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Ainge: ““I anticipate [Rondo] being here for a long time”

Danny Ainge addressed all the Rondo rumors.  Here are his quotes, via the Herald:

“I anticipate him being here for a long time”

“Rondo and Doc get along fine,” said Ainge. “That doesn’t mean there aren’t bumps in the road. But I think Rondo and Doc are actually better now than they have ever been. But there are other issues that concern us a lot more than that. There’s nothing new to this.”

Unless he's lying, this essentially refutes any rumors.  If that's not enough for you, here's the clearest message yet:

"These rumors have never stopped, but I haven’t made a call mentioning Rondo’s name since last summer,” said Ainge. “That was during all of the Chris Paul stuff.

“Now, this time of year you’re going to get a lot of calls from other teams,” he said. “But that’s just normal. I don’t anticipate anything happening.”

Of course, the "I don't anticipate anything happening" leaves the door open for a "surprise" deal… but "I haven't made a call mentioning Rondo's name since last summer" flies in face of what Chris Broussard is reporting.  And considering Broussard's track record, that should suprise absolutely no one.  That doesn't sound like anyone is aggressively being shopped.

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  • KY Celts fan

    Aack! I want these next two weeks to fly by!

  • I’m glad to see this.

  • Danno

    When has Danny Ainge/Celtics Mgmt. told the truth about anything though?
    “KG is fine, we expect he’ll be back in a few weeks.”
    Rondo won’t be here come the 15th. Put money on it.

  • vandell

    Thank you RED’S ARMY. Thank you.

  • i agree..after what he did with Perk don’t trust anything Ainge says

  • dopesquared

    Seriously, I’m so pissed off from hearing contradictory stuff about rondo/danny, rondo/doc, rondo/gasol, whatever, every other day.

  • vandell

    I will take that bet Danno ! Around this time everybody thinks they could do a better job than the ones walking in the actual shoe’s. RR might be gone, RR might be here, regardless fans should be fans, support or abort if you don’t like what’s happening, opinions are like a holes, I’ve got my own, but i will never over step the line of a fan and point a finger at the ones who actually live it everyday. All & all nobody is perfect. GO GREEN OR GO HOME!

  • Maybe he just doesn’t want Rondo to look like an emotional pile of shit for the two weeks he’s trying to deal him.

  • Danno

    Being a Celtics Fan doesn’t mean being a blinded homer with no opinions of your own on any individual player’s abilites or performances. By “not stepping over that line” and admitting that you don’t like what you see, you only make your opinions worthless.

  • Danno

    He’s about 3 months too late for that. LOL.

  • Graham

    Whether it was tongue in cheek or not, you might have a pretty good point. I guess what I’m saying now is Danny’s tested RR’s patience for the last three months, and some would say it’s worked. He’s having a pretty good season and has faced some of his toughest emotional challenges in the past year… maybe it’s time to ease off the gas peddle now and cash in while he has high value. At least if that’s the direction it seems like we’re heading in (trading Rondo).

  • TypePad is pissing me off, lol, Graham is Celticsfanatic but for some reason it signed me out.

  • Danno

    LOL Trolling with Two different accounts.

  • CG

    For the love of god, don’t trade Rondo. He’s the Cs best player. He may be moody, but who cares. He can play, he’s young, and he understands the importance of the team game.

  • Graham


  • paul

    Jeez, are you people that stupid, really? I know you can’t be. You can tell that Ainge, who is a known liar anyway, chose his words like a politician there.
    Rondo is gone. That was a verbal mafia kiss from Ainge.

  • paul

    Danny is a liar.
    And even if he weren’t, look how carefully he chose his words.
    Rondo is gone. I wouldn’t be surprised if the announcement came today.
    Danny is a liar.

  • Danno

    Paul, it’s gonna be ok. Get a grip.

  • Danno

    The dead giveaway in Ainge’s comments here: “I haven’t MADE a call regarding Rondo in months…”
    Yeah, but I bet he’s TAKEN plenty, and still is, daily.

  • sulldog16

    gee, do you think there’s a chance Danny’s lying?????…he’s done it before…you sound awfully naive to think he’s telling the entire truth here…you really are and over-the-top optimistic celtics fan aren’t you???!

  • he also says “anticipate”…which means it could still happen…i don’t and never will trust what ainge says after what he did last year! Danny sure chose his words wisely not to let anything out that would make us think rondo wont be here after the trade deadline..even tho most of us know the real ainge…sadly i doubt rondo will be would be awesome if he did stay here with wilcox, bass, and ray–everyone else is good to go!

  • Danno

    My biggest problem with the trading deadline – it’s March 15th.
    Celtics/NBA Season Ticket renewals are due to be confirmed and paid March 12th.
    That right there is some serious bullshit. I wanna know WHO is on my team for he foreseeable future/playoff run before I re-up, Danny.
    Essentially, if he blows it up, I want an out clause.

  • turdcleaner

    fck chris broussard, guy should be cleaning toliets