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Your Morning Dump… Where Brandon Bass told Rajon Rondo to “Shut the bleep up!”

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Few NBA players bring it every game, but Rondo plays with at least one of them: Garnett. Rondo has the model right before him, if only he can look past his stubbornness, moodiness and deep, often destructive, pride.

Those "off" nights are why his name can't be placed on that "untouchable" list reserved for the very elite in the league. Talent is a gift, but consistency is an acquired trait.

The kid is making strides, but he's not there yet. He still gets caught up in the mano-a-mano moments that often come back to bite you. His courtside manner still grates on his teammates at times, as it did Sunday when he kept chirping at Brandon Bass until his exasperated teammate turned and said, "Shut the [expletive] up!" Rondo, expressionless, merely turned away.

ESPN Boston – Rondo turns it on for Celtics

Great column by Jackie MacMullan on Rajon Rondo's performance vs New York. Aside from heaping massive amounts of praise on Rondo, Jackie points out the biggest flaw in Rondo's game.

Not his shooting.

Not his free throws.

Not his attitude (okay, maybe a little).

It's his consistency or lack of it. I'm NOT expecting Rondo to churn out historic triple-doubles every night or even score 30+ points, I just want him to pass my effort eye-ball test.

Push the ball. Defend like a maniac. Stay focused and do not bitch-out your teammates (hello Brandon Bass).

This kid is on the cusp of greatness. It's frustrating that he can't seize it now.

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On Page 2, Doc Rivers has shortened the bench.

Rivers believed the Celtics needed to use 11 to 12 players in the first half of the season because of the lockout and abbreviated training camp. But after struggling to a 15-17 record before the break, the coach said he has decided to reduce that number to nine.

That means players such as Marquis Daniels,JaJuan Johnson, and E’Twaun Moore will have their minutes reduced.

“But I like our rotation, I tightened it on purpose. I told our coaches after the Oklahoma City game, ‘When we come back, there’s nine guys. And that’ll be it.’ Every once in a while when we can go 10 we will, but that 10th guy right now is going to be a short-minute guy, whoever it is. And I like what we’re doing.’’

Globe – Ship is run even tighter

Pietrus, Wilcox, Bradley and Dooling are Doc's go-to-guys on the bench.

Dooling is struggling. He's shooting 36% and has a 1-1 turnover-to-assist ratio. Some will say E'Twaun Moore deserves more minutes. But I'm guessing Doc loves Dooling's veteran leadership and defensive effort. Unless the offensive output reaches catastrophic levels, he'll remain in the rotation.

One question mark is Jermaine O'Neal. If he makes it back from the wrist injury, I can't imagine Doc keeping JO on the bench with a DNP-Coaches Decision.

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  • KD sucks AB not much better we need a Combo guard. We need a WIRE HANGER!!!!

  • Bravo. Finally some sanity on the subject of Rondo.
    Without question, he is talented enough to be one of the greats of the game – whenever he wants to be, which is the problem, since he clearly doesn’t want to be often enough to suit Celtics management.
    No sane person expects a 15-15-20 out of the guy every night. What I expect, though, is effort EVERY NIGHT, which frankly hasn’t been happening. I expect to see Rondo between his man and the cup EVERY NIGHT. I don’t expect to see full games of Rondo stopping the basketball at the top of the key, pounding it to death like he’s bored until the shot clock evaporates.
    And still, on other blogs, there are posters trying to offer the ridiculous argument that Rondo isn’t wildly inconsistent. BS.
    If the Rondophiles really want the trade talks to stop, they’d better be praying their guy starts playing harder night-in and night-out. Nothing will end the trade talks faster.

  • Rondo To KG

    JO has no place on this team any more. We clearly play way better when KG plays the 5 and Bass/Wilcox plays the 4. He just doesn’t have the mobility or athleticism to contribute to this team.

  • Danno

    I didn’t even bother to read the retardedly gloating post about Rondo’s game from yesterday, because well, he DID have a great game, and I knew it would be full of petulant children primping and preening like they just won the local beauty contest.
    Thankfully, Jackie MacMullan delivers a nice hot cup of reality this fine Monday Morning.

