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Kobe’s new mask: Batman, Lone Ranger or Zorro?


(Photo courtesy Yahoo)

At 33 years old and winner of 5 championships, I figured Kobe Bryant was past the attention seeking phase of his career. But his mask choice for last night's game proves otherwise. 

Ball Don't Lie poked some fun at Bryant and threw out comparisons to Batman, Zorro and the Lone Ranger. I prefer the gimp from Pulp Fiction.

Maybe he'll opt for this version for Sunday's game vs the Celtics.


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  • Did he wear that in Eagle, CO?

  • Yeah I’d have to go with Hamburglar.

  • ex-motel rapist is more his style

  • Drop that bull shit. I know y’all hate the Lakers but hating on a person’s mistake over and over is stupid. This is about sports.

  • idaho.jim

    And Kobe is a sports figure that paid a settlement to drop a Rape Case. Hence the rapist part. Who was the last Celtic to settle a rape case out of court so testimony never hit the permanent record?

  • glendavisisterrible

    you consider rape a mistake?

  • chachee


  • grocha11

    zorro the gay blade!

  • “The Machine” from the movie “8-mm”

  • Danno

    He’s a criminal. Rapists should be hated. Not “Internet hated”, but ACTUALLY hated. Like in Jail, treated like prison bitch hated.
    Also – your blog is just abotu the lamest thing I’ve ever seen. It almost makes JT’sHoopsBlog seem relevant. almost.

  • couchdude2012

    Five bucks says in two weeks a rape tape comes out with Kobe n r Kelly pissing on girls lol
    This now ranks up there in the top three dumbest things he’s done…
    1.run shaq outta town
    2.say faggott on sidelines near camera mic lol
    3. Wear the same maask r Kelly did