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VIDEO: ARE YOU NOT ENTERTAINED?!?! Rondo’s Monster Triple-Double vs NYK

Amidst incessant and ridiculous trade rumors, Rajon Rondo produced his 17th career triple-double including his fourth this season alone.  It was also his third in the last three weeks.  This one was legendary, a monster version of sorts.  Registering 18 points, 17 rebounds and 20 assists, he put up numbers not seen the likes since of guys named Oscar Robertson and Wilt Chamberlain have done.  Granted, he did miss several lay-ups and free throws, but it's tough to argue against this masterpiece of a performance.

It was almost as if he played the role of "Maximus" from the movie "Gladiator" and after the game was over looked at a crazy and ecstatic crowd and shouted:  "ARE YOU NOT ENTERTAAAAINED?!?!"

Certainly (most) Celtics fans were.  Sit back and enjoy the work of art:


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  • James Eisenman

    Funny, how quickly you guys can slap together a compilation of his offensive highlights while being unable to ever show a compilation of his defensive lowlights. It is entertaining and infuriating to watch half of his clips.

  • play it again and watch from the beginning. there’s defensive pressure coming from all angles, its impossible to miss. and btw since 2008 rr’s been all defensive team.

  • KY Celts fan

    Ugh, shut up and just enjoy, will ya? No one’s forcing you to read the site. Why do you need to be such a dick about it?

  • Reality it’s you hard bro

  • Buff

    Thanks for posting video, wasn’t able to catch game- big win! Go celtics

  • paul

    Watch again. Rondo is playing very intense D.

  • paul

    Notice on the play where Rondo attacks the basket and misses two shots, getting his own rebound in between, he is knocked down both times, no call. Refs are killing him.

  • paul

    Rondo slapped on the arm on a breakaway scoop, no call. Refs killing him.

  • Rondoalltheway

    12:55 look at the lonely angry knicks fan. LOL!

  • James Eisenman

    Rondo’s defense is not intense. He got beaten by Lin all afternoon long. If he’s so intense, then why did Lin break away from him on nearly every possession? See my post earlier. It’s his teammates that were forced to pick up Lin that made Lin miss and created the turnovers. They won’t put together the clips because they don’t want to. I would love to love the guy but I can’t ignore what is clear. I posted the clips of his defense because they won’t. What is, is. The fact that RR is on the all-defense team is just proof that the people who vote for that “honor” don’t know their ass from a hole in the ground. If he’s all defense, then how come he’s given up over 20 to almost every point guard that we’ve faced this year? The recent spate of point guards who haven’t been scoring had nothing to do with Rondo. Brandon Jennings didn’t shoot until the last few minutes of the game and then got 3 wide open 3’s in 2 minutes. Lin was stopped by Bass and KG and other Celtics players, not Rondo. I’m not being a dick but why do you people have to sit there, while Rome is burning, showing video clips celebrating why your heating bills are down? I just would like balance. You fanboys just want to watch the fire burn down your house because it looks pretty.

  • 555

    Lay off that pipe it’s clouding your judgement. What game were u watching because I saw the opposite. I saw Rondo crush Lin and the Knicks defense.
    R u trolling? I know Knicks fans are very bitter, classless fans that can’t accept losing.

  • James Eisenman

    I’m not a troller or a hater or an old guy who is bitter. I’ve been a Celtics fan for longer than you’ve been alive. My judgment is not clouded. You think that you saw something that did not happen. Rondo did not shut Lin down; KG and Brandon Bass made up for a lot of his poor defense by picking him up AFTER Rondo fell behind him.
    Here is the clip:
    Start watching at about 2:32. 3:01 Rondo doesn’t get picked, just trails behind Lin; 3:20 that’s Bass and KG causing those turnovers, not Rondo; 3:52 Lin gets around Rondo, KG picks up foul picking him up; 5:12 Bass guarding Lin, Rondo shows his back to Lin when he drives; 5:28 Lin loses Rondo, Rondo gets around the pick and is not actually picked, he’s just behind; 5:31 Lin slips as he passes to Shumpert, Rondo pointlessly tries to get charge on Shumpert and misses, Lin gets up, Rondo stands in the lane, trying to prevent the paint in the key from becoming chipped, Lin nails wide open 3, 6:10 Lin gets around Rondo on open floor; 6:41 Rondo gets picked off BECAUSE he’s back two feet off of Lin instead of getting in his face like Avery does. 7:40 Lin beats Rondo on the floor and, because Rondo is unbalanced, his upper body weight carries him toward the basket as Lin is falling back away from the basket.
    There was another play, not on this tape, where Lin got past Rondo, KG had to come over and leave Stoudemire, I believe, all alone. Lin passed and he dunked. Watch the clip when Lin has to come up with a spectacular shot to get the shot off on Avery, who does stay with his man. I don’t expect Rondo to be perfect, just play better defense. I’m sure you will look at this tape and still see what you want to see or what you think you see but I’m not the one with clouded judgment and I’m not on any pipe. I just want to look at him in a balanced approach and get him to fix the annoying laziness he has shown to fix the fixable before I annoint him as “the best player on this team.” Arggh!

  • James Eisenman

    And, in anticipation of what you’re going to say, Rondo IS a great passer (when he’s not trying to show off too much), he is a great rebounder, he is, for the most part, unselfish. I know, I know. But, even without the defense issue, this WAS a great game for him but not quite a masterpiece when you shoot 7-20 from the field and 4-7 from the line and miss at least a half-dozen shots from within a foot or two because you are so unsure about your mediocre mid-range jumper that you have to force every opening to the basket. Hater, blah, blah, blah.

  • HA! Sweet.

  • Paul

    Thank you for sharing!!! I go to your website several times daily looking for any update on our beloved Boston Celtics! You guys ROCK!!!