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5 reasons why the Celtics should/shouldn’t trade Rondo for Gasol


Celtics nation is buzzing about the rumored Rajon Rondo (and Jermaine O'Neal) for Pau Gasol trade.

In an effort to bring clarity and reason to this debate, John and I have decided to lay out a case for each side. 

Here are my 5 reasons why the Celtics should make the deal*:

1. Offensive talent

Pau Gasol is the best offensive big man in the game. According to ESPN's John Hollinger, Gasol is "a highly skilled post scorer with excellent dexterity and 18-foot range. He's a smart player, sees floor well and can make jump hook with either hand." He might be more effective if he wasn't playing alongside the Black Hole, I mean, Black Mamba.

2. Solid rebounder

Gasol has a career 9.2 rpg average. He's routinely in the top ten. If you haven't noticed, the Celtics are a terrible rebounding team. He's also a good shot blocker.

3. He's young enough and durable

Gasol will be 32 in July. Kevin Garnett was the same age when he was traded to Boston. Gasol has played in 80+ games two of the last three seasons. He has yet to miss a game this season. He's averaged 37 minutes per game the last 4 seasons. I think that qualifies as durable. And as he ages, there's plenty of room to reduce his minutes.

4. Big men are harder to find

How many elite point guards are in the game? CP3, D-Will, Rose, Nash, Westbrook, Parker, Wall, and Rondo make 8. And you have Kyrie Irving and Ricky Rubio on the cusp of stardom. There are maybe half as many elite bigs (Dwight Howard, Pau and Marc Gasol, Andrew Bynum and Noah). What's the old saying – "you can't teach height?"

5. He's tougher than you think

Yes, I saw the 2008 NBA Finals. The Celtics mopped the floor with Gasol. But that was the old Pau. He was a beast in 2009 and 2010. 

Here are John's 5 reasons why the Celtics should not make the deal:

1:  It's a point guard league

Just look at the New York Knicks for all the evidence you need to not do this deal.  With Carmelo Anthony, Amar'e Stoudemire and Tyson Chandler, they were floundering.  It wasn't until they got a point guard to run the team did the Knicks start making any noise at all.  

Avery Bradley cannot run this team.  He's very good defensively, but the books out on him.  He'll get pressured full court right away and you'll watch the turnovers pile up. 

2: Realize what you have. 

If you asked most people "how willing would you be to give up a 26 year-old, two-time All Star point guard?"… I'm sure most people would look at you cock-eyed wondering what the rest of the trick question is.  

He is flawed, no doubt. But people are letting their frustrations with the team as a whole get the best of them.  We're seeing the mob mentality in full effect.  Fans are grabbing their torches and pitchforks and they want to scapegoat someone, and Rondo is a popular target.  But it's a bit mis-guided.  Yes, he gambles too much on D, but he also can lock people down.  His jumper is improving, despite what you want to believe.  

He's 26.  He hasn't peaked.  He's only just getting started.

3:  Aren't we trying to get younger?

Gasol might be 32, but he's played a ton of international ball and he's played 77 playoff games in the past four years.  Yes, he's durable right now, but he's essentially played five full NBA seasons over the past four years.  He's also played in the 2006 FIBA World Championships, 2007 Eurobasket, 2008 Olympics, and the 2009 & 20011 Eurobasket.  Five tournaments at about nine games per tournament… and that's another half of an NBA season just during those offseasons.  

He's been alive 32 years, but his body is older than that.  You can only put so much stress on a body before it breaks.

4:  Remember the whole "Gasoft" thing?

All we've heard this year is how Gasol's mind has been elsewhere becasue of the trade rumors.  I don't get how people can get on Rondo for his attitude but then be willing to take on Gasol, who has repeatedly been in reports about how extraneous BS gets into his mind.  I know how talented he is, but he's also going to be playing along side three other guys who demand the ball too.  Is he REALLY going to be happy with 8 or 9 shots a game while everyone else gets theirs?  I don't think so.

5:  You want to help the Lakers?  Really??

Finally… I don't know how any self-respecting Celtics fan would make a frustration trade like this and give the Lakers a point guard they so desperately need… and maybe even pave the way for them to get Dwight Howard.  Because that's what we want to see…. Boston with Tony Allen-light trying run the point while Rondo is tossing alley oops to Dwight and feeding Kobe for 30 a night.  I'm sure when we're knee deep in rebuilding, we'll be glad to know we played a huge part in letting the Lakers reload, rather than join us in the pit of despair for a couple of years.

