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Rondo: My sister calls me Oscar the Grouch

CSNNE's Jess Camerato has an extensive column on Rajon Rondo. She focuses on his personality and demeanor, on the court and off it.

“I try to keep it even keel on the court, even demeanor, never too high, never too low. But off the court, I think I’m a fun guy to be around, especially if I like you,” he said with a laugh. “I’m pretty much like a go-with-the-flow guy. I’m laidback, I’m very competitive. I pretty much think I can do anything if you put the challenge to me, so I just try to have fun while I’m doing it.”

“Actually, my sister, she calls me ‘Oscar’ like the grouch because I work her a little bit,” Rondo continued. “They get on me, call me a ‘divo.’ Doc (Rivers), KG, they got on me, say I’m high maintenance. I just try to fly under the radar. I just tell them they’re the same, obviously I’ve learned from guys that’s in front of me (laughs). My coach is a leader, Kevin’s my vet, so if I get it, it’s from them (smiles).”

I give Rondo a lot of credit for all of his charity work, some of which he does stuff outside the media spotlight. 

Said Rondo, “I just don’t like the attention. I don’t need the attention. I’m fine with who I am. I don’t want to grab the attention and seek attention. … As long as the people I’m affecting, as long as I’m touching their lives and they know it’s coming from a good place, I don’t have to have the attention. 

“Somebody else can have it.”

Rondo says all the right things in the interview. He's a team first, winning-is-the-only-thing-that-matters kind of guy.

Check out the story for additional comments about Rondo from his high school coach, high school teammate Josh Smith and Ray Allen.

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  • the other day i called you a natural asshole. look back at your recent columns, they’re all filled with negative commentary.. might as well live in new york and tweet about your secret crush for kobe

  • Alex

    I have to say… as of late… Red’s Army and BigMck have been getting thrashed by some of the commenters on their own site. Stop insulting them for no reason. They are sharing their OWN opinions. If you disagree with them, be respectful and respond with your own opinion.
    Either stop bitching at the writers here or fuck off.
    On topic: Rondo says he doesn’t like attention… but he seems to put more effort in national televised games. Did you know 13 of his triple doubles were done when the Celtics are on national television?

  • I disagree that they don’t say enough negative things about Rondo on the site. But I respect their opinions. Why not? It’s their site and better than the rest I’ve seen. There is nothing negative about this post at all. BIGMCK only wrote 3 lines, saying that Rondo says all the right things and is a team-first kind of guy. Give the guy a break.

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  • James Eisenman

    Was who born in a test tube? Were you born without a brain or did it slip out over the years. What a jerk!!

  • James Eisenman

    And by the way, you capitalize the first words in sentences and it’s “Were” you born in a test tube, no “Where”. And if you want your ass kissed, you need to write – “Kiss my ass.”