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Recap: A vintage nothing-comes-easy win for the C’s


Blow-outs are boring. Who needs 'em?

As we (and our Twitter followers) were applauding the stat lines of Rajon Rondo (15 points, 11 rebounds, 10 assists) and Chris Wilcox (13 rebounds, 2 steals) from the comfort of a 15-point lead with 2:27 remaining in this game, the Bucks slapped us back to reality with a 13-0 run. Suddenly, a game that appeared locked-up required four Kevin Garnett free throws to ensure victory. Such is life as a Celtics fan.

Let's stay positive. Rondo played a fabulous game. He was aggressive on offense, attacking the basket without dominating the basketball. Rondo has three of the 8 9 triple-doubles in the league this season.

Garnett was equally as fabulous – 25 points, 10 rebounds, 3 assists, 2 blocks and 2 steals in 31 minutes. He must be on a cocktail of Geritol and Centrum Silver.

The Celtics' 18 offensive rebounds is the highest of the Big 3 era. Wilcox (6) and Brandon Bass (4) combined for 10.

As I predicted in the preview, Ersan Ilyasova (25 points, 10 rebounds) was a thorn. Drew Gooden (23 points, 8 rebounds) killed the Celtics in the 1st half, but fell off in the 2nd half. Aside from the two three-point bombs that spurred the Bucks' late rally, Brandon Jennings was awful.

It's a bit early to be watching the standings, but the 76ers (92-88 loss to OKC) are just 3 games ahead of Boston and NY in the Atlantic Division.

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  • Alex

    Great game for Rondo.
    Paul Pierce is lookin’ pretty bad lately… He started off well but then he just went back to being disinterested. Argh.
    Kevin Garnett keeps showing consistency and I love him for it!
    I will admit that I slapped my forehead at the god awful pass Rondo attempted during the 13-0 run which resulted in a turnover and Tommy Heinsoln shared the same feelings as me when Rondo was holding onto the ball rather than attacking during the last few minutes. Other than that, Rondo had a good game.
    Pierce, where art thee?

  • Elliot

    Pierce still worrying, average game plus those turnovers came from little to no pressure. The massive positive I take from this game isnt Rondo or KG but Wilcox’s rebound and running the floor. It was fantastic imagine the amount of run we would have if Jeff Green was still playing Rondo bursting down the court, on one side Wilcox on the other Jeff Green. Maybe next season.

  • Woulda been better if they hadnt gotten sloppy at the end, but definitly an improvment over last night. Wilcox proved again he needs to be out there.
    Memo to Danny, if you do any trading with Milwaukee, go after Illyasova.

  • paul

    You know, I really don’t mind folks critiquing Rondo’s game with a microscope. He is, after all, the most important and best player on the team. But what bothers me is folks not recognizing that half of it. They rip him over every thing they can find fault with, but don’t acknowledge the reason why everything he does is magnified.

  • Alex

    As the most important and best player on the team, Rondo can’t be careless with the ball like he was during the Milwaukee 13-0 run. He made a stupid bounce pass that went straight to a Bucks player. I just didn’t know what he was trying to pull with that.
    Also, the whole “holding onto the ball” routine is no good and he has to keep attacking and move the ball. Tommy was also annoyed about it as well.
    Those were just two bad instances that annoyed me about Rondo that game. Other than those two incidents, Rondo did have a good game. You won’t hear me bitching any further. 😉

  • Just in from the game and haven’t seen complete boxscore. But the 3 things that stood-out to me: 1)Pierce is really struggling with turnovers. He looked awful at times tonight. I’m a huge Pierce fan, but tonight was hard to watch. 2)Wilcox is sooo important to this squad. His rebounding is key. C’s had 18 offensive boards tonight-that’s the most ever since KG and Ray came-on board. 3) It drives me NUTS how many easy layups/dunks other teams get. I know J.O.’s out and he’s been good on D/blocks, but man it’s frustrating..nothing every C’s fan doesn’t already know..nice win tonight. Another loss at home like the one to Detroit would’ve been unacceptable.

  • A little disappointed(but not at all surprised) you are giving the credit for this win more to Rondo than KG…second night of a back to back and the old man with the bad knees who at one point waved Wilcox back to the bench only to look completely and utterly gassed 2 mins later had 25 and 10(with 2 blocked shots)…ONE THE SECOND NIGHT OF A BACK TO BACK after having 18 and 8 last night playing center no less. Clearly KG should have been an all star..simply amazing how a guy can will himself and his team.

