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Recap: Rondo, Pierce lead Cs in thrilling win over Knicks


How's that for some Sunday afternoon fun?

The Celtics beat the Knicks 115-111 in OT, behind a monster triple-double by Rajon Rondo and clutch shooting by Paul Pierce.

Rondo tallied 18 points, 17 rebounds and 20 assists in 48 minutes. Magic Johnson is the only other guy in league history to go at least 17-17-17 (per John Hollinger). He was brilliant. Yes, he missed a lot of shots at the rim. Some were bunnies and some were tough shots. Either way, he was awesome.

Pierce (34 points, 13-23 FG, 7 rebounds) nailed a three-pointer with 4 seconds left that sent the game into overtime. It more than made up for the 19-footer he forced 15 seconds earlier with the Celtics trailing by 1. The Truth had 15 points in the 3rd quarter where the Celtics outscored NY 29-16.

Jeremy Lin (14 points, 5 assists, 6 TOs) struggled. He did make a couple of big shots late in the 4th, but was a non-factor for most of the game.

Time for a nap. 

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  • This has to be the greatest day ever in the life of fellow Reds Army reader “Paul”. Let ’em have it kid!
    I just knew RR would destroy Lin, and hopefully this puts an end to the trade Rondo for Lin idiocy. Odd but fun game to watch. Big credit to Ray coming off the flu to hit those big shots in OT, and of course to Rajon for hitting the boards so hard.

  • Alex

    The Idiots of the Day:
    Ever since Rondo has been using his headband, he’s back to THAT amazing Rondo we all know and love. Not the shit inconsistent Rondo that has been playing for 3-4 months. He’s been consistently awesome as of late and it would be absolutely stupid to trade him.
    Oh and the Idiots of the Year go to the folks who actually wanted to trade Rajon Rondo for Jeremy Lin… Morons.

  • K.G.the.GReat

    I want to call out old man eisenham(too tired to look for his correct name)and every other so called “true celtic”. You guys should join us in the 21 century and not 1960. rondo could have had 40 assist if we made those easy shots early on. great game from the truth finally.

  • chachee

    unbelievable performance by Rondo. Still, the game shouldn’t have been that close at the end. The C’s struggled to close this one out. Let’s hope that Rondo didn’t just “get up” for this national tv game and he can continue to dominate like he did today. 2 triple doubles in the last week is impressive. granted this was the knicks, they still played hard and showed some positive signs.

  • paul

    Lol. I had to come see what the haters new line is. !!!

  • Alex

    Oh, and I would like to add the following:
    * Paul Pierce… clutchness baby! BUT, his ability to turn over the ball at the WRONG time has been constant… and this worries me. It will cost the Celtics a MAJOR loss some time in the future.
    * AMAZING GAME RONDO!!! If only he made some of those easy layups, he would have had 25+ points. Some of the layups he tried to attempt were too damn hard off the glass. 17 rebounds from a PG… incredible… seriously.
    * The Celtics have been really letting go on defense as of late. Offensively, they’ve improved… but defensively… it seems it has gotten a bit worse these past 4 games.

  • paul

    I think that the officials have been making life very hard in the paint for Rondo, not calling fouls. Eventually he’ll start getting the calls, and that will send his efficiency sky high.

  • paul

    Very close to three triple doubles in three days.

  • whohoo! cavs, bucks, nets, knicks. get em while you can, 9 of 11 are on the road.

  • kyle

    rondo monster triple double pretty much jsut over shadowed pierce’s clutch shooting and monster scoring game. Just an amazing game to watch, so glad we didnt blow it

  • Can’t wait to watch this in it’s entirety. Had to work and missed it. The highlights I did see were fantastic. I see we had another one of our lapses and almost blew-it. Oh well-wins are wins..especially this year. Anyone still want to trade Rondo for Lin? *crickets*

  • Oh that’s fantastic..lmao.

  • Alex

    Can we all agree that Dooling needs to be traded? I’m sorry but I just don’t know why Doc even plays this guy.

  • putdjinthehall

    Alex is replacing old man Eiseman for most irrelevant comments. What does everyone expect from these guys? Its not like NY is no name losers. Today is what RR can do, we shouldn’t and can’t expect it day in day out. He leads the NBA in trip/dubs. Only other one is by LeBum. Keep things in perspective. And Yea PP does turn the ball over in key times, but he also nails key shots in key time its part of the game.

  • Alex

    I am replacing Eiseman for most irrelevant comments? What have I been saying that’s been irrelevant?
    Eiseman has the tendency of going all out with Hate comments without reason most of the time. I, at least, provide reasons why I’m bothered by the play of certain players.

  • That was a Celtics classic. I’m praying for a NY/BOS series.
    Just a caveat with Rondo’s performance. Did he not do nearly the same thing last year to them as well? That No Defense Knicks team is a magical elixer. Jeremy who?

  • Tyler

    For the sake of the franchise I still think the Celtics should just dump this bum! Rondo is no better then a pizza hut employee. He throws attitude and does not respect Pierce & the veteran true Celtics! The Celtics need to trade him now why he is high on value. My statistical analysis proves Rondo is a bust bum!

  • Give Rajon Rondo the credit he deserves..Quadruple double! He had double digit missed lay ups for sure…
    Thank God the Celtics still have the Captain and the Truth Paul Pierce.

  • Alex

    You didn’t give any analysis whatsoever. All you do is call Rondo names.

  • Y r u guys attacking Eisenman thats my dad and hes just trying to make u guys realize how rondo is killings the Cs. Rondo mightve gotten a trip dub but he went 7 for 20 and made like 1 or 2 free throws and he got so any attempts. And lin had a bad game but he was beating rondo on he drive over and over again and baron davis was even beating rondo on the drive and davis is like 35. Rondo also missed like 10 wide open layups. TRADE RONDO!!!