*I don't actually want them to do the deal, but this is my best shot at objective reasoning to represent that side

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  • via twitter the lakers want both Rondo and Ray. Danny would gift them a ring

  • The trade doesn’t help either team. LA immediately strips themselves of their greatest strength (skilled size) and inserts a fast break PG on a team that is even slower than Boston and who have even fewer shooters.
    Boston gets the rebounding/low post scoring they desperately need, but are now forced to play either Gasol or KG at the 5 and turn the offense over to Bradley, which actually means “Pierce and Allen will bring the ball up”. They don’t get younger, either.
    If Rondo is traded, it has to be for someone as young or younger or for a draft pick in this deep draft coming up. Jrue Holliday and Elton Brand’s contract? Eric Maynor? Monta Ellis?

  • Danno

    Only way we send Rondo AND Ray is if We’re getting Gasol and Bynum.

  • Danno

    You never EVER trade proven assets, no matter how bad their attitude may be, for draft picks in a lottery system league. Draft picks are nearly useless as trading chips in the NBA except to teams that are absolutely desperate.

  • Alex

    Rondo for Gasol is NOT a good idea. It would help the Lakers’ future, especially convincing Dwight Howard to join them. Pau Gasol will help for 2-3 years at max…

  • Chris57

    Rondo is a 3* time all star not 2 time…and how about this for a reason to keep him…he leads the league in triple doubles…there arent many PGs who can grab 10 boards on any given night. He is a unique talent.

  • It’s hardly surprising that amidst all the Rondolove on this board and CelticsBlog, where the moderators will commit Hari Kari if their beloved petulant little pouter gets dealt, the bigger picture gets missed.
    Y’all don’t think Doc isn’t thinking about a certain combo guard that he has a pretty solid scouting report on as a possible replacement for The Immature One?
    Get bigger. Get a better character person who won’t check out of an entire half-season when his worthless center buddy gets traded. Get a better character person who’ll play hard EVERY night, not one out of every three. Get a better shooter. Get someone who’ll actually try to maintain position between his man and the basket.
    Get it through your heads: The league doesn’t worship Rondo. You do. This is tremendous value for a player the Celtics CANNOT build around post-Big 3.

  • Danno

    He also leads the league in Games LOST when he puts up a triple double.

  • Danno

    This guy is making a lot of sense. ^^^

  • The league doesn’t worship Rondo… They only keep including him in their promotional campaigns

  • And you can’t possibly plan on getting Austin. The draft is a gigantic crap shoot… You can’t plan on getting a particular player

  • Dj

    Bwilsoneagle… how EXACTLY can you ensure that the celtics will be in position to draft austin rivers in this draft? As it currently sits, the celtics will be drafting between 13 and 18 amd rivers is expected to go top 10. The celtics have NO trading chips once the draft comed around if we trade rondo. You all about trading a top 5 PG for a chan e that rivers slips? Stupid. Just plain stupid.

  • Dj

    Agreed reds army, whole heartedly agree. The draft is a joke with the lottery system amd with austin projected top 10, how the hell do tje celtics move up 8-10 spots to get him? And what does that say about ainge if he trades a proven playet for the coachs son? Favoritism? Players playing for their father in the NBA has never worked out well.

  • TheDubz33

    B Wilson- Shut up. We are all Celtics fans but we are all reasonable. The player you are asking to trade for in your description is a Ray Allen/Michael Jordan/Kevin Mchale hybrid. That does not exist. Get it through your head. You don’t know shit.

  • Danno

    You can if he doesn’t declare for the draft. Celtics can sign any undrafted rookie free agent they want.
    I personally think that would be awesome. “No thanks, I don’t want to be drafted by NJ and wallow in misery for 1o years, I’m just going to go play for my dad.”

  • paul

    This whole situation has nothing to do with reason. It has to do with the most of the Celtics media and fandom CHOOSING to hate the best player on the team, a guy who – whatever his faults – has been loyal and dedicated, a guy whose game has grown every year, a guy with unmeasured upside.
    But most of you fans would rather hate this guy than do anything else. Why? Well I think it’s because you are addicted to the cruelty of harassing anyone who happens to march to a different drummer. I think it is because you are devotees of the religion of conformity.
    There’s nothing rational about this endless anti-Rondo auto-da-fe. It’s sickening and disgusting and wrong.

  • Danno

    RONDO IS NOT a 10 5 Point Guard.
    Stop the nonsense people.

