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Pierce, Rondo, fined $20k each

Via USA Today, Pierce and Rondo skipped league mandated charity appearances.  And they, as well as Kobe Bryant, paid for it.

The NBA fined the Los Angeles Lakers guard $40,000 for missing a news conference and a mandated charity appearance for NBA Cares during All-Star weekend in Orlando.

In addition, the NBA fined Boston Celtics forward Paul Pierce and guard Rajon Rondo $20,000 each for missing their charity appearances.

Not sure why they skipped it, but it doesn't look good.  The league takes its "NBA Cares" program very seriously.  That's why they hand down the $20k fines.  It's a lot… but the NBA expects everyone to be there.

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  • expense it on the company card, plus write it off as a tax deductible. those are business expenses that lamar odom just won big vs. irs

  • Damn Lakers and Celtics not the NBA’s darling anymore. LOL Na, thats so stupid how they fine them for something like that. Now it looks as tho those players don’t really care about the people they help out.

  • happened last year too with celts all stars–not a good look