  • oh yah i forgot to say rondo is good and hes a great passer and there r a lot of great things about his game but he has issues he cant play defense and he constantly fights doc just look at the next Cs game and look at who rondo is supposed guard ull see him run around wide open and rondo will be nowhere around him

  • Erin

    Amazing game for a Sunday afternoon. First time for a long time since I’ve seen such fantastic ball movement. Jeremy Lin was completely outplayed by the Celtics. Melo was a non factor for much of the game, save the 4th. Where was A’mare all night? And why haven’t I heard of Steve Novak last season? Dude has been a killer from beyond the arc all season.
    Watching the game made me realize how bad we need KG, Bass, and Pietrus. I’m not saying the rest aren’t important, but those 3 guys there have been the difference makers this season. Bass gave us consistent shooting from the perimeter when we needed it, Pietrus being the spot up 3 shooter. KG’s passing ability, picks, and length has proven to be essential to the crisp ball movement that we’ve seen. All 3 guys gave us the rebounding we needed every game.

  • Alex

    Ehh… sometimes I wish Pietrus can nail those open shots more consistently… but other than that, he’s been great.

  • James Eisenman

    OK haters. Rondo had a partially great game. But you all embarrass yourselves by refusing to see his deficiencies . He was clearly A reason for the win but he was THE reason that it was even close. He couldn’t stay within 2 yards of Lin. Yes, the OTHER Celtic defenders did a great job of forcing Lin into turnovers but at least 10-20 Knick points came as a direct result of Rondo losing his man on defense and requiring another Celtic player to leave his man to cover for him. I DARE YOU TO ISOLATE EVERY DEFENSIVE PLAY OF RONDO AND PROVE ME WRONG! I DOUBLE DARE YOU!! Let’s not forget his 7-20 and 4-7 from the free throw line. At least 8-10 of Rondo’s misses were 2-footers or less. I may be old, LOL, but I’m not purposefully blind like you boys. He was great but horribly flawed…as usual.

  • James Eisenman

    Right, Alex YOU provide reasons but I don’t. What a bunch of doofusses! Read my posts. I always provide absolutely clear reasons and when I do, no one ever refutes them because they’re all true. Rondo IS a terrible defender, he DOES cause our bigs to pick up fouls when he loses his man on defense, he CAN’T shoot free throws, he DOES troll for steals instead of guarding his man, he IS an inconsistent mid-range shooter, he DOES often let the clock go down too close to the wire and, therefore, leaves us with fewer shot options and his turnovers HAVE increased each season (he had 4 today to match his 3.7/game season average). So where am I wrong and what reasons haven’t I given? Huh? Right, coward!

  • James Eisenman

    What is irrelevant about not guarding your man? What is irrelevant about a guard shooting 60% from the free throw line? What is irrelevant about getting your bigs in foul trouble because you either get picked off on nearly every pick and roll or are now so unbalanced on your defense that your man gets around you on the open floor on nearly every possession? What is irrelevant about having to force drives to the basket because you won’t take an open mid-range jumper because you know you’ll probably miss? Brandon Bass takes every chance he gets because he is a knock-down mid-range jump shooter. I don’t deny that Rondo is a great passer. I don’t deny that Rondo is a great rebounder for a guard. I don’t deny that he’s usually quite unselfish. You people deny his easily fixable flaws. Who knows why? Larry Bird was slow and couldn’t jump but I never complained because he was the best at what he could do and worked hard to correct the things he couldn’t do that were correctable. Rondo doesn’t. He could easily improve each of the areas I complain about. But he doesn’t. Your attacks on me are nothing but an embarassment about your lack of basketball knowledge. I dare you to refute one of my points but try not to do it with IRRELEVANT points.

  • James Eisenman

    Call me out on what? On Rondo’s inability to stay within 2 yards of Jeremy Lin? Lin’s flaws were exposed…but not by Rondo. Of his missing about 8-10 layups because he won’t take and can’t hit mid-range jumpers? He did the great things I always credit him for and the terrible things I always complain about. So, exactly what are you calling me out for?….I’m waiting…I’m still waiting. Hey, don’t keep me waiting too long because Old Man Eisenman (correctly spelled for the young and lazy) was born in the 20th Century and may not survive until you figure out what to call me out on. I hear crickets chirping again. We true Celtics are still waiting!!!!!

  • James Eisenman

    Okay, fanboys. I know you would never compile Rondo’s lousy defense but I found it. Here are the Lin highlights/lowlights from the game. Mostly note after 2:32, when a lot of Rondo’s pitiful defense is most obvious. Lin beats him on the open floor on every one of these moves. Rondo vainly attempts to steal from behind several times as Lin leaves him anchored to the floor. Of special note is the complete disregard for guarding Lin when he nails the crucial 3-pointer. Watch where Rondo is located at that moment. Guarding the middle of the key. Not even an attempt to come out on Lin. 40 feet away from his man at a crucial moment in the game. It does show the Celtics, the true Celtics, earnestly trying to pick up Lin and make up for Rondo’s utter lack of defense. Apologies will be accepted in writing care of, attn.: OLD MAN EISENMAN, the true Celtic, presenting the truth about the Rondo mythical defense. I LOVE BEING RIGHT!!!! LOL. Oh and notice the impossible shot he has to make when Avery is dogging him with real defense.

  • aaron

    rondos ballz on ya chin! love it.
    rondo had a good game. cant wait to watch him take the next three off