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Is Ray Allen the most coveted Celtics player?

I buy this 100%. Ray Allen will fit seamlessly on any team, whether it be starting two guard or sharp-shooting 6th man.

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  • Danno

    This could work if we trade him for a legitimate Big. We could start Pietrus.

  • if I was a team I would want him please don’t trade ray he is to money

  • KY Celts fan

    Agreed. I’d hate to see him go cuz I love him so, but he’s a dead eye 3pt shooter who works great without the ball. There isn’t a team in the league that wouldn’t want that.
    A Ray Allen for Lamar Odom swap works perfectly moneywise, though we are all aware of Odom’s troubles this season, as well as him being a Class A douche.
    That’s the only one I can think of off the top of my head, and I’m too busy to look around for other trades.

  • paul

    Ainge must be in heaven. He gets to keep the Ainge Express running hot, and his own little Sword of Damocles over the heads of all the players.
    He’s a jerk. Simple as that. If he had a shred of human decency, he would do what Red did. He’d make it clear that key guys are NOT on the chopping block.
    People keep forgetting, we actually HAVE bigs on this team, and no one is going to trade us a serious Big for Ray Allen, or even Rajon Rondo. For God’s sake, we’ll have to give up a big to get a big, even IF we trade Allen or Rondo (or maybe both could go for one not so great Big). Other teams need Bigs too. AND WE HAVE BIGS. They aren’t great ones. Our size is a weakness for us. But we do have other strengths. What we need is a change to our offensive strategy, so that we can incorporate more attacking the basket, and more improvisation keying of our two best penetrators and improvisors: Paul and Rajon.
    We don’t need to stop doing what we’ve been doing so well and so successfully for so long. We just need to open it up a little. Our offense is hermetically sealed. We can change that, and we need to.
    As always, the key is that we need to make the most of what we have, and that starts with stopping the insane idea that every player should always know that he is on the chopping block at all times. I’m sorry, but in what universe is what have you done for me lately the Celtics way? Is that really what you believe in as Celitics fans?

  • Alex

    If the C’s can get a BIG man out of Ray Allen, do it. The rebounding woes are just too much of a problem and it would really help the offense if the Celtics can fix their rebounding situation.

  • paul

    Maybe you are trying way too hard to come up with trade ideas.

  • Danno

    Ok, hold up.
    Let’s ease up on the ridiculous praise here of Ray.
    He is a dead-eye 3pt. shooter. FACt. um, Sometimes. Sometimes he’s as cold as Ice. Like he’s been for the last 3 weeks or so.
    “works great without the ball.” Ah, so now running around screens is a legitimate skill? LOL.
    How about “with the ball”? Yes, with the ball, he’s goddamned awful most of the time. He makes terrible passes. He dribbles off his own foot and loses the ball out of bounds at least once a game. He gets trapped and panics, any time he doesn’t have an open shot on the perimeter.
    His shooting percentages tend to be high because he has great games where he goes 9-10 from 3 against lackluster opponents in 30+ point blowouts. but more often than not in close game, playoff, important games, he goes cold and starts fouling up a storm.
    Lately he’s been missing multiple bunnies at the rim, each game.
    If you can get something worthwhile for him. (Like sending him and JO to LA for Gasol) you do it. period.

  • Ian

    Wow, your talking like Ray isn’t any good… Not many players can run screens like him let alone keep up with him. He needs a little more credit for what he does.

  • Danno

    I will give him credit for what he did… a few years ago. But Father Time seems to have caught up with Ray this season. I know shooters are streaky and go through slumps, but it’s been a while since he looked “good”.

  • Jerry Sondler

    Love Ray`s dedication to his craft…hate his birth certificate.
    At his age, cannot imagine any team offering much in return for him.

  • who is this Sean Deveney>

  • James Eisenman

    This is stupid. The Celtics are not going to get a legitimate young player for Ray. I love him and I’m sure other teams do but he is too old to draw someone of consequence who is ten years younger. Plus, yes he has been off lately, but he will come back. He was great at the beginning of the season and he’s had bad streaks throughout his time here. He always seems to come back. He doesn’t dribble all that well but not as badly as stated here. Yes, running around screens is a legitimate skill. My God, Havlicek was proud to do it. So was Reggie Miller and Jamal Wilkes. You want a guy who moves without the ball. They don’t need to pound the ball through the floor to get an open shot. Anyway, I don’t expect the Ray for Gasol trade anytime soon.

  • Writes for the Sporting News.

  • No surprise here. Most contending teams would love to snare him away, but I don’t think Danny would bite unless it’s for a larger expiring deal and a #1. IMHO, he’s worth a late first rounder, but not a mid first round pick. I doubt teams like Dallas, Indy, Memphis and Clips would offer enough for Danny to pull the trigger. Could definitely see the Clips offering Foye, Gomes, and a protected #1, but I don’t want Gomes’ contract. Also beleive it shows more about Rondo’s value than Ray’s. At least there are calls for Ray, but no one outside of LA is calling for Rondo. Another reason it makes sense to pursue that RR/Gasol option if it doesn’t include Bass.

  • Yes, he’s not looking as sharp lately because no one is able to set him up with open shots. You put him on a team like the Bulls or Clips where he gets open off dribble penetration it’s a game changer. My guess is Ray’s ties to community outreach in Boston goes a long way to him staying put and perhaps signing a two year deal in the off season.

  • Danno

    If for no Other reason, I do not want Odom in Boston because I don’t want to see his Bigfoot wife in the Garden.

  • Ryan Sev

    nobody is calling for rondo cause they know they would have to give up way more

  • Kyle

    Rondo for Gasol. Then Ray Allen for Jeremy Lin. I would make that trade.

  • Danno

    Attn: Everyone who keeps saying “Trade so & so for JEREMY LIN!!!”
    Stop it. Go back to watching Jersey Shore and American Idol and leave sports alone.
    Lin isn’t that good. He had 3 good games. also – the Knicks have ABSOLUTELY NO reason or desire to trade him to anyone, let alone a divisional opponent who may well be competing with them for the 8th and final playoff spot.

  • Alex

    Ray Allen for Jeremy Lin…
    Man, I’m starting to think these Jeremy Lin fans are absolutely clueless.

  • Aside from this statement being absolutely ridiculous and impossible from a CBA standpoint, why on earth would the Knicks trade for Ray. They have a pretty solid number of talented-to-elite shooters and the only reason they found Lin was so good was because they were so low on point guards that they started a nobody.
    Use your head.

  • Allen would be desirable for a contender, namely LA, OKC, or CHI to name 3 teams in dire need of shooting. CHI is in a tough spot because they already went with Hamilton because he’s hurt. LA doesn’t have anything besides a trade exception to give. OKC would be intriguing…maybe for Eric Maynor (I know he’s hurt)? Then flip Rondo elsewhere.

  • Chris

    That’s rude. Your immature and biased comments are very amusing. I do not want Odom in Boston either…or any other Laker….ahem Gasol (although you on the other hand seem so in love with the idea of getting him, even if it means trading our great point guard)…but there’s no reason to make that comment.

  • Elliot

    don’t trade Jesus, that’s all I’m gonna say.