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Your Morning Dump… Where Boston could lead the division by tomorrow night

Brandon jennings against phillyEvery morning, we compile the links of the day and dump them here... highlighting the big storyline. Because there's nothing quite as satisfying as a good morning dump. 

Overall, the team looked tired. They're 3-8 in their last 11 games, but things are not as bad as they appear, just like they weren't as good as they appeared earlier in the year. The Sixers have actually outscored their opponents (89.8 to 89.5) over the last 11 games. Eventually, a ball will bounce their way.

In short, they are who we thought they were, even if we allowed ourselves to hope for better when the year started.

Philadelphia's loss put the Celtics 1.5 games back in the division.  So the formula is simple:  Beat Houston tonight, beat Philly tomorrow, move into a tie for the division lead. For all of you saying "OMG WE GOTTA AVOID THE 7 OR 8 SEED AT ALL COSTS!!!"… well… this would be how you do it.  The division leader can be no worse than a 4th seed.

It's not going to be easy.  The C's play Philly on a back to back… and by then we're asking for the team to be on a six-game winning streak.  And even if the C's do win the next two, they've got that 8 game road trip with a lot of tough games looming.  Holding on to the lead will be harder than getting it.  

But it's there… the division lead is within reach.  It's up to the C's to go get it. 

On Page 2: Doc is going to stick with Keyon Dooling

"Keyon basically missed the beginning of the year, then he missed a big stretch [late in the first half due to injury]," said Rivers. "Keyon hasn't played a lot of games and he's had very few practices with us. He's just trying to get his rhythm. What I love about him is he plays hard every night and he plays with energy. And he's a threat behind the 3[-point line]."

Over the last 10 games, Dooling is averaging 3.1 points and 1.3 assists over 14.6 minutes per game and shooting just 24.3 percent from the floor during that stretch. The one thing Dooling doesn't lack is confidence, however, and even though he made just 1-of-9 trifectas in wins over Milwaukee and New Jersey, he isn't afraid to keep firing away. For the season, the 12th-year guard is averaging 4.9 points and 1.3 assists per game. Dooling's only bucket Sunday came on a 21-foot jumper late in the first quarter and he finished with two points, an assist, and a steal over 9 minutes, 24 seconds against the Knicks.

ESPN Boston: Dooling looking to make up for lost time

I know this news will elicit some eye rolls.  We want to just plug in player and have them play up to their maximum potential right away.  

It doesn't always work that way, though.  Keyon is struggling to find his way, but Doc is confident he will find it.  And the Celtics need him to find it, because even though he's getting a lot of time at the 2, Keyon is also going to be running some point… and we need someone to step up there to give Rondo a break. I know he's 26, but you can't play him 42 minutes a night.  You can't do that in a normal NBA season.

You have a problem with Rondo's consistency?  Getting a few extra minutes of rest will help.  That's where Dooling comes in… we hope.

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  • KY Celts fan

    Why the picture of Brandon Jennings?

  • mollysdaddy

    Ditto on the pic.
    My real comment, though, is I thought Keyon was a good fit early on and I’m in favor of going with him in hopes he hits his comfort zone. He brings great energy and is very capable of hitting the 3.

  • Because Brandon Jennings scored 33 to beat the 76’ers last night. It’s a photo from last night’s game to coincide with the excerpted quote.

  • see comment above

  • Keyon is one of the worst point gaurds I have ever seen in green. I knew he would suck but we really don’t have much of an option. I would wave him and sign Earl Boykins,Chris Quinn, or God Help us Gilbert Arenas all of them are better “Chucker” Dooling

  • KY Celts fan

    Aaaaah, gotcha.

  • Scott

    Rondo’s problem with consistency isn’t about getting rest, it’s the fact that he just doesn’t get motivated for those Tuesday night games in Cleveland that no one outside Boston/Cleveland is watching.

  • Spencer Hawes’ injury problems have become a huge factor .
    Philly is12-2 with Hawes in the lineup and 10-15 without him.
    They’ve also played a soft schedule, front loaded with home games. They play17 of their last 28 games on the road, including 6 of its final 7 games.
    After the next 11 games the Celtics road trip will be over and they will have played 9 of those games on the road. In that same time span Philly plays 10 games split evenly 5 on the road and 5 at home. The two teams go head to head in 2 games in this stretch. Here are the schedules:
    @ Philadelphia
    @ Lakers
    @ Clippers
    @ Golden State
    @ Sacramento
    @ Denver
    @ Atlanta
    @ Milwaukee
    @ Philadelphia
    @ Milwaukee
    @ New York
    @ Indiana
    @ Chicago
    @ Charlotte
    New York
    I think the key for us is win our next three games, grab a small lead and hope our core stays healthy. The division is certainly on the table, but what really matters is they finish no lower than 6th.

  • some good rebounders out there as well Brian Zoubek,Dan Gadzuric,Kyrylo Fesenko, or Dwayne Jones.

  • Amazing!!
    Celtics win four games {three by very narrow margins}, against teams with a combined record of 58-91, and you can already sense that some people are already starting to think “championship”.

  • The ONLY thing Dooling does for me is make me really miss Delonte