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Your Morning Dump… Rondo, Pierce do very little in All-Star game

Every morning, we compile the links of the day and dump them here… highlighting the big storyline. Because there's nothing quite as satisfying as a good morning dump.

Not even the All-Star Game's lack of defensive intensity could shake Pierce from his season-long shooting slump. He missed seven of the eight shots he put up, connecting on a first-half 3-pointer for his only points to go along with two turnovers, two rebounds and a block over 11:07. Rondo chipped in eight assists (highlighted by a nice midcourt alley-oop feed to LeBron James) while adding two points on 1-of-3 shooting with four turnovers over 15:34. Celtics coach Doc Rivers must have successfully lobbied old friend Tom Thibodeau because Boston guys got a light run overall. 

ESPN Boston

You'd think Rajon Rondo would excel in an up tempo game that featured about 157 dunks, but (despite the 8 assists) he never found a rhythm with his teammates. To his credit, that midcourt alley-oop to LeBron was the best pass of the night. 

Paul Pierce's biggest contribution was heckling Kobe Bryant:

“I was just heckling him, that’s all, just a good friendly heckle going on between two rivals,’’ Pierce said. “I was having fun. It’s the All-Star Game. That’s all it is. Just a little heckling, trying to get him to miss the shot, he missed the shot. It gave us a chance.’’

There was a lot of choking in this game. Kobe Bryant's missed free throw. Dwyane Wade's fumbled pass. Deron Williams' bricked three-pointer. LeBron James' decision to throw a cross-court pass instead of shooting in the final seconds (You must read Adrian Wojnarowski's column on LBJ). 

At least I was entertained.

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On Page 2, unsexy roster speculation involving the Celtics and a big man.

The Boston Celtics are very much in the market for adding a big man, and may not have to go too far to find one — 90 miles, actually.

Free agency and trades are options, but the C's haven't ruled out dipping into the D-League, either.

One of the top D-League centers is Jeff Foote, who plays for the Springfield Armor.

Foote had four points and seven rebounds in the D-League all-star game this weekend, told that he's well aware that the Celtics are in the market for some help in the frontcourt. With the Armor, he's averaging 15 points, 8.5 rebounds and 1.1 blocked shots per game.



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  • NJ is reportedly signing Gerald Green.

  • paul

    Rondo had himself a damn good weekend, and you know it.

  • excuse me but, “dam”, do you all ever have anything good to say about Rondo? He was not the only player that had a quite all star game, what about the franchise MVP, westbrook was the only p.g. that went off. Luel Dang never found a rhythm in the game either, God cut this kid some slack. This was suppose to be a relaxed weekend for them, a time for them to mingle with the fans, all that good stuff. But when you look at it, i guess he is the only Celtic that people are really interested in, so i guess that why you all talk about him so much.

  • Danno

    He lost the skill competition, participated very little in the all-star game, and is once again at the center of trade rumors because of his inability to get along with his team.
    You need to take your head out of the sand, bro.

  • Danno

    Two words:
    Spell Check.

  • Alex

    I understand Paul is a Rondo fan but man, take those green-tinted glasses off and face reality once in a while.
    Rondo had an okay weekend, not a DAMN GOOD one.

  • don’t forget bosh torqued his back on the ally-oops from rondo.. advantage rondo

  • Jerry Sondler

    Rondo is a healthy, single, 26 year old guy, with many millions of dollars in the bank.
    How could he NOT have a “damn good weekend” in Las Vegas?!?

  • Rondo To KG

    I like your logic.

  • Jerry Sondler

    I hear ya!

  • Danno

    All-Star Game was in Orlando. Disney and Trailer Parks.
    Vegas is the Trailer Trash Central for the US.