  • Alex

    This is what I’ve basically been saying this whole season…
    Rondo’s inconsistency is his biggest weakness. Seriously, this kid could get a triple double whenever he feels like it. Sure, I don’t expect him to have a triple double every game… it’s incredibly hard to pull it off. But we expect EFFORT every game from Rondo.
    Seriously, Rondo’s attitude toward his teammates needs to cool down. I’m surprised he pissed off Bass to the point where Bass told him to shut the hell up.

  • Tyler

    I told everyone. He is an absolute headcase and is not a team leader. It’s like trying to deal with a petulant child. I’m sorry but the Celtics need to dump this guy while his value is high.

  • paul

    Yeah, well, we can all agree that we’d like closer to a full effort from Rondo every night. Why? Because he just might be the best damn player in the league if he did that. But no, he’s not more inconsistent than Paul Pierce has been this year, than Ray Allen, than Brandon Bass, even than KG. He has been our most consistently powerful player this year. Period. The fact that you and other bullies and haters claim otherwise shows how blind you people really are. Every fault Rondo has is magnified, not because he’s particularly the jerk you make him out to be, BUT BECAUSE WE HOLD HIM TO A VERY HIGH STANDARD. And that’s fine. In fact that’s great. As long as we acknowledge that that is what we are doing. It’s a compliment to his talent that we put him under such a microscope. But let’s acknowledge that.
    If you did, you all wouldn’t come off as haters and bullies. You’d sound like real fans, who know how to both support and challenge the guys.

  • paul

    There’s no one who disagrees with you that Rondo’s biggest weakness is inconsistency. But there are very few players in this league who are not inconsistent, and there are very few players who have come such a long way in their careers as Rondo has, and there are very few players who are dealing with as complex a situation as Rondo has. But you prefer to put it all down to Rondo is a bad guy. Even this Bass situation, and your evaluation of it, shows that you are a hater. Do you understand how insane and mean spirited it is that you just assume that it must be Rondo’s fault, OR THAT IT EVEN MATTERS?! What a sensible fan would be wondering is why the hell Macmullen thought it was even worth bringing up some little interaction someone had on the bench. DOES THAT NOT GIVE YOU A CLUE ABOUT THE RIDICULOUS MICROSCOPE YOU ALL HAVE RONDO UNDER?
    No buddy, you are the one whose attitude needs a check. You need to think about why it is so damn important to you and your fellow haters to find ways to put Rondo down, to the point where you can’t even appreciate it when he brings magic to the basketball floor.

  • paul

    We can use him on the bench. but KG should start at center from now on.

  • paul

    You know you are funny, don’t you? You are so ADDICTED to your daily cup full of Rondo Hate. Man, some sociologist needs to study this phenomenon. It used to be we became mean-spirited haters about the best players on other teams, the Kobes and Lebrons, but now we do it to the best player on OUR team!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Something very strange is happening in the Zeitgeist. Strange and foul winds are brewing.
    You actually call it “gloating” when fans celebrate a magnificent game by their team and its best player!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Ian

    Lol… A guy puts up Historic numbers… Two triple doubles in a week and he still gets bashed. Good job Rondo keep playing the way you are so you can still be looked down on by the GM’s above me.

  • paul

    You know what you haters remind me of? You remind me of the Flutie haters. If you followed football in the last three decades, you know about the Flutie haters. They drove Flutie right out of Buffalo. Buffalo has been missing him ever since.
    See, what it is really about is that you just don’t like someone who dares to be an individual. Someone who has individuality is a red flag to those who are followers, those who have surrendered their own individuality to group think, and to the mob mentality.

  • more proof he plays when he wants to——–13 of Rondo’s 17 career triple-doubles have now come in nationally televised games and KG said it all—-he new rondo would play great because game had juice—

  • Has anyone noticed we’re only 2 games back in the Atlantic? A Philly hangover loss in Milwaukee tonight and Celtic victory tomorrow sets up a first place tilt Wednesday night. Amazing!
    We know what Rondo can do when he’s engaged. It doesn’t matter when he shoots 7-20 and misses six lay ups because his energy and skills can turn a game. We’ve seen this over and over again Sundays on ABC where he saves his greatest games for that network. He simply must be more consistent instead of mentally checking out of games that aren’t televised in prime time. I think that’s a fair comment coming from Jackie Mac.
    Quite frankly there are better PG’s, but none of them can do what RR does, which is why we love him.