  • I think you ARE Rondo. Seriously.

  • James Eisenman

    I hate to be the one note guy here but, although overall, Rondo had a good performance, he still threw a lot of bad passes, including the stupid pass at the end. He also continued to play no defense at all. Luckily for us, Brandon Jennings wasn’t looking for his shot until the end because he broke free of Rondo all throughout the game. He just had no desire to shoot. Then the last minute crash comes and whose man hits two wide open 3’s and gets a 3rd wide open 3 that he misses? -good old Rondo. Apparently, Jennings is looking to get out of Milwaukee and he played as listless as Rondo’s D. Anyway, another ugly win. I shudder to think what we’re going to look like on the road for the remainder of the season against mostly better teams. Danny must rid of us of Rondo and get a real PG who can not only pass, but can hit free throws, score and play some defense. We’ll be okay as soon as he gets out of town.

  • This is not a misprint; the celts outscored their opponent 46-44 in the paint. A large part of it was due to RR’s terrific bounce back game, staying aggressive at the rim (7-11). Twelve more of those points, on 6 of 9 shooting, came from the center position. Garnett also converted 7 of 9 FTA. Translation … when he plays the 5 he becomes forced to set up more on the blocks and that bodes well for a team that relies too much on its jump shooting.
    Although their best deferential +/- line up includes JO, they’re more efficient offensively with Bass as a starter and O’Neal cannot put together back to back double digit rebounding nights ala Wilcox. Hence, losing his size to acquire Beasley will not spring a leak in the middle as previously thought. Beasley is playing well and would provide the same scoring jolt off the bench as Bass did. Not sure about Beasley long term, but his game allows Doc to play the kind of inside-out offense David West would had given them.
    The ides of March are upon us. So the Beasley acquisition may go down anytime as management is being awful quiet, nestling O’Neal away from the team. We are a better offensive team with Garnett at the 5, but the question is will the extra burden wear him down?

  • I’ve been praising KG for two weeks. What’s not surprising is your negativity towards Rondo. How dare I give him credit for a superb all around game.

  • Riddle me this, Rondo. How many games do you plan on taking off after last night’s triple double. 2? 3? 4?
    Best player on this team? Guffaw.

  • Totally agree. Someday, folks will understand that Ainge, Doc and Wyc aren’t hero-worshiping fanboys. They’re businessmen who know the pluses and minuses of their players inside and out.
    All the Rondo knob-slobbering is hysterical. You KNOW he’s going to mail in the next couple of games.

  • Danno

    It was superb all around for the first 45 minutes. The last 2 and change he was fucking awful, and almost cost us the game if it weren’t for KG fighting so hard for rebounds.
    He got that last rebound he needed for the Triple Double and IMMEDIATELY quit playing. Disgraceful. Tommy was exactly right and had every reason to bitch.

  • Danno

    Anybody else think Pierce is struggling because maybe Danny and Doc told him he’s on the trading block for real?
    It’s either that, or he’s still injured and they aren’t saying anything.

  • I was thinking the latter myself. Maybe that foot/achilles has flared-up.

  • Danno..when you’re’re right

  • James Eisenman

    It’s like the people who got their noses out of joint with the Perk trade. While I love the guy and, in retrospect, it didn’t work out due to Green’s unknown heart problem, you can’t hate Ainge for doing it. He had a guy coming out of contract, who had limited skills and turned down a long term deal. We have neither player we traded for but that is just bad luck. But Perk is averaging about 4 points and under 6 rebounds with OKC this year. We hate on Jermaine O’Neal for putting up the same numbers, yet the fanboys went crazy for the bosses puling the trigger when they assessed the situation realistically. Rondo is not a person you should build your team around. Period. They see it. I loved the finishing to the basket and rebounds last night but I can’t close my eyes to the needless chance-taking with passes and defense. The fanboys here are like the spouses of abusive husbands. They see that he’s cheating on them all the time but, when an outsider points it out, they make up excuses for him. It’s just that he’s working so much all the time! (We can’t expect Rondo to play offense AND defense in the same game!). They’re Rondopoligists.:-)

  • kyle

    Peirce has been doing bad lately but he ahd a pretty good game, he started out 3 for 3 then missed a couple of threes and missed 2 layups and put back after layups where there could of been fouls called and they rolled right off the rim. He pretty much made all his mid range shots plus he had 6 rebs and 5 assist.