  • It’s fair to say if the deal, which would include JO (not Bass), goes down the Lakers get a younger player with more long term value, but we get the perfect player who addresses the lack of rebounding and post up scoring. Rather than approach this from an emotional perspective we should consider …
    a- Gasol’s contract
    b- Rondo’s production
    c- does Gasol make us a contender right now and beyond?
    Taking it backwards Pau and Garnett would be the best front line passing duo in the league. Pau’s in and out game comports with Doc’s ball movement, and no defense will able to double a Gasol/Garnett/PP/Ray/Bass or Pietrus line up in crunch time.
    Rondo can single handley win a game for us, but he has a habit of disappearing in the 4th quarter as defenses play off him, daring him to shoot. His shaky free throw shooting limits his dribble penetration in the half court and too many times it’s dribble, dribble, dribble for 10 seconds resulting in a low percentage shot for himself or his teammates. But there’s no question Danny would need to have something in the works because Bradley is not the equal of what Rondo was in 07′-08′. So if we’re to make a run this year with Pau, we need another competent PG without moving key personel or a #1, which I don’t see on the horizon.
    Gasol’s contract is good for the future because it expires at the same time Pierce’s does. The age factor is a fallacy for two reasons … he’s never had a history of injuries and many players at 34 are still playing at an all-star level (Kobe, PP, Dirk … to name a few). Keep in mind Gasol was worth Scola, Martin, Dragic and a #1 pick. That cements his value as RR would never be able to return that kind of talent.
    Because the league is PG heavy there may not be a better time to move him especially if it returns the best skilled big man in the league.
    Finally, let’s take a look at the future.
    Next year Danny could renounce every FA and go after Howard or Williams, which is a long shot. Or he could renounce and amnesty PP and go after both … highly unlikely. Or he could bring everyone back and use the MLE …
    Pierce/ Green
    2 #1’s
    Let’s say Nash wants to chase a ring or perhaps Miller, Felton or Billups. Doesn’t that line up with one or perhaps two of those players have a more legit shot to win a championship than what we’re likely to have over a 3-5 year period of rebuilding around Rondo?
    We can also make the trade and decide over the summer we want to go in a younger direction by trading Pau to Minn for Williams/Pekovic or to some other team with excellent young talent. Gasol will have that kind of trade value for the remainder of his contract.
    There’s more flexibility in this trade than most people think.

  • paul

    Well said, pal. You are so right. We should dump Rondo for Deron Williams, who wrecked his coach’s career, tormented one franchise and is now tormenting another. Yeah. Or maybe for Chris Paul, who demanded that the league not only feather his bed for him, but gold leaf it as well? Or for Pau Gasol, who has checked out of most of this season due to trade rumors, unlike Rondo, who was subjected to much more relentless trade rumors and who nonetheless has had on some ways his best season.
    Oh, and I love your comment about Perkins, pally. Ya think OKC will give Perkins back to us?
    Yeah. Right. Not on your life.
    Are you a bully? I think maybe so?

  • Danno

    I think it’s because he’s played lazily and selfishly this year, and the team has suffered losses because of it.
    I think it’s because he’s had 5 years as a pro to develop a jump shot and learn to shoot free throws, but still HASN’T.
    I think it’s because he throws the ball at the refs, his teammates, and coaches when he doesn’t get his way.
    I think it’s because people project this image of him being an “ALL-STAR” because he played on the 2007-2008 squad who won the Championship, DESPITE his lack of ability. Pierce, KG, Ray and James Posey had WAAAAAAAY more to do wiht that championship year than Rondo did.
    I think it’s because he’s a documented jerk, profesionally and personally.
    But mostly, I think it’s because people are tired of watching the Celts losing games because of his stubborn, selfish attitude, and barely D-league shooting skills.

  • paul

    Notice that almost all the plans for our future now rely on pipe dreams, wispy dreams of super duper stars we will supposedly draft or sign or trade for. While it’s possible such dreams may come true, we meanwhile have a potential super star in Rondo that we continue to sneer at and villify.

  • Danno

    He’s not a potential superstar.

  • paul

    Really? So you aren’t bothered by the at times lazy play of O’Neil, Allen, Pierce and even Garnett, eh? See, that’s how hate works, pal. You selectively hate your victims for faults everyone has.
    Rondo has improved every year in countless ways, and you know that. He HAS in fact worked on his jumpshot, and it is now paying off. YOU KNOW THAT TOO. But you CHOOSE to deny it in order to spew your hate.
    Yup, you are so right. Everyone on the Celtics is better than Rondo. Rondo, like Perkins, is nothing but a scrub that is along for the ride. Such a jerk. KG never does anything jerky. Nor does Pierce. Nope.
    I mean, your comments would be funny if you meant them as parody, but I see no indication that you do.
    Rondo has been a key part of the Celtics success. But yeah, he hasn’t been perfect. I’ll give ya that.

  • Don't some rookie somewhere might have thought of that already?  there's no process for avoiding a draft in signing with whichever you want.  the only way the celtics could sign him as an undrafted rookie would be for him to enter the draft and actually go drafted 

  • paul

    Yup. He is. When he’s really on, he’s a top five player.

  • paul

    I love your ‘reasoning’ there Perry. Ok, let’s take the worst case scenario with Rondo and compare it to the best case scenario with Pau. Well, gee, what a nobrainer. That kind of thinking can be used to justify literally ANY Rondo trade.

