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Taking Stock: Celtics – Bucks

Taking stock

After every game, we'll take stock of how each individual performance affects the player's overall value.


Green arrowRajon Rondo:  How can you argue with a triple double night?  Rondo now has 16 triple doubles in his career (including playoffs).

Red arrowPaul Pierce:  Something is wrong with him.  He's either hurt, or something is wrong off the court.  He does not look like himself out there. 4 more turnovers and 5-12 shooting… and he just looks as bad as I've ever seen him.  Something is just not right. 

Green arrowRay Allen:  An efficient night scoring 15 points on 10 shots, including 2 of 4 from 3 (though one was a lucky bank shot to beat the shot clock)… but Ray also had a couple of drives that were nice to see. 

Green arrowKevin Garnett:  Great night out of KG. 25 and 10 on the back end of a back-to-back.  I know it's sort of KG day around here today, but he deserves it.  Even almost 36, he can still take advantage of mismatches when they happen.

Green arrowBrandon Bass:  Nice night for the guy who might be our new starting power forward.  16 points and 7 assists with five shots coming at the rim?  I'll take it every day.  


Sideways_double_arrowAvery Bradley:  Bradley was solid, but one moment should tell you a lot about where Avery is as a point guard.  KG had to call some of the plays when Avery was handling the ball.  It shows KG's intelligence, and it shows Bradley has work to do.  His defense though, was typically excellent. 

Green arrowKeyon Dooling:  Welll what do you know… Keyon did something.  He hit a huge 3 to end the half and whittle the Bucks lead down to 5… and he pulled a wrap-around dunk out of nowhere.  I'm still shocked at that. 

Green arrowMickael Pietrus:  His stat line doesn't show much, but I'm going to give him the uptick because he wasn't just a spot up shooter last night.  He actually did a few things closer to the basket.  He needs to get more of that going.  Stop worrying about the knee.

Green arrowChris Wilcox:  Ahhh… Chris.  The 6 offensive boards?  A thing of beauty.  13 overall rebounds?  Sublime.  Now… can you please… PLEASE… keep this up?  Maybe 6 offensive boards is too much to ask… but at least a few a game will be a huge help.

Sideways_double_arrowJaJuan Johnson, Marquis Daniels, Sasha Pavlovic, Greg Stiemsma:  JJ was getting some run, but unfortunately, it came in the midst of a 13-0 Bucks run… so out he came and in came KG to ice the game. 


Green arrowDoc Rivers:  I like that he's changing up the way he subs guys.  Pierce and Rondo are coming out earlier than usual.  It's an effort to combat the 2nd quarter doldrums that the C's are having.  And while it didn't exactly help last night, I think it could down the road.  And I welcome the tweak in the starting line up…. IF… you stick to your word and keep Jermaine on the bench when he comes back.


Green arrowI knew the inevitable 4th quarter slide was coming… I just didn't think it would have happened that late.  But like I tweeted the other night, I'm now treating the Celtics as if they have been diagnosed with a terminal disease.  I'm going to just enjoy whatever good times we have left, knowing that this will all be over soon.  And in the back of my head, I'll just hope more than anything that maybe, just maybe, they'll miraculously beat the odds.  

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  • Nice to see Bass getting in the paint again, before he got hurt I thought he was falling in love with the jumper. I always’s liked Leon Powe cause he got to the line and hit his free-throws. This team has enough jump-shooters and it’s nice to have a guy that doesn’t mind working in the paint.

  • kyle

    Peirce has been doing bad lately but he ahd a pretty good game, he started out 3 for 3 then missed a couple of threes and missed 2 layups and put back after layups where there could of been fouls called and they rolled right off the rim. He pretty much made all his mid range shots plus he had 6 rebs and 5 assist.

  • Pierce has really been the only one this season that has not found his touch. it looks like hes losing the lift on his legs. maybe he injured or maybe hes just getting old.

  • An overall good game from Rondo BUT he is still a liability ending games or even quarters for that matter. He holds on to the ball too long, fails to make himself a threat and is a liability at the FT line. I’m not a “Rondo Hater”. I really want him to fulfill his potential and help the team more. He has been dreadful at the end of the last 2 games. Perhaps PP or KG needs to come up and set a pick for him earlier. Perhaps he could pass the ball early and get it back so he could at least stand there and survey the situation while preserving the option of dribbling and keeping the ‘triple threat’ so to speak. Install some sort of motion offense. Develop a decent set shot from 3pt range like Magic Johnson did.

  • kyle

    what are you talking about, when rondo was injured pierce was almsot averaging a trible double and led them to a five game winning steak. He is cold right now but he was hot for a couple of weeks and he even won palyer of week somewhere in there

  • SC

    He does have a tendency to gamble late in games which is dangerous. He goes for that ‘home run’ pass instead of running a successful set.
    Personally, I like seeing the captain PP handle the ball from about 4-5 mins left in the 4th. That way Rondo can do what he likes to do and float around the floor and use his court vision to disrupt the defense. And if we struggle to get an open shot, at least one of our best shooters and creators will have the ball in his hands to find his own shot.

  • hes seems inconsistent is what i should have said.

  • mev

    I agree he hurts us at times late in games. I think Doc needs to go back to what he did in 2008 – at the end of quarters, and especially games, sub in a shooter instead of Rondo, and rely on ball movement and executing playes with the floor spread out. Pietrus Ray PP KG and Bass or (on a good day) Dooling, Ray, PP KG and Bass would give us 5 shooters who can pass the ball and handle it pretty well. IMO that is a better line up vs a good half-court defense like Miami or LA than having Rondo closing out games.