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Semantics! Double speak! Hooray for uninformed rumor mongering!

This is the crap that makes my eyes bleed.

Appearing on the Dan Patrick Show Sam Smith, writer for, was asked who was more likely to be dealt, Steve Nash or Rajon Rondo. 

“I think Ainge is pretty close to wanting to pull the trigger,” said Smith. 

I think he's pretty close to wanting to pull the trigger.

So… he doesn't want to pull the trigger, then.  Right?  He's not close to actually pulling the trigger.  He's close to WANTING to pull the trigger. 

Hey, I'm close to wanting to murder people who say stuff like this, but I don't actually WANT to murder anyone.  But I'm close to wanting to.  I'm also close to wanting to drop everything in my life and try to convince Stacy Keibler that I'm her true soul mate.  But I don't actually WANT to drop everything in my life to do that… that'd be silly.  But man am I close.  Did you see her at the Oscars?

Sam Smith… who, when he got some Hall of Fame award over the weekend, inspired a series of "for what, making up trades?" jokes on Twitter… is pulling stuff out of his ass.  He writes for the Bulls official website.  What inside knowledge does he have about what Danny Ainge is thinking.  The Bulls sure as hell aren't pursuing Rondo.  

But… he was on the Dan Patrick show and now it's splattered all over the place and people are reading it Danny on the verge of doing something.  

I don't know what Danny is on the verge of doing or on the verge of wanting to do.  But I know that Sam Smith doesn't have a damn idea either.  I do know that if he told Dan Patrick "you know what Dan, I just don't have any damn idea" that it would be one of the last times he's on the Dan Patrick show.  

So he's got to say something.  And that's what he said.  It was a bullshit way of saying "I just don't have any damn idea" in a way that would get him back on the show.  So let's please not confuse ones desire to stay relevant with an actual rumor when you come across this in your other internet travels. K? 

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  • Danno

    I think Danny wants to do it.
    I think for the team’s sake, he knows he HAS to do it.
    But he’s completely gun shy after the Perkins for Reggie Lewis jr. trade blew up in his face, and he’s waiting for someone to bail him out with a no-brainer offer for Rondo instead of another crapshoot.

  • Lee in Oregon

    Danno I usually appreciate your posts but that’s not funny.
    Dan Patrick and Sam Smith are just trying to fill 3 hours of bad radio.

  • Danno

    I wasn’t trying to be funny. I’m not trying to wish ill towards Jeff Green, but let’s face it – the kid probably won’t be the same ever again, and even if he does play, it likely won’t be in Celtics Green.
    and even before his *ahem* condition showed up on his physical, he wasn’t exactly playing up to his end of the bargain.
    I hope he gets all the treatment and rehab he needs.

  • Quest

    Adding to the trade rumours Adrian Woj is saying the C’s are actively in talks to trade Paul and Rondo but is predicting it will be Paul Pierce who gets traded by the 15th.
    Man I hope whatever Danny does he does it soon these rumours are killing me.

  • Also – ESPN just said that Ainge is “ACTIVELY and AGGRESSIVLY” attempting to trade Rondo, and that a Deal with GSW for Stephan Curry was in the works, but has since cooled off.

  • Picture Planet

    I cant believe you would compare Jeff Green to Reggie Lewis, its just unfair to lower Lewis’ impact to the level of the Green Dragon.