  • We all can see greatness in rondo but it’s the problems with the stubbornness in his game that makes him inconsistent. When rondo pushes the ball he is buy far a thousand times better player,however during games I find myself yelling at the tv way too often for Rondo too not take his sweet ass time walking the ball up the court wasting precious shot clock. Next I see that rondo can get to the hoop with ease and is a great penetrator, However i always find myself yelling at the tv for Rondo to finish strong at the hoop and not do a little tear drop( That yesterday was not falling at all by the way ) or for him to finish with the left hand on the left side instead of doing a crazy spin shot with his right hand(that yesterday was once again not falling). I see Rondo play great defense and cheat on passing lanes and make steals, However I am constantly seeing Rondo playing terrible defense cheating or doubling when he’s not supposed or just plain outright getting burned play after play ( A fact that isn’t really measured in the stat sheet because of the Celtics ability to play help defense ESPECIALLY KG). A I see Rondo have great assists in games and high number of assists, However for some reason I consistently see Rondo feel the need to add flash to his game and make dumb one handed passes that look good if they work but more often then not lead to a turnover. The point about all these problems is that these all can be blamed on DOC RIVERS for not coaching him out of these stubborn habits. DOC NEEDS TO MAKE SURE RONDO AT ALL TIMES IS PUSHING THE BALL NOT JUST WHEN RONDO FEELS LIKE IT, DOC NEEDS TO YELL AT RONDO TO FINISH STRONG AND NOT DO WEAK TEAR SROPS OR SPIN LAYUPS AND ACTUALLY FINISH WITH HIS LEFT HAND ON THE LEFT SIDE,DOC NEEDS TO MAKE SURE RONDO IS PLAYING PASSING LANES AND GOING FOR STEALS BUT HE ALSO NEEDS TO SCOLD HIM FOR PLAYING BAD DEFENSE REACHING CHEATING AND GETTING BURNED. DOC NEEDS TO TELL RONDO NO MORE ONE HANDED PASSES BC ALTHOUGH THEY LOOK COOL THEYRE MORE LIKELY TO BE TURNOVERS. i am not even talking about rodno’s shot here which it is what it is and will get better with hard work and pratcice. These are just stubborn rondo things that doc really needs to fix asap

  • Mike

    I’m not worried about the Bass incident one bit.
    I’ve seen Rondo hound Bass A LOT this year, and you know what, that’s a good thing. Bass is a new player on this team and earlier in the year was out of place on defensive rotations and offensive sets quite often.
    Doc has given Rondo FULL control of this team. He needs to be vocal, and I love that he is. You can hear him barking out orders and directing traffic. That is a good thing.
    Sure Bass probably got fed up with it, who cares, that’s going to happen in an NBA locker room during a long season. Remember when Pierce had to separate Rondo and Ray from bickering at each other a few years back in the x-mas game against the Lakers? This stuff happens a lot more than we see probably and I’m not worried about it one bit.
    Rondo needs to continue to be the on court vocal leader.

  • Danno

    When you’re still in 7th place in the standings, there really isn’t a whole lot to whoop and holler about. It absolutely is gloating at that point.

  • Who had the better night, Rajon Rondo or Deron Williams?

