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Your Morning Dump… Kevin Garnett is the anchor

Every morning, we compile the links of the day and dump them here… highlighting the big storyline. Because there's nothing quite as satisfying as a good morning dump.

“Kevin was great,’’ Rivers said. “I was worried, I thought we may have gone a little too hard [Monday]. But he was the anchor. I was upset the play before the last play, he should have been on the post and he was somewhere else – I wanted him to get the ball. But he’s just been so solid for us. We’ve got to go to Kevin when we have the advantage, all the time.’’

“We probably could have opened up the game if we took care of the ball,’’ Garnett said. “[It] wasn’t a good showing.

“Momentum is important for us right now. We’ve got to find a way to get it done. We’re playing every other day and this is going to be a grind right here, a true grind, physically. We’ve got to be into it and just be ready to hoop, man.’’

Globe – Celtics regain control

KG is passing the eye test and statistical test. Look at his numbers for February: 16.8 ppg, 9.3 rpg and 56% FG. His points and rebounds are +2 and the shooting percentage is +9 from January.

Now if we could just freeze Garnett's production at this level and lock it down for the rest of the season, maybe his teammates could catch up. Paul Pierce and Ray Allen's numbers are down (downright ugly) for February.

If Doc Rivers could only get his guys running on a high level at the same time, I know the Celtics could make a surge.

Go ahead and scream at me and my optimism in the comments section. 

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On Page 2, an obscure website says Lamar Odom wants to play in Boston.

Odom is having his worst statistical season of his career after winning Sixth Man of the Year with Los Angeles in 2010-11, shooting just 35 percent from the field, 57 percent from the free throw line, while averaging 7.7 points per game.

As a result, Odom may now be searching for his second home in less than a year.

After speaking with a league executive Tuesday night, Hoops Authority has learned that Odom is seeking a buyout from the Mavericks, with his focus set on taking his talents to the Boston Celtics or New Jersey Nets.

Mavericks owner Mark Cuban has vehemently denied a previous report by documenting Odom's request, but we have confirmed that such a request has been made.

Hoops Authority

Raise your hand if you've heard of Hoops Authority? 

We can play along with this report and ponder where Odom would fit in Boston. With KG at center and Brandon Bass at power forward, Odom could be the first big off the bench. There are also some minutes playing behind Paul Pierce at small forward. The way Pierce has been struggling, some competition might do him good.

This is silly. Mr. Kardashian is not coming to Boston. 

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  • Now that’s something I never thought possible … Odom & Pau become Celtics.

  • Alex

    Very much doubt Odom is coming to Boston…
    And yep, Kevin Garnett has definitely been the anchor for this Boston Celtics team. So far, I would say the only one who puts the most effort on the court every single game. Pierce has been playing lazily (the turnovers he was causing last night was just so… painful… oh gawd). Don’t get me started on Rondo. 0 points while Irving is defending you. Rondo, pull that thumb out of your ass, please. Oh, and don’t give me the whole “But Rondo was using most of his energy on defense” because I’ll just laugh at that. Ray Ray is struggling a bit at times but he still contributes in games when he can. At least he puts the effort. 22 points last night really helped.
    All I know… winning by only 3 points against a Cleveland Cavalier team without Varejao is quite sad. Especially with the C’s up by 16 at one point. Imagine this game was close all the way through (and the C’s weren’t shooting 60% in the first quarter which was a bit of a surprise)… you could have very well seen the C’s lose by 10+ points.
    The Celtics had a long break but I can’t say that I’m totally convinced with this team yet.
    Are the C’s a playoff team if they get it together? Sure.
    Are the C’s a contender team? FAR from it. Especially if Pierce doesn’t wake up from his long slumber and the Celtics rely on jump shooting as their main offense.

  • paul

    Garnett has to realize that you can’t always blame the guy with the ball. Let’s cut Paul and Rondo a little slack here. Yes, they made a lot of mistakes, no doubt about that, but where were the guys for them to pass to? It’s not all up to the ball handler.

  • Alex

    Lol, don’t get your hopes up.
    I highly doubt one of those players or even both of them will be wearing the Celtics green any time soon.

  • Alex

    Pierce has looked unmotivated and slow for the past 6 games now. If this was his second bad game in a row, then I’d cut Pierce some slack for being in a slump… but everyone has had rest during the All-Star event and there is just no excuse for Pierce.
    I’m really starting to think that Pierce is injured. There was moments like this where he plays like crap for a good chunk of games and Doc finally admitted to us that he’s been playing hurt.
    I won’t say Pierce was DEAD awful last night. He had his clutch moments, especially that long three pointer. But I can’t excuse him for the HORRIBLE turnovers he was making, especially during crucial moments of the game. Did you know Pierce had more turnovers than Rondo? Now that’s BAD.
    Like I said before, don’t get me started on Rondo. Let me just paraphrase.
    Rondo really stunk it up in the second quarter by making the stupidest passes I’ve ever seen and causing turnovers left to right. I was honestly thinking he was doing it on purpose to help the Cavaliers get back into the game. Could someone just highlight the horrible turnovers Rondo was making on the second quarter? It definitely shifted the momentum entirely to the Cavaliers.
    Pierce and Rondo had one hell of a lousy game and almost cost the C’s a win last night. Everyone else contributed, especially KG and Ray Ray. I am glad to see Bass back. I’m starting to prefer watching Bass shoot the rock than Paul Pierce.

