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From the GreenLab: KG’s Clutch OT Defense

Typically in the GreenLab we go over key plays that Doc diagrams out of timeouts or simply on the fly sets.  Yesterday's instant classic of a game featured several memorable moments but one thing that has gone a bit overlooked was the OT defense by Kevin Garnett.  KG has had an under-the-radar fantastic season for sure and his clutch defense yesterday to help preserve the win against the New York Knicks is displayed below in the video:

  • 0:00-0:23 – Melo gets by Pierce who forces him to his left and into the lane. KG stands his ground perfectly, doesn't bite on the up-fake and forces Melo to travel.
  • 0:24-0:30 – Lin at his best gets into the lane, but KG jumps up and back, avoiding the contact and bothering Lin just enough to force him to miss a tough lay-up attempt.
  • 0:31-0:58 – The Knicks are in transition and Melo misses a three, but Tyson Chandler gets the offensive rebound.  Melo makes a cut to the basket and with 5 fouls, KG makes a lightning quick slap-block to prevent the lay-up.
  • 0:59-1:13 – KG keeps his man Chandler at arms-length, while keeping track of the developing play. As Lin misses a jumper, KG boxes out Amare, leaving his man Chandler who gets the rebound.  KG at least recovers and makes a solid effort to aggravate Chandler's put-back attempt, preventing another basket.


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