  • James Eisenman

    Since , of course, all of the haters who attacked me personally yesterday for making “irrelevant” comments about Rondo, “without reasons” did not respond to my commenting posts, I decided to re-post something here. I’ve stated my reasons for deploring Rondo’s efforts, over and over again. Yet the cowards, who never respond, because they can’t, treat my posts about Rondo as if they see his greatness but I just hate on him because I’m too old. LOL. Sure, I’m older than most of you guys but I truly do understand the game of basketball in both the 20th and 21st Centuries.
    Rondo’s biggest problem is his lack of effort to improve the weaknesses in his game. He NEVER does. The people on this site refuse to compile clips of Rondo’s complete lack of effort on defense. So I found a clip from yesterday’s game myself. Here it is:
    Look at it. It shows most of the charade that is Rondo’s defense on Lin. It shows a lot of Brandon Bass, and his other teammates, making up for Rondo’s poor defense. And now I find out he was bitching at Bass? What a total punk. Look at how unbalanced and unfocussed he is as Lin leaves him in the dust on almost every play. The other Celtics come to his rescue but this is a clear example of his lack of defensive effort. Look at where he is on Lin’s very big 3 – guarding the paint in the lane, 30 feet from his man. No intention whatsoever of going to him.
    His continual poor free throw shooting, his continual refusal to work on his mid-range jumper from season to season, his taking more risks in passes causing his turnovers to increase every year of his career and his ever poorer defensive efforts are all the signs of a lazy mind. If he’s the smartest player Doc has ever coached, he is also the most-pigheaded, lazy, shizophrenic player I’ve ever seen. He IS a great passer, unselfish to a fault most of the time and a great rebounder. But he’s mentally and physically unmotivated to improve. I’m not a hater. I’m a realist. If you disagree, just rerun the tape and you can feel free to apologize to me anytime you like.

  • Mike

    Watched the entire video.
    The only blatant instance of poor defense is at the 3 minute mark where Rondo tries his patented poke from behind move. It was a dumb decision and leaves Lin open for a floater beneath the free throw line.
    Lin’s 3 late in the 4th, was a breakdown of the entire defense. Rondo guesses wrong on the screen and allows Lin penetration. The defense is able to recover, and rondo attempts to take a charge on Shumpert driving. The entire defense is out of sorts by the time Lin makes his way to corner. Rondo definitely deserves some blame for this as well.
    Every other play he did a respectable job of staying in front of him. You have to realize he was getting picked off by 7 footers Stoudemire and Chandler, those are gonna be tough to fight through. You also fail to mention Rondo’s defense had a huge part in causing at least 2 of the Lin’s turnovers they show in the montage around the 3:20 mark.
    Lin left Rondo in the dust all game? Funny that he had 5 points and 4 assists less than he’s been averaging the last 10 games.

  • kg.the.great

    Eisenman i also watched the clip. Like mike said what you dont understand is that basketball is a pick and roll game. When two 7 feeters set a tight pick fighting through is the toughest thing on the planet. I cant get through picks set at my local gym by way shorter guys. maybe if you weren’t 90 years old you would understand. lin was absolutley shut down by rondo. he got 6 points off of avery and the rest where defense breakdowns by the celtics.

  • James Eisenman

    You two have no idea what you’re talking about. First, I’ve gotten around almost every pick that anyone has tried to set on me. That IS possible when you’re up on your man and not cheating. Notice Avery gets brushed on picks but almost never gets totally obliterated on them. You say you watched the clips and you noticed Rondo causing Lin’s turnovers at the 3:20 mark. On most of those Rondo is not really in the play or not to be found. Lin runs into Brandon Bass on one and KG forces him to make the bad pass on one of the others. You have no idea what you’re talking about on the 3. Lin slipped. Rondo moves to the middle. He never attempts to stay with his man at all. Lin gets up. Rondo stays in the middle. Why the Hell would he worry about trying to get a charge on Shumpert? He’s supposed to be guarding Lin. Lin did not get 6 points off of Avery. And the rest of the Boston defense IS NOT SUPPOSED TO GUARD RONDO’S MAN!!!! HE IS!!!!!!
    He does not do a respectable job of staying with Lin in these clips. He is chasing from behind him the whole night. I know you guys aren’t really knowledgeable about basketball. That’s obvious. But you sit there and look at Lin getting past Rondo 6-8 times and you say he did a respectable job. You must be using some of those hallucinogens that you young people take.
    Plus, kg.the.great, I do understand the pick-and-roll play. My God, if you’re ever out in California, come out to my club. I’ll bounce you off 20 picks and score 40 on you even though I’m 90 years old. I learned how to play defense the old-fashioned way. Balanced, focused, butt down and back straight, ready to react at a moment’s notice. Rondo is lazy and upright and unbalanced. That’s why Lin runs around him with ease. Avery stayed with Lin all the way on the clip included here, forcing Lin to make an incredible shot to get away from real old-school defense. He may get brushed on picks but he almost always catches up because he stays in front of his man and gets in FRONT of the picks. Rondo doesn’t. He usually gets splattered on them. But yesterday he didn’t get splattered on any of the picks. He just trailed behind and didn’t get around them.

