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Recap: Celtics win the ugliest OT thriller you’ll ever see


Anyone else develop an ulcer from that game? The Celtics beat the Rockets 97-92 in overtime in a wildly inconsistent performance.

For most of the second half, the Celtics resembled The Walking Dead. Doc Rivers ordered up some full-court pressure and it snapped them out of their funk.

Ray Allen's (21 points) three-pointer with 35 seconds left was the cap on a furious 14-2 run late in the 4th. I was ready to tie the bow on a fantastic comeback. And then it happened. The Rondo bobble and missed lay-up. Goran Dragic's game-tying jumper was just a formality.   

The Celtics started OT strong (Paul Pierce with 7 of his 30 points), but refused to run away with this one. Up 3 with 47 seconds left, Kevin Garnett (13 points, 13 rebounds, 2 blocks) missed TWO free throws. After Houston missed, Pierce turned the ball over on an 8 second count. This is how point-shavers try to blow games!

I guess you could ignore all the floundering plays and say the Celtics gutted out a tough win. I have a hard time spinning the game in that manner.

Brandon Bass (8 points, 3 rebounds) had to leave the game for several minutes in the 1st quarter to get re-taped. Doc referenced an injury in his post game press conference. Maybe an ankle tweak?

Greg Stiemsma had 8 points in 13 minutes. He was the only bench player to have a positive impact.

The rebounding differential was hideous: 57-38

Look at Houston's quarterly point totals. Boston allowed 28 points in the 1st and 3rd quarters, but held the Rockets to 28 points combined in the 2nd and 4th. How is that possible? Anything is possible with this team.

The Celtics will be anything but rested when they face Philly tomorrow night with the division lead on the line.

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  • The blowing of leads and lack of defensive rebounding aside…..this team has some heart! Hopefully that extra 5 minutes tonite won’t slow them down too much in Philly tomorrow nite. Weird game but a great last few minutes by the C’s. Rondo losing the ball on the layup, KG’s missed free-throws, the 8 second call on Paul- seems like they did everything they could to give Houston a chance in OT, but the defense stood strong.
    I liked seeing the “Steamah” out there with KG in the 1st half.
    Note to NESN, stop showing soccer players picking their noses.

  • Quest

    Rondo may have been the hero last game but tonight It was the BIG 3 and Rondo was just an add on. Night like this you understand Danny’s frustration.

  • Perfect example tonight of what Doc says will be a “grind it out 2nd half of the season”. But I LOVED the fight these guys showed in OT. Especially Truth and KG. Very ugly, but very big win for this squad. Now…I can already tell the Rondo missed layup will be a huge point of debate, but hey-if not for the absolutely ATROCIOUS 3rd quarter, this game never would’ve came down to that one bucket. It was ALL about the rebounding and the C’s straying-away from what worked tonight. In the 1st half, they were extremely aggressive on offense-moving the ball well, driving etc. Then it all stopped. Tommy was screaming all-through the 2nd half “Attack!” and “Why are they walking the ball up?” Our bench really struggled. Dooling continued to be terrible and Pietrus had an off-night too. And then of course the boards. Nothing new. With Dalembert and Scola out there, you knew we’d have trouble. Offensive glass was 14-4 Rockets and 57-38 total. Ouch. But… this, the season of 2011-12, a win is a win is a mofo’ing win. On to Philly…(who we play 3 times and ALL 3 games are the 2nd night of back to backs..thx NBA)

  • How many times has the headline on this site been “ugly win” or “ugly game”? I think the C’s have had maybe 5 solid games all year, but that’s what happens when your rebounding differential defies logic.
    On the Rondo boner: Mike Gorman explained it perfectly. Since Rondo can’t lay it in with his left hand (inexplicable), he tried to get the ball into his right hand and obviously screwed himself up.

  • Alex

    As of late, I’ve been noticing Rondo missing quite a lot of EASY layups… As for that last one that could have put this game away, the ball was slipping off his fingers, which made the layup attempt rather difficult. The fact that he tried to lay it up from the left side with his right hand didn’t make things better but it wasn’t totally his fault.

  • The least impressive five game winning streak in NBA history.
    As for the Rondo lay-up….FT`s are not the only thing he needs to work on!

  • I think Rondo doesn’t want to get hit at all costs..he hears footsteps around the basket..he a) doesn’t want to get hurt and b) fears getting sent to the line..knows its a struggle..opponents will hit him and hit him hard knowing sending him to the line is a good play 99% of the time

  • The way they played D for the final 5 min of the 4th is encouraging. I have a feeling they may pleasantly surprise us in Philly tomorrow night. The one thing that has been consistent about this team this year is how unpredictable their good efforts are…

  • Alex

    I also want to ask a question… Why is dooling getting minutes?

  • Elliot

    If I were Danny i wouldn’t be real frustrated at Rondo blowing a lay up where he never had control of the ball but more why Pierce is all of a sudden putting up good scores (only scores lets not get ahead of our selves) but has been missing the rest of the season? Rondo had a bad night, Pierce has had a bad season.

  • Elliot

    FGM-A were 35-81, but Rondo gets the blame for a layup up he never had control over. Allen had a wide open jumper at the end on regulation his bread and butter and missed it, no ones beating him up for it. nor should they.

  • SamR

    Indeed. He’s brutal out there.

  • Caterpillar from Italy

    I don’t really get Doc sitting Moore to play Dooling, he’s atrocious.

  • Really? Pierce saved, Saved, SAVED the season with his play while Rondo was out. Also earned him Player of the Week honors during that time. Truth has struggled for sure as well but don’t be on his case ow that he’s playing well…

  • Is it really? So EVERY five game winning streak EVER has been more impressive?
    As a fan I’d be happy this team is playing like it cares… Think long and hard. This team is on year five of a three year window. If they make ANY noise this year I’d be delightfully surprised.

  • Doc’s gotta ride those veterans, huh…

  • Elliot

    I remember those few games Pierce stepped up after doing nothing previous to that, then after went missing once again he’s been back for two game really only putting up points. Given whats happened previously this season there’s a chance he will be struggling once again. My point is people (not all but a fair few) will kick Rondo when he’s up and boot the crap out of him when he’s down, Paul Pierce on the other hand gets helped to his feet when down.

  • Good point. The Rondo bagging is very overdone. It’s like everyone is evil, alternate universe, reversie TotheRuins…

  • Chris57

    How?…The boys had to make big plays and come up clutch in 4 out of the 5 games and they executed down the stretch in all of them. Two overtime wins in a row and one win away from a division lead. Shut up debbie downer. Go C’s!

  • Danno

    Rondo missing that one layup – not a huge deal. He was about to get leveled. He should have held onto it, but had he hit it, that would have put the game away. I don’t fault him for taking that shot.
    But, he pretty much disappeared after the 1st quarter. 1 point 3 rebounds and 4 TO’s in quarters 2, 3 & 4.
    Lowry had 18 points though, and Dragic had another 11.
    Tuesday night on CSNNE. I’m just glad Pierce and Ray are playing better.