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Report: Boston is Beasley’s most likely landing spot

Fox's Sam Amico has this report on the Wolves efforts to trade forward Michael Beasley:

According to multiple FOX Sports Ohio sources, the Wolves have already spoken with New Jersey, Houston and the L.A. Lakers about Beasley. While both teams are said to still be open to a deal, it appears Beasley’s most likely landing spot, for the time being, is Boston.

The Celtics visited Cleveland on Tuesday, and the majority of the talk centered around a deal that would send center Jermaine O’Neal to Minnesota for Beasley. O’Neal is solid, but often-injured, causing some to wonder why the Wolves would be interested in such a deal.

However, the salaries match, and O’Neal’s $6.2 million comes off the books at season’s end.

“Minnesota is dangling Beasley to see what else they can get, but I’d be surprised if this wasn’t the deal they eventually made by the (March 15) trading deadline,” one source said. “The Celtics, of course, would love it.”

Is Jermaine O'Neal really the best offer on the table for Michael Beasley? That's frightening. If so, it shows how desperate Minny is to dump the former #2 draft pick. With the Wolves are fighting for a playoff spot, it's possible David Kahn wants JO to help shore up the interior defense?

Beasley will be a restricted free-agent next year with an $8.2 million qualifying offer. He's not going to get $8 million from the Celtics or any other team. 

The Celtics are getting very little out of JO. With KG playing more minutes at center and Chris Wilcox thriving, I would not hesitate to move him. Maybe Doc Rivers and the veterans can set Beasley on the right path. 

A couple days ago I was resistant to this trade. Now I'm ready to pull the trigger. Let us know what you think by voting in our poll on the right sidebar.

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  • KY Celts fan

    Yes, yes, and again I say yes! JO, though a hard worker, has been nothing but frustration for us. Beas is a bit of a headcase, but the kid has tons of athletic ability. We kept Delonte West in check. Starbury. Even Baby was better here. I think Beasley will do just fine and will give our bench a real shot in the arm.

  • All day every day and twice on Sundays. JO for Beasley is a steal no matter how you cut it. JO is a staunch defender, yes, but B-Easy can make up for all of that on the offensive end. That being said, it’s worth it if the veterans can screw his head back on. Even then, I think JO doesn’t have a lot to offer left. If you have the chance, pull the trigger.

  • Even when JO is ‘healthy’ and playing good defense, his presence on offense is like molasses

  • Walk

    And I jizzed in my pants…YES we should do this!

  • paul

    Yeah. We certainly can be Second Chance City for players in need of redemption.
    But keep Rondo.

  • I’m so amped about this. I love Beasley, and think Boston’s system is exactly where he can reach his potential.

  • lakers had a better offer with their odom trade exception or luke walton and a first round pick. either way minny want’s beasley gone before yesterday. straight for JO w/be sweet.. plus players in contract yrs seem to produce more 🙂

  • s

    If anyone get get Supercool Beas going on the right path, it’s KG.

  • I love how Ainge is denying everything that is being reported about Rondo. Thats why you dont go on the radio and broadcast your team’s daily business. Rondo will be gone in 2 weeks. 100% certain now.

  • Rondo To KG

    I would take a half eaten bag of chips in exchange for Jermaine O’Neal. The fact that we’re actually getting value back for him is baffling and says a lot about Khan as a GM. Hopefully this deal gets done while we laugh all the way to the bank.

  • I bleed green in L.A.

    Nice addition, if we keep Rondo and could get Green back, drop some salary next year and get Howard? As it stands, nice 6th man who can score.

  • SC

    Seconded. And Beasley plays like a slightly bigger D.West.
    As long as he can learn the defensive rotations, he’ll be a great addition: a swing man that has size to play at the 4 spot.

  • chachee

    I wouldn’t say Kahn is a bad GM if he does this deal. Think about it, the Wolves need a veteren presence and a good interior defender. Jermaine is both. However, the T-Wolves essentially have Derrick Williams, Beasley and Wesley Johnson all playing a similar style and position. Love is the future and no one is taking his minutes. They are solid at center but could use some muscle. I think this is a win-win for both teams.

  • The Celtics now rank 25th in offensive efficiency, so Beasley would be a welcomed addition. There’s also credence to Garnett occupying the paint more frequently when he starts at the 5. The results were palpable last night (6-9 FGM).
    Let’s recognize the overall effort of JO. Sure he’s well on the back nine, but he took those nasty charges and was stout defensively. But he can longer be counted on to score like Garnett or rebound like Cox (double digit numbers over the last two games). Hence, losing his size to acquire Beasley will not spring a leak in the middle.
    JO+3m cash, or less cash + a #2 cements the deal. The Wolves are without a #1 this year and are looking to unload Darko’s contract in light of Pekovic. So from their perspective the trade could yield a #2 and more than 10m in cap space.
    I don’t see Bass/Beasley being redundant because Beasley is the more mobile of the two. Could also be an insurance policy if Bass is dealt in conjunction with RR for Gasol or when he opts out after the season. At any rate we would have the ability to sign Bass, Beasley and Green or deal one of them in a S/T. Good flexibility regarding cap space and management of the roster.

  • chachee

    Only way Rondo leaves is if he asks to be traded, which I don’t think he’ll do. I’m sure Danny will get some phone calls in the final hour but he won’t pull the trigger because he learned his lesson last year with Perk.

  • chachee

    I applaud Jermaine for his effort and his willingness to take a charge and do whatever was asked of him. And it’s unfortunate that, if he does leave, his time here would be more remembered for battling the injury bug than playing in every game. To say he has been a stout defender in the post? That might be pushing it. Let’s be real, he’s no Dwight Howard out there. Heck, he’s no Kendrick Perkins out there. Let’s appreciate the hardwork but let’s no overlook the facts. While he was healthy, he was serviceable.

  • aaron

    JO sucks cock. he has since he blew out his knees. lets be honest here. his defense is MARGINAL and for a 7 footer he could get out jumped by nate robinson on a tip off…
    the guys a joke. he can block shots. thats it. if minny wants to trade us supercool beas who STILL IMHO has ridiculous upside, for JO. fine. but i would also like Rondo to KG take a half eaten bag of chips. or a half eaten kellys…. mmmmm kelly’s…..

  • Well the defensive efficiency is as consistent as it was with Perk or Shaq, and with him in the starting line up it boasts the best deferential of any combination.
    But no question it was a bad signing from the beginning.  At least it appears we'll get more in return for him than Sheed.
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  • sev

    “but i would also like Rondo to KG take a half eaten bag of chips.” not sure what that means

  • chachee