  • Green TEam

    Look man when elite legendary PG like Bob Cousy and Magic Johnson think the celtics would be foolish at trading a guy like rondo they know what they are talking about. And keep in mind Cousy came up with that statement before his historical game. We shouldn’t over celebrate but this was a big win and the celtics have flip the switch. I have never seen more unloyal fans in my life. It happens all the time with this team the second KG, Allen,Pierce and Rondo have a bad game the world turnson them thinking theyre too old and the next game they come out have great wins and perform better than the youngs in the league and theyre heroes. Dont be hypocritical your either wth C’s or you aint. HOnestly ROndo is one of the BEST POINT GUARDS IN THE LEAGUE, and if you cant get a chris paul or D rose, ROndo should stay he has more assist than any other point guard in the league and its the only point guard doc has ever let call his own plays and the C’s are wining so cut the shit cause at the end of the day hes wearing a celtics uniform and doing it justice so cut the crap!!! As far as trade deadlines i say dont trade anybody hire KG AND ALLEN for smaller contracts since they want to retire here and are arguably having great seasons and use the max salary contracts and draft picks to build around rondo,pierce, allen and kg wit the right pices aroun them they could be a championship caliber team again and they way they have been playing proves tehy are worth it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • James Eisenman

    3:01 Rondo doesn’t get picked, just trails behind Lin; 3.52 Lin gets around Rondo, KG picks up foul picking him up; 3:20 that’s Bass and KG causing those turnovers; 5:12 Bass guarding Lin, Rondo shows his back to Lin when he drives; 5:28 Lin loses Rondo, Rondo gets around the pick and is not actually picked, he’s just behind; 5:31 Lin slips as he passes to Shumpert, Rondo pointlessly tries to get charge on Shumpert and misses, Lin gets up, Rond stands trying to prevent the paint in the key from becoming chipped, Lin nails wide open 3, 6:10 Lin gets around Rondo on open floor;6:41 Rondo gets picked off BECAUSE he’s back two feet off of Lin instead of getting in his face like Avery does. 7:40 Lin beats Rondo on the floor and, because Rondo is unbalanced, his upper body weight carries him toward the basket as Lin is falling back away from the basket. Did I miss something????????? Or did you?

  • Mike

    “First, I’ve gotten around almost every pick that anyone has tried to set on me. That IS possible when you’re up on your man and not cheating.”
    You’ve never taken a pick from guys the size of Chandler or Stoudemire.
    “You say you watched the clips and you noticed Rondo causing Lin’s turnovers at the 3:20 mark. On most of those Rondo is not really in the play or not to be found. Lin runs into Brandon Bass on one and KG forces him to make the bad pass on one of the others.”
    Watch the last two they show. Rondos stays in Lin’s sight/passing line causing the errant pass on the first. And on the last Rondo stays with the driving Lin down to the block forcing him to leave his feet, Garnett deters him from shooting, and he turns it over again.
    The fact that you refuse to give Rondo ANY credit for these plays proves you are blind to his effectiveness.

  • James Eisenman

    Neither Couz nor Magic were ever known for their defense. LOL

  • James Eisenman

    Did you fail to not give him blame for the items I pointed out where he gets beaten on the open floor? Yes. You claim he got picked off. The truth is, if you look at the clips, there is only one play where he actually got picked off and that’s because he’s two feet off of Lin, not because the size of the man setting the pick. Most of the clips where there are picks here, show him within the vicinity of a pick, not being picked off. The truth is, nowadays, most players don’t really even know how to use a pick. They go so wide around the picks that you can get over them if you get up on your man and your teammates call out the pick for you so you know it’s coming. The size of the person setting the pick is mostly irrelevant. That only affects your being stopped cold when the offensive player does use the pick properly. But none of the clips here show that. None. If I’m blind to his effectiveness, you’re blind to his ineffectiveness.

