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Broussard: Celtics aggressively shopping Rondo

ESPN's Chris Broussard has a bunch of "inside information" on several stars on the alleged trading block:

Boston is aggressively shopping Rondo, according to sources. The Celtics find Rondo's personality to be too high-maintenance and his clashes with coach Doc Rivers continue. With the Celtics having realized they are no longer title contenders, they don't believe the payoff is worth the headaches Rondo brings, sources say. And they do not want to build around him.

In December, the Celtics had discussions with Golden State about a Stephen Curry-for-Rondo deal, and one source says it was Golden State that decided against pulling the trigger. But Curry's recent ankle injuries, which have caused him several problems in his short career, have given the Celtics pause. The potential trade is still being discussed by Boston's braintrust, but they aren't sure they want to go forward with it. It also isn't clear whether the Warriors would be willing to do it. Other players would have to be thrown in to make it work financially.

This deal does not work 1-for-1. Rondo makes about $7 million more annually than Curry.

The Warriors would have to throw in another body (Dorell Wright, Andris Biedrins) to make the numbers work. 

Curry does nothing for me. Am I missing something?

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  • putjinthehall

    well for one he can shoot. The keys were handed to rondo and it seems like he could give a shit.
    Time to move on.

  • Rondo > curry

  • But he is a character guy. I hate rumors tho. I just want some resolution.

  • Lee in Oregon

    That ankle scares me, just get Monta if you’re gonna trade with GS. He plays good D.

  • Wels

    Curry’s ankle is a concern. His D isn’t special, but hey, it’s the Warriors. However, he’s one of the best shooters in the game, and his playmaking abilities are quite good — not Rondo levels, but much better than he is given credit for. I’d much rather have him than Ellis, assuming he’s healthy.

  • Elliot

    Monta plays terrible D he couldn’t even guard a chair. I can’t believe you just used the words ‘Monta’ and ‘Good D’ in the same sentence.

  • Lee in Oregon

    I only said good, he’s obviously not TA or Bradley. He was thought of as a decent defender in his first couple years though. There’s certainly worse defenders than Monta and on a team like the C’s he’d be asked to do things nobody in Golden State ever even thought of.

  • Tyler

    Yes! WE can then try to get Lin.

  • JK

    I can’t believe you guys don’t want stephen curry. when this kid get’s healthy, he has the potential to be great. i would be extremely happy if he’s who we got in return

  • grocha11

    Joe Forte, Milt Palacio, Tony Delk, Kenny Anderson, Marcus Banks, Mike James, Gary Payton, Orien Green, Sebastian Telfair…We wait almost 20 years for a point guard and now we are going to let him go. I don’t get it. Rondo is a walking triple double. A true point guard, with a pass first mentality. Does anyone think the C’s would have won a championship with Westbrook jacking up 20+ shots a game?

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