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Doc Rivers is tired of the false Rondo trade rumors


Doc Rivers sounds annoyed with all the Rajon Rondo trade rumors:

Rivers said Thursday afternoon he is irked by reports the Celtics were aggressively shopping his mercurial point guard and frustrated that his relationship with Rondo is being cited as one of the reasons Boston is willing to part with him.

"My relationship with Rajon is as strong as it has ever been," he said. "Our communication has never been better. I want him here. I can say with almost 100 percent certainty he will be here with us when the season ends. I'm tired of this stuff. It's not fair."

Wow. Those are some strong words from Doc Rivers. If he was just trying to cover up a rift, I doubt he would go to such extremes.

Jackie MacMullan has more evidence disputing the trade reports:

Team and league sources said that while the Celtics were willing to part with Rondo if it yielded someone of Paul's caliber, they are not actively trying to unload him. Two general managers initially involved in the Rondo-Paul trade talks as a potential third party confirmed Thursday they have not received any calls in recent months from Boston regarding their point guard.

"Rondo is a moody guy," one Celtics official said, "but so what? Stand in line. There's a league full of NBA guys who are more high-maintenance than he is.

"He's a real competitor, wants to get better and he's a real gamer. Doc loves the fact that Rondo will fight through anything to be out on the court."

I'll take Jackie Mac's sources over Chris Broussard's every day of the week.

During his weekly appearance on WEEI, Danny Ainge called Rondo the team's best player and reiterated that he is not actively trying to trade his point guard.

(Photo by Ned Dishman/NBAE via Getty Images)

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  • Danno

    You guys might want to consider changing the name of the site to “Rondo’s Balls (in the back of our throats)” until all this trade talk blows over and you can resume not trying to defend the guy like he’s your little brother who keeps getting picked on.
    It’s ok to support the guy, but geez… two vehement to the point of butthurt Rondo trade denial posts in the span of an hour, but ignoring a number of other, more likely trade scenarios being discussed on every other blog.
    Is “Paul” your editor now? LOL.

  • cez


  • So are you saying we shouldn’t tell you what Doc Rivers and Danny Ainge are saying about the Rondo trade rumors?
    I know you want to trade Rondo, and that’s fine. Danny spoke earlier, then Doc spoke. We’re telling you what they said. We would have had the same amount of posts if they had come out and said “Yes, we’re shoppping Rondo.”
    Disagreements on what to do with the team are fine. Vulgar personal attacks are not. They ruin the comments section and make the site less enjoyable.
    So consider this a warning to you and everyone else. I don’t care if you disagree with us, but vulgar personal attacks will result in comments being deleted and accounts being blocked.

  • James Eisenman

    Then Danny and Doc should be traded! They’re either blind or stupid

  • Sean McKernan

    In regard to the comments on this article, I just wanted to check and see if we’re talking about the same Rondo that posted a triple-double last night?

  • Danno

    No, I’m saying you shouldn’t present it in a “See HATERZZ, we told you so…” tone like you’ve been doing, albeitly slightly less directly, all week.

  • kg.the.great

    Sean, Jame eisenman and danno are celtics but are missing the celtic heart. all they do is complain about the best player. to be honest only reason i watch the celtics anymore after that painfull last minute loss to the lakers in 10 is because of rondo. the man is a triple double machine and he doesnt even like to score

  • kg.the.great

    paul pierce is overated. ray kg and rondo are the reason we havent gone blownout by chicago or miami. especially rondo he keeps us in all the miami games. i think we really had a shot to beat miami last year if wade hadnt been a dick.

  • aaron


  • paul

    I don’t think it’s vulgar to call out the bullying of Rondo that has been going on, and the scapegoating. And I don’t think it’s vulgar to say it’s not just a disagreement when people can’t see that Rondo is a brilliant player. It’s a kind of deliberate blindness.
    There’s no way to be nice about these kinds of disagreements without being dishonest. The hatefulness about Rondo is absolutely disgusting.
    As for Doc and Danny, they are known liars. And that’s a fact, not villification. Check out how both, let us say, played around with the truth, during the whole Perkins Trade fiasco. I regard their comments about Rondo as mafia kisses. It’s a little late in the game for them to make nice with him.
    And in Danny’s case, it’s crystal clear that he’s just playing with words. He’s a politician. He talks like a pol. He’s a liar. If you want to believe him, that makes you someone who wants to believe a liar
    And yes Danno, I do like Rondo. I respect talent.

  • paul

    Wade is a coward too. Notice how he apologized to Kobe, presumably because Kobe had clout in the league, as well as Bynum at his back.

  • aaron

    rondo ISNT elite. he is GOOD. NOT ELITE.

  • Alex

    Paul Pierce is underrated.
    It could be possible that the trade rumors is screwing up his game. There has been reports that Paul is getting traded and that could be distracting him.

  • Why post this when everyone in the NBA knows Ainge has shopped Rondo for the last 2 years? And everyone in the NBA either doesnt want him or lowballs Ainge. This is all fact. Rivers and Ainge are better off pulling a Belichick and not saying anything.