  • kg.the.great

    old man eisenman. I see you dnt give credit for 18 points 20 assist and 17 rebounds. It make you look like a hater. i would hoop you but you dont have the proper insurance needed to play me.

  • James Eisenman

    I didn’t say anything about not giving him credit for what he did right. I only spoke about people like you failing to blame him for the bad parts of his game. You obviously don’t actually read my posts. Rondo is a great passer. Rondo is a great rebounder. Rondo is usually unselfish. Rondo is a bad defensive player. Rondo is a bad free throw shooter. Rondo is a mediocre mid-range jump shooter. Rondo tries to show off with too many passes. I do give him credit for what he does right but it doesn’t excuse what he does wrong because EVERYTHING he does wrong is the result of a failure to WANT to do it right. It’s not a lack of quickness. It’s not that he’s not capable of good defense. Put him on Kobe or Lebron in a big game and he plays out of his mind. He’s just lazy. As far as the game between you and I, I’ll make you an offer. I’ll play you one-on-one to 11 baskets, spot you 6 baskets and when I beat you 11-8 maybe you’ll call me old man with a little respect. But you’ll probably D’Antoni the situation and think that it was just luck. And when I win, the price is that you have to pay for my insurance premiums for a month. LOL

  • Tony J.

    James, you bitch cause no one replied to your post saying that they are scared. You ever think that it’s just that they have lives and haven’t had time or even cared to respond? You clearly don’t like the guy, and whether Couz and Magic were known for their defense or not, they are two of the best to ever play the game, and I’ll take their opinion over some disgruntled fan any day.

  • Green Team

    James i believe you just got owned!

  • Chief

    Couldn’t have said it better myself green team (and tony j)

  • Take it all you want. Rondo is still a lousy defensive player.

  • I’m not disgruntled. I’m just realistic. The fools who want to pretend Rondo is actually playing good defense can pretend all they want. He isn’t and it doesn’t matter what Magic or Cousy say. The truth is the truth. So how was I owned?

  • You couldn’t have said it better. Because you’re living in fantasy land with green team and Tony J. As each point guard gets 20 off of Rondo, just keep pretending it’s not his fault.

  • Chief

    James never made it personal….just drink your hot chocolate and go to sleep, don’t old people homes have a curfew…and havent been a “fan” as long as u but as long as they wear the celtics jersey I’ll support them…even when big baby was here.

  • Oh, you’re a funny guy. Well, Daddy stays up long after you’re sleeping in your footie pajamas with your woobie. I root for all Celtics too, even the arrogant, lazy, non-defense playing ones.

  • Chief

    If you root for the celtics… that. But if your gonna talk shit about your own teams players, well maybe you should rethink if you really are a Celtic fan.

  • Chief

    If you root for the celtics… that. But if your gonna talk shit about your own teams players, well maybe you should rethink if you really are a Celtic fan.

  • James Eisenman

    Now you’re being stupid, buddy. You don’t have to like everything everyone on your team does, all the time, to be a Celtics fan. I’ve bled green long before you were a spark in your Daddy’s eye. I don’t have to rethink whether I’m really a Celtics fan. I followed them through Russell and the fallow time, through Cowens and the fallow time, through Bird and the 20 year fallow time and now. I complained all the time about Antoine Walker for many of the same reasons I complain about Rondo. Lazy, cheating defense. It’s the team players that have to live up to the standards of being a Celtic. I don’t have to lose my standards because one player is lazy on defense. I want him to succeed but I don’t have to love it when he’s lazy. He’s just lucky that Lowry had a bad game tonight. He lost him a dozen times tonight. And what about shooting a right-handed layup on the left side of the basket and almost blowing the game? I don’t have to applaud him for stupidity and I can still be a fan.