in this Big 3 era. The rebounding or lack of it is astounding at this point. There are some beatable teams on this 8 game trip but not if they play like that. As always, it would be great if they beat the Blazers..

  • Paul

    Love my Celtics, but today proved we are going no where this year! Not sure if any trade before this year’s deadline will make any difference! My opinion, keep Rondo and build around him! What else do we have or might have in the near future?

  • James Eisenman

    Your opinion is meaningless Paul. It’s always about keeping Rondo. He was half the reason for this loss. Again, his TERRIBLE defense was evident. Evan Turner scored a lot of those baskets off of him. He was nowhere near anyone all night. Several, flailing attempts to steal as his man went by him and a few plays where both Garnett and Bass, either got fouls or had to leave their men to pick up Rondo’s man. He walked the ball up the court, again and again, and dribbled endlessly with no penetration in the plan. The few times he attacked the basket, he had no plan in mind, no shot in mind and simply had to pass the ball back outside for bad jumpshots. Infuriating performance. That zone has to go also. What a horrible, lazy zone. Doc needs to send that one off someplace in Oklahoma with Antoine Walker. The rebounding was putrid. The energy non-existent. What a waste of 2 1/2 hours. And if this is how they get up for the division leadership game, I do agree with Paul on this one – we are going nowhere this year. Can you bring out the elephant taking a giant dump picture again? It’s that time of the year again. Uggh!

  • paul

    Uh, yeah, because Rondo is our best player, and his potential is seemingly limitless, and he steadily improves his game.
    I do agree with you about how horrible it is when he walks the ball up and pounds it into the floor and doesn’t attack the basket, but that’s not on him. I don’t think it’s his decision, and even if it is, which it does not appear to be, it’s up to Doc to call him on it. But I think Doc constantly pressures Rondo to put ‘getting the big three involved’ ahead of his own aggression, and I think that on a night like last night, what choice did Rondo have but to walk it up, considering the tired legs he was playing with? The big problem, other than our total lack of a real starting NBA center, or any approximation of that, was Doc’s cool-your-jets-Rondo game plan and his dogmatic ‘set rotation’ which makes us predictable and fails to feed young legs into the mix. As for Turner, why was Rondo defending Turner, who only has six inches on him? Why would you blame Rondo for that mismatch? Turner clearly is a better player than his stats suggest, needing PT more than anything, but someone needs to explain why he had a career day on us.
    But what it really comes down to here is that you want to blame Rondo for the fact that we are getting totally crushed on the boards, when you KNOW who is responsible for that. yeah. Danny. For the parts of this game that counted, Philly had twice as many rebounds as we had. The very thought that we can beat teams when being outrebounded twice to one is a joke. Don’t turn this into Rondo’s fault.
    But yeah, we ABSOLUTELY have to establish Rondo attacking the basket in the first quarter of every game. We have to have that. If Doc is consistently telling Rondo to do it and he is refusing, then Doc needs to figure out what the problem is. We need to work this out. We cannot win with no rebounds and no paint offense. And I agree that Rondo’s matador defense is a big problem. I just don’t see why he was defending against Turner, who is a big mismatch for him.

  • Quest

    EVERYONE players & admin is responsible for this ugly loss. But really Rondo is just 26 yrs. old (Feb 22) and he is too tired to attack the basket after 3/4 games so has to walk it up/ stand /dribble & dribble while he thinks of a plan…yeah right. Now hmmm there is Kobe at 33 yrs. and LeBron at 28 etc. Well Rondo better get use to it because if the Celtics even get there the playoffs are more condensed with the shortened season.
    Danny & Doc are both on record on wanting Rondo to be more aggressive attacking so I don’t buy it that it was the plan for Rondo to only feed the Big 3. Tonight his old habits just came back to haunt him. Rondo sets things up to be a jump shooting team when he dribbles down the clock and limits passing opportunities. Tommy has griped about this often enough.
    Danny has yet to find a roster where the bench does more than take up space on the court. After tonight Danny will be the one working the phone lines.
    Love the Big 4 and hating to see them end this way.

  • Elliot

    the things you put on Rondo for doing so terribly wrong the rest of the team doesn’t do either, sometimes even worse. What do you want Rondo to do? when the whole team is behind him running down the court that’s why people are screaming for Wilcox and JJJ to get more time so he has someone to run with him. On a night were the main scorers were ice cold from under the ring and beyond, there was no point in Rondo penetrating because the times he did the 76ers just surrounded him and he couldn’t even get a shot or clear pass off they didn’t give a shit about leaving their man because both KG, Pierce, Allen and Bass were gonna miss no matter how open they were. Rondo attacking the basket is pointless when he has no supporting cast to get offensive rebound, cut, set screens and box out. When he does (Chris Wilcox) shit gets done. Don’t blame Rondo for something he cant control.

  • cez

    Why do we do this to ourselves?
    We have been following a flawed team without a center for longer than this season now. Just yesterday I read an article here about a way too skinny hall of famer pretending to be a center and not really enjoying it. And then not really pretending very well.
    So, we could keep blaming rondo (even though he can’t set up the pace of a game by himself), and the old guys. Or we can all remember that Danny has done nothing to address the Canyon sized hole in the center of this line up.

  • Q : Why is Rondo still a Celtic?
    A : Because Ainge cannot find a fellow GM who shares your high opinion of Rondo.

  • “Canyon sized hole in the center of this line-up”. Fantastic.

  • Danno

    The lack of size is killing this team.
    Danny, please trade Ray and bench piece for a legitimate big man. please.

  • When you control the boards…you control the game.
    Winning the battle of the paint solves virtually every problem.

  • Im a life long celtic fan but we ( celtics fans ) can come up with the craziest of remarks & conclusions. 1.) Rondo plays great ( ohh he’s nasty ! he’s the best ! The celtics are back in it ! ) but if RR has an off day ( he sucks ! ). Lmao ! With the lineup rotation down to 9 and our big 3 playing heavy min, we wont have anything left in the tank come playoffs. JJ has shown some promise, he’s young & can run the floor, y DOC does’nt play him more especially on the 2nd of back to backs ?! Our bench sucks, no one is stepping up, this team does’nt stand a chance so y not see what we have in JJ (for the future) before we end up trading a him (i would hate to give up a player of great potential without giving him a chance and he becomes a star with some else. DOC is notorious for not playing rookies. Jeremy lin would have never gotten a chance to play with Doc. Give RR young legs to run with & stop running Big 3 to death, give them a break with min every once in awhile, Dang ! I mean , REALLY ?!

  • James Eisenman

    I disagree. You guys give Rondo a lot more credit than he deserves. The older guys would run with him if he really led them as a team. Plus his defense is the problem, not his offense so much. But he does pound the ball too much, maybe because Doc’s plays aren’t sending other people to the basket. Everyone runs around in circles AWAY from the basket and Rondo stands at the top of the key, pounding away. I just read this quote from Magic in an interview with Bird. This sums up the difference between the Rondo era and their era.
    Magic: …I was watching a tape of one of our Finals together and I counted eight straight plays — on both sides — where the ball never touched the ground. Never once touched the ground! We played a different kind of basketball than you see now, the kind where they feed it into one guy and everybody stands and watches him to see if he can score. We moved the ball, all the time.