  • James Eisenman

    I’m missing the Celtic heart? You’re missing the Celtic brain. I have bled green for longer than you’ve been alive. I have been a fan since the mid 60’s. I have been a fan since Red coached the team. They called me Big Bill in high school when I blocked 10 shots in a game. He was my hero and I let everyone in LA know it and have battled ignorant Laker fans my whole life. I know about Celtic heart. Defense first! Russell is Celtic heart. Sam Jones, Havlicek, Cowens, Jojo, Larry, Kevin, DJ, Danny, Don Nelson are Celtic heart. They would kill themselves before they let an opponent score without giving every fiber of that heart to stop him. Rondo is not Celtic heart, he is not thr best player on this team. He plays no defense except to troll for steals. Red would not allow him on the court in a Celtics uniform. You guard your man. You make your free throws. You don’t pout. You don’t throw balls at refs. Red would go after the ref for you. Rondo is none of those things. He has given up 20 points to nearly every point guard we’ve played. He violates Red’s rule of not caring how you throw the pass as long as your teammate catches it. You only watch the Celtics to see Rondo. You almost stop watching them because of one loss. YOU DON’T KNOW CELTIC HEART!!! Hell, I watched this team for 20 years without a championship. Red was Celtic heart.. I was Red’s biggest fan. Rondo is no Red. Rondo is a spoiled child who WON’T guard his man. Anyone who doesn’t see it, isn’t looking, is blind or doesn’t understand the game. Rondo is all “me” no matter what injury he played with. He’s not playing with heart. If you can’t see that, you fit one of the 3 deficits I mentioned.

  • Talking about respect, you really should respect more who doesn’t agree with you.
    You’re deliberately insulting people having a different opinion from you with terms like “blind” or “dishonest”, or saying they don’t respect talent. Who the hell you think you are?
    I think you should watch your language, because it’s the only really vulgar thing in this comment section.

  • Richard


  • Richard


  • Richard


  • No coach or GM would publicly admit to shopping a key component of the franchise. Actually Doc’s submission helps his trade value. Then again if they were sniffing a 3 or 4th seed these trade talks would have never cycled.
    Based on the breakout of PG talent around the league RR’s value is plummeting by the day. That doesn’t constitute a boarding pass out of town. The safe bet is they will continue the current plan of tweaking the roster and build around Rondo with the cap space. However, to deny that Danny isn’t discussing moving him for a deal that makes the team better now and in the future is simply naive.

  • Here’s the full context of Danny’s quote …
    “I do not make comments on trade rumors because it never ends,” he told the Globe this afternoon. “Rondo’s been our best player.”
    There is no GM who would publicly renounce one of his best players for the sheer purpose of diminishing his trade value.

  • You may wanna join ~~RICHMINGLE,,C0,’M~​~ to date some rich men like CEOs, Lawyers, Bankers and hot models.

  • Danno

    best comment of the whole thread. LOL.

  • Your claims are laughable. We post 99% of trade rumors and reports. Broussard, Sam Smith, Peter Vecsey… all their rumors have been publicized on this site. So I’m not sure what rumors we are not reporting. And when Doc Rivers and Danny Ainge launch a PR campaign to defend Rondo, I think it’s worth two posts in one day.
    Save the editorial decisions to us, and we’ll leave the biased Rondo smear campaign to you.

  • Danno

    Easy, champ. It wasn’t that long ago you guys were asking comments posters like me, KWAPT, MrTripleDOUBLE, etc. to submit articles because you needed help filling up the site. I guess maybe I should have been more positive and warm and cuddly in the few I submitted. I remember the one bit I wrote that John decided to post (about my disgruntled opinion of the refs) you guys decided to have him pull down within the hour of John posting it, because it was too negative towards the NBA. LOL.
    I was making fun of the fact that you report the stories, but your own commentaries you tack onto them tend to be pretty biased toward the “Oh NOES, They can’t Trade my Rondos!!!!” and this one was something of a “Yayzz!! See, we told you they wouldn’t do it!!! All those other reporters LIE!!!!”
    Well, that and the fact that you’ve both been coyly tweak all of us “Rondo hAt3rZZZ” in every mention of him.
    Don’t get me wrong, I still love the site. But you guys need to be tweaked once in a while when you jump off the deep end. A little balance wouldn’t hurt. There could be huge benefits to a Rondo trade scenario, but I have yet to see you guys handle it objectively. Nearly every single post you’ve made about any potential Rondo trades has been peppered with stuff like “We doubt this will go down.” “This doesn’t make sense to us,” and “this should make all you haters happy.”
    I merely tried to inject a little locker room style humor/teasing in to the situation. I would have figured a couple of sports guys like yourselves could handle that.

  • John and I are two people with different opinions. He’s more of a pro-Rondo guy. So much so that I bust his balls by referring to Rondo as his binky. I’ve been very critical of Rondo this season. But I refuse to keep hammering on him, especially when he plays well (triple double vs Bucks). We think there’s plenty of balance.
    I have openly supported a Rondo for CP3 or D-Will trade. I’m lukewarm on the Pau Gasol stuff.

  • So anyone who disagrees with you is mounting a “smear campaign?”
    You’re starting to sound like Jeff Clark.

  • There was NOTHING of news value coming from Doc *and Ainge yesterday. Nothing, and if you think that’s some sort of conclusive proof that Rondo won’t be dealt, your objectivity has gone out the window.
    Ainge isn’t going to give Rondo away. Nothing new there. Nothing at all. I loathe Rondo’s half-baked effort on both ends – and no, one triple double doesn’t expunge three or four mailed-in games – but even I don’t want him to be given away.
    But if he can get Gasol or Deron, Rondo’s on the next plane out of town.
    The best solution is for Rondo to grow the hell up and start behaving like a professional, bringing it every night like Garnett does.
    After seven years, the question is how long do you wait for his professional immaturity to abate?

  • Right, that’s exactly what I meant.

  • Danno

    It’s what you said though.
    If you’re going to play the sarcasm game, you have to take as good as you give.
    Duly noted on the John vs. Chuck opinions of Rondo. I just think this place is more lively with a little dissent, than everyone just agreeing all the time.
    Just call me Felger.