  • If Dallas has any hopes of repeating they need a focused Odom, but he has shown no signs of snapping out of his funk. Maybe a trip back to the east coast snaps him back to reality … no pun intended. All Cuban really cares about is cap space and he couldn't do any worse with Jermaine's expiring contract + future considerations.
    That would free up Bass or Wilcox, which might hit a sweet spot with the Lakers. I think either would be expendable with a front line rotation of Pau/KG/Odom. I'd like to keep Bass now and beyond this year, but it's hard to imagine he won't be opting out. So with Odom in the picture, if takes Bass to get Pau here I would do it.
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  • Alex


  • Jerry Sondler

    Time to get a grip on reality…and focus on the top prospects in the 2012 draft lottery.
    That is where the Celtics are headed…No question about it!

  • Danno

    Jerry, you do realize that even if they lost every single game for the rest of the season, they would just barely mke the bottom 10 for the lottery, right?
    Are you sure you know how the lottery system works?

  • Danno

    Also – I’ve seen the Odom report on more than just that “obscure” website. It’s really not that obscure, at least, not any more obscure than say, the million other team-specific basketball blogs out there. like for instance, this one. LOL.
    When I read Odom was looking for a Buyout, I IMMEDIATELY thought one of his targets would be Boston. Partly for revenge at he Lakers for the botched first trade then the subsequent trade to a team where he gets no minutes, but also because Danny loves to go Flea Market Shopping near the trading deadline.

  • Jerry Sondler

    Once they`re in the lottery, the ping-pong balls take over. After the disasters of 1997 & 2007…they are due to get lucky.
    This much is for certain…this team will NOT make the playoffs.

  • Keyon Dooling sucks just thought I’d throw that out there.

  • Danno

    No, Once they are in the lottery, they still have to be close to the bottom to get a better chance at a top pick. The worse you are, the more balls you get in the spindle. Something they cannot do right now, even if they intentionally tank the rest of the season.
    Also – “they will not make the playoffs that is FOR SURE” LOL Wut?

  • Scott


  • you would think bradley’s earned those minutes

  • Danno

    Doc can’t say no to the Vets. even the ones who suck ass.

  • Jerry Sondler

    Yes, I know how the lottery works….the worst teams get the most balls.
    I am saying the Celtics will be amongst the worst teams by the end of the season…and they`re not far from it now!
    You think all those old legs will become energized as the season progresses? You think they`ve suffered their final injury this season? You think they`ll kick ass when they play 18 of 24 on the road starting Martch 11? You think they`ll do well when they play 11 games in 14 nights starting April 4th?

  • he fucked up jeff greens progress

  • AB can play D but his O is on a milk Carton even Randy Brown shot 41%

  • Donald Lee

    As it stands now, Boston is in a bad place to be in. If they make the playoffs, they’ll be a first round exit. It may effect the draft order that they’re in. If they aren’t in the playoffs, and are lucky to get into the lottery, their selection wouldn’t be to good.
    Best thing to do? Blow up part of the team by trading Ronda and JO for Pau, get Mr. Candyman Odom, or blow up the entire team by letting Paul walk, or trading him also. If possible revisit the trade with Josh Smith. Unload Ray, and a few others for a few good 1st rounders. Keep KG.
    Then for the rest of the season see if there is any chance that the C’s will be able to go deep into the playoffs and contend for banner 18,if not they could tank the rest of the season to position themselfs for a good draft in 2012. With these draft picks, the trades and KG’s expiring contract we could have a hell of a season next year.

  • chachee

    to be under .500 after the all star break, is not encouraging. at this point, other than trading rondo, the only way the c’s have a shot at a really good, young, all-star caliber player, is if they draft one. there’s no doubt that the C’s will spend money this offseason, with the expiring contracts of KG and Ray. I just hope they don’t panic and overpay someone like OJ Mayo or Eric Gordon. Both guards are restricted but it won’t surprise me if danny threw lots of $$ to lure one of them to boston. neither of them deserve max contracts but i have a feeling that some desperate team will give it to them.

  • KG was great….since Kareem Abdul Varajeo wasn’t playing.

  • Jerry Sondler

    I really don`t see Ainge “throwing the bank” at anyone other than Howard.
    He won`t panic and spend wildly on guys like Mayo or Gordon. These guys are not “game changers”.
    I do believe he has given up on this season, and is focusing strictly on the future…trying to make the most of the two first round picks they`ll have, etc.