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Vecsey: Celtics interested in Michael Beasley

Mike_beasleyIn his column of garbage rumors, the NY Post's Peter Vecsey claims the Celtics have interest in Wolves forward Michael Beasely:

The Lakers, also in dire need of a legitimate scoring threat at small forward, have genuine interest in Michael Beasley, but it’s doubtful they’ll use the $8.9 million trade exception (from Lamar Odom being shipped to Dallas) to acquire him because of the increased luxury tax consequences stemming from the new Collective Bargaining Agreement.

Timberwolves coach Rick Adelman recently committed to boosting Derrick Williams’ minutes, making Beasley extraneous.

Minnesota is pushing hard to relocate his $6.2 million expiring contract and have the Nets and Celtics leaning.

Beasley is averaging 12 points and 5 rebounds in 25 minutes. His shooting percentages are awful: 42% FG and 65% FT.

Maybe Doc Rivers and Kevin Garnett can set this kid straight. 

As for who the Celtics would move for Beasley, Jermaine O'Neal is the obvious salary match. But I'm not sure I would do that deal.

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  • Brick James

    You wouldn’t trade J.O. for Beasley straight up? Really?
    I would imagine Sota wanting back more than our damaged goods for a young, albeit troubled, talent and expiring contract.

  • Danno

    JO for Beasley seems liek a lateral move. Wasn’t Beasley contemplating retiring at the beginning of this season because of being so injury prone?

  • Pussycat

    How abt…
    Lakers get Rondo & JO
    Wolves get Gasol
    Celtics get Pek, Beasely, & Barea or Ridnour

  • Pussycat

    If it’s not enough return, throw in Derrick Williams instead of Beasley, not sure Wolves do that tho

  • O’Neal would probably help out the Wolves alot defensively. Keyon Dooling and Chris Wilcox would also work capwise but i’m not sure if that trade would help either team really. Nice to turn our two free agent signings (especially dooling) into a young promising but troubled player. Wouldn’t mind the move though, be nice to shake some stuff up.

  • So far in his career, Beasley has shown himself to be a selfish and one-dimensional player. He can score, but he can’t do anything else and he’s a blight on offensive chemistry. Not excited to get him in the least.

  • Beasley going to the Celtics is a good idea. Beasley gives the Celtics much needed youth an he can play both forward positions. I’m sure he would certainly play better in Boston with Doc Rivers’ Guidance. I think that he could start anywhere in the league. He just needs a little patience. After all, he is only 22 years old and his game has yet to fully develop. A team would be wise to take the gamble and sign him to a long term deal.

  • Not a fan of “Beas”, but if all we lose is JO, I’d do it. There’s not too many guys I wouldn’t trade JO for.

  • By “score”, do u mean weed or buckets?

  • Dj

    Id trade for beasley as long as he signs a decent extension and the asking price isnt rediculous.

  • too bad beasley doesn’t want to be a pro. clearly he has the skills to get on the floor, but makes it all about himself. i’m not sure there’s a coach or team that fits his me-first style. save the cap space!

  • Wouldnt it be redundant going forward with Beasley and Green on the roster. Fast breaks with Rondo would be exciting but could they all play together?

  • Jerry Sondler

    Don`t even think it!
    Didn`t Ainge learn his lesson with JO? Never acquire a player Pat Riley has discarded!
    Besides, Beasley was born in Maryland…same as Len Bias, Reggie Lewis, Jeff Green.
    When Boston gets a player born in that state…disaster always strikes!

  • Cs cannot afford to let JO go without getting another body to play center.

  • Puff, Puff, Pass on this one Danny.

  • Walk

    As long as we have KG, I welcome any potential head case / locker room cancer. Beasley has great upside and half a season with some real pros could really do wonders for this kid.

  • Danno

    Hey Matt. Stop advertising your site in the comments section. that’s kinda douchey.

  • Richard

    Danno, It is kinda douchey, but give the kid props, good article Matt, keep up the good work and youve got a follower in me and its worth a read Danno, don’t judge a book by its cover

  • Pete

    Terrible idea. Hurts any team he’s on with his pronounced inefficiency, etc.

  • Heh.

  • You talking about Beasley or Rondo?
    Impossible to tell.

  • Thought about this. Beasley is Danny’s kind of player … primo talent, low value with issues that the veterans would embellish. After all the kid is only 23.
    Not sure though if Beas + Bass would be redundant, but with Bass you get less headaches, less drama, etc.
    Could be a replacement for Green or at least we retain BR for both in the off season and can deal Bass in a S/T.
    If the Gasol/RR deal fizzles, and if they’re 5-5 or worse out of the break I would consider Ray for Darko + Beasley + #1