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Enemy Chatter: The Celts had a horseshoe up their rear

I often wonder what opposing teams, their beat reporters and bloggers are saying about the Celtics after playing the Celtics. Here's a dose of 'enemy chatter' from New York.

"I don’t know if that’s execution, that’s having a horseshoe up your rear," D'Antoni said of the game-tying three-pointer. "That’s what Paul Pierce does."

ESPN NY – Would you have fouled Pierce?

According to Mike D'Antoni's logic, every contested, game-winning jump shot in the history of the league was more luck than talent. 


On Page 2, Iman Shumpert continues the Knicks whiny ways.

Iman Shumpert says Kevin Garnett used an illegal screen on the Celtics' final play in regulation — the play that ended with Paul Pierce knocking down a game-tying three-pointer with 4.9 seconds left on Sunday. 

Garnett handed the ball off to Pierce, who was being defended by J.R. Smith. In the process of getting the ball to Pierce, Garnett got in Smith's way. Shumpert picked up Pierce and put his hands up as Pierce knocked down the 27-footer. 

Prior to that sequence, Garnett floored Shumpert with a screen. 

“The screen was illegal but they set them all the time," Shumpert said. "They can’t call it all the time. I understand that. But he still hit a tough shot.” 

ESPN NY – Schumpert: KG screen was illegal

Is bitching and moaning part of the D'Antoni system?

Illegal screens in the NBA are similar to offensive holding in the NFL. The officials could make the calls on just about every possession.

If you wish to laugh at the suffering of Knicks fans/bloggers, I suggest you check out Poasting and Toasting. Those guys are good.

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  • Alex

    That’s New York for ya.
    Bunch of shit talking complainers.

  • According to the Knicks, the Knicks never really lose a game.
    In other words…no new news.

  • RyanH

    Shumpert had his manhood taken away from him on that Pierce dagger. No wonder he’s butthurt.

  • If that’s D’Antoni’s reasoning the same would hold true for Melo who’s considered a great clutch shooter right? Only Melo missed what would have been the game clinching shot. Guess Melo is neither good or lucky?
    Sour grapes = bad coaching. In the first place D’Antoni sat Melo for way too long (8min) between the 3rd/4th quarter. It would also help if his team showed any inclination to defend. Oh, and he could have instructed Melo to foul Pierce, which Doc would have done if the roles were reversed.
    What can you expect from a head coach who gave Rondo a back handed compliment last year saying he’d like to see how well RR would do playing Minnesota?

  • Varsity

    Speak the truth! +100

  • dhl716

    Knicks players are as delusional as their fans. I can’t stand Knicks players or fans they make so many excuses when things don’t go their way. Look, despite the Celtics having an up and down season, and it hasn’t been pretty; at least they don’t play blame the opposing teams players for their short-comings.
    The Knicks got caught up in Linsanity and tried to carry their media drive hype (ESPN, NYC media) and momentum in Miami and Boston, both teams weren’t haven’t that! Though, the Celtics should of blown the Knicks out. They have to stop giving up double-digit leads.

  • D’Antoni won’t be there much longer. If that team ever want’s to go anywhere besides the 1st round, they’ll need a better system/coach.

  • 700club

    Yea, he was feeling himself a bit when he got his highlight dunk on KG. He forgot the game wasn’t over though.

  • nba4ever

    I don’t know why, but read the comments on Poasting and Toasting. Those people are pathetic! I wonder if they’re young or just typical delusional Knicks fans. Their comments are hilarious. I never saw so much hatred for KG and Paul, but if both were on the Knicks the fans would love them. lol

  • I think the Knicks may now have too much talent, and as defenses figure out Lin the pressure falls right back on D’Antoni. I don’t see him figuring out a rotation other than to score the rock. They simply have too many selfish players who won’t play defense.

  • I generally scan those comments, but didn’t get a chance because there was so much good stuff.
    Here’s the first comment:
    Can’t wait for KG not to be in the league anymore. His retirement should be a national holiday
    Like they wouldn’t take him in a heart beat.

  • Realist

    Who ever said the celtics should hav blown the Knicks out is a fool. It is the Knicks tht went up by double digits 1st to blow tht lead and go dwn by 15 to come back and take the lead for pierce to make a tough shot simply as tht. BuT at the end of the day the Knicks hav a better team thus why pierce needs to put up 34 and Rondo have a historical triple double. The Knicks hav a better bench compared to the celtics and will outlast them.