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KG, Pierce, Rondo star in new #IAmACeltic ads

I'm sure there's a Ray Allen one in the pipeline somewhere, but here's a look, via the Celtics YouTube Channel, at the three new "I Am A Celtic" ads featuring Paul Pierce, Rajon Rondo and Kevin Garnett.




Not bad.  I like this campaign.  

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  • Nathan

    wow i really wanna see these guys win another title together…

  • Mike

    welp at least 1 of these is likely to become very ironic in the next 2 weeks

  • JV100

    This commercial would be much more meaningful if the C’s were playing up to their usually potential.

  • think Leon Powe

  • adrian wojnarowski is speculating paul pierce is about to be traded.. how do these idiots have jobs?

  • Lol right on greebeand I so came over here to flame Wojo too heh.
    And go RedsArmy, this awesome commercial being the top story right now is just too perfect.
    In Wojo’s defense…I think it’s not really about him being dumb. He’s just a guy that gets handed a lot of insider tips because he’ll help GMs push their agendas.
    The agenda here? Teams want Paul. Same old story. They put his name out there in the rumors to try and create a rift.
    It is weirdly like when a hot popular chick dates some hot popular dude in high school. Lots of people want to date one or the other, and so it really is an issue that people try to start all kinds of crazy shite to try and break them up.
    Wojo pushing it today probably means somebody specific wants Paul, but they also don’t want to give the C’s anything for him. Thus, they try to create some ‘relationship drama’ to maybe get the C’s to let him go for much less.
    I’m surprised people still bother in that if it didn’t work in 06-07, why would it work now?