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Recap: C’s get an easy win for once

Pierce and wilcox after New Jersey game

Now doesn't that feel good? 

Aside from one little hiccup in the third quarter when the Celtics eased up after pushing their lead to 28 points.. the Celtics cruised through an easy win against the Nets, winning 107-94.

Paul Pierce should send Gerald Green a thank you note.  After looking sluggish in the last couple of games, Pierce put up 27 points on 10-14 shooting (3-4 3pt) and added 8 assists.  KG had a similarly efficient night, scoring 20 points on 10-13 shots and adding 10 rebounds for another awesome night. Rajon Rondo put up pretty nice night too… chipping in 14 points, 13 assists, and 5 steals.

There really wasn't much to complain about… for once.  The guys were smiling… Gino was dancing… and the Celtics have won 3 straight.  

It's Friday night.  Stop reading this and go celebrate. 

Box Score

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  • KWAPT called it- a big game from the Captain, and finally a solid beat down. Hopefully Bradley is ok for the Knick game. Normally a win against the Nets wouldn’t excite me, but the Nets have been hot on the road. The C’s didn’t wilt and we got some solid play from the bench.

  • Alex

    Only complaints I got are:
    – Dooling… please learn how to shoot, especially when you are wide open.
    – Pierce… a couple ugly turnovers again… be careful.
    Other than that, EVERYONE played well! I think Rondo should wear the white headband more often. 😉

  • Those glaring lapses they have (in the 3rd tonight resulting in 15-4 NJ run) is where the C’s just need to tighten-up. That’s where other teams just pummel us. Other than that, Garnett just continues to impress. Goes to show how much he benefits from a full training-camp, preseason etc. He’s finally firing on all cylinders. I would’ve liked to have seen Doc go with E’Twaun or even Quis once it was obvious Dooling couldn’t hit the broad side of a barn tonight. Looking forward to Sunday. I’ll be at work, but following closely online. I SO want the C’s to wipe the floor with the Knicks.

  • People don’t realize how much Ray Allen bogs down the offense. He offensive sets are super slow and clock-consuming. Also, his penetration is severely limited and he has a tendency to overdribble.
    Love and respect to Ray, but the Celtics’ offense puts too much stock in Ray Allen.
    He has always been the most efficient Celtic, but at the age of 36, the Celtics’ offense hasn’t adjusted to Ray’s new limitations. The offense was pretty smooth without him.
    Sorry, Ray. You must be reduced to a 3-and-D guy.

  • mollysdaddy

    Interesting thought. Never occurred to me that might be the case. Anyone know how we can find statistical proof of this?

  • Alex

    Rondo moved the ball so much better… He didn’t have to wait for ray ray to run through a bunch of screens and make the pass.

  • Danno

    I’ve been saying it for 3 years now. Bring ray off the bench a la Manu Ginobili in SA a few years ago when they were deeper. Starting Pietrus was great. Younger, longer, better D than Ray any day.

  • sev

    when the big three first came together I remember the ball movement was amazing. I don’t know now if its because ray allen is ONLY running off picks and/or Rondo holding the ball trying to make easy assists, but the flow used to be so much better. It all could just be a by product of them being younger back then, but the ball movement seems to be a big problem in the losses. P.S.-not trying to bash Rondo, I love his talent.