  • Danno

    I was kidding John. Of course he has to go through the draft. I was going wiht the whole “ridiculous comments” theme of the day.
    Man, sarcasm never translates well to the internet.

  • paul

    Now here is my view. Pau for Rondo is the most reasonable trade idea I’ve seen. Now consider, we will have to give up a quality big. The Lakers will not settle for O’Neil. It will have to be Bass or Wilcox, I think. That will hurt us a lot. But still, Pau could make us contenders because he more than fills the hole left by Perkins, and Bradley has shown himself to be an very effective starting pg for us, because the team will play for him, and because Pierce can function very effectively as a point foward.
    So the best overnight fix for us right now is probably a Rondo for Gasol trade. It is the most reasonable trade idea I have seen.
    But, you are still giving up one of the best talents in the league. It’s easy enough to make lists of Rondo’s shortcomings. Any genuinely reasonable person not lost in mists of hate will recognize that this can be done with virtually ANY player. Ya know, maybe not Tim Duncan and Grant Hill, ok? This can be done with virtually any human being. What we have in Rondo is a guy who has been part of our system, who has been committed to our future, and who clearly has a very high talent level. His problem is inconsistency, and this is not a problem that cannot be overcome, especially when you have a guy in Rondo who has shown a willingness to work on his game, year after year.

  • Oh thank God…
    Yea sorry… I see so many people who actually believe that it's hard to pick up on the sarcasm.

  • Dj

    No that lineup does not as proven by last year and loading up with old wasups like shaq and JO amd the rest of the old balls. You dont win championships with a bunch of 32+ year olds. You need good youth not just a few D prospects but some B+-A+ prospects like rondo. Hoping to sign a bunch of has beens is a gamble to get them here then a gamble to keep them healthy all year then a gamble to keep them fresh enough to beat a young amd energetic and overall better team like the bulls, heat and lakers if you made the rondo deal amd they sogned howard. NOT A CHANCE IN HELL IN WORKS AMD YOU LOSE YOUR FAN BASE THAT YOU KUST MANAGED TO GET BACK AFTER 20 UEARS OF INEPTITUDE.

  • Dj

    Minnesota is not giving up derrick williams for pau gasol. Thats just dumb to think.

  • Danno

    See your problem here is you’re basing all of this on unfounded man-love, and not on actual statistical data.
    Rondo has NOT improved every year in countless ways.
    He still can’t shoot. His Shooting percentage is a mere .01 percent higher than last year, which is only worse than his first year. He’s been declining consistently for 3 years.
    His attitude has gotten worse/more stubborn.
    His free throw shooting is down this year to a career low.
    His minutes are at a career high (37), but all of his offensive statistics (except points per game) are down, percentage wise, – except Turnovers. He’s at at a career high in turnovers so far this year.
    He’s taken consistent steps backwards in every measurable statistic since 2008-2009, his high water mark in most stats.

  • Danno

    No, he really isn’t. see above.

  • Yes, reluctantly I do this trade, but I am not anti Rondo. IMHO, I don't think we can play or customize an up tempo game that works for RR  and be competitive with Miami or Chicago over the next few years. 
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  • Danno

    For those of you who missed it above, Rondo isn’t a Top 5 Point Guard this year, and isn’t “getting better” every year. Actually, he has been steadily declining in every measurable offensive and defensive statistic every year since 2008-2009.
    Some of his most important stats are at career lows this year.
    2007-2008 – 1.9
    2011-2012 – 3.7 (worst, career)
    2010-2011 – 11.2
    2011-2012 – 9.5 (second lowest, career)
    Free Throw %:
    2008-2009 – .642
    2011-2102 – .615 (third lowest, career)
    Field Goal %:
    2009-2010 – .508
    2011-2012 – .482 (second lowest, career)
    2008-2009 – 5.3
    2011-2012 – 4.9
    2008-2009 – 2.3
    2011-2012 – 1.6 (worst, career)
    2008-2009 – 33.0
    2011-2012 – 37.0 (most, career)

  • Didn't know Gasol was considered a has been or on the back nine. Comparing him to Shaq, Sheed or JO is not a cogent argument and you win titles with experience. 
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  • You build championship teams with superstars in this league. 
    A Rubio/Love/Gasol trio elevates Minny to a contender in the west
    Gasol would return the kind of value i mentioned based on the trade nixed by Stern.
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  • fire bavetta

    Riiiight. I challenge you to list at least one game we lost after Rondo put up a triple dub. Look the kid has flaws we discuss ad nausem he needs to improve but the mindless bashing is getting equally old and frankly juvenile. First it was Sheed then Big Baby now Rondo is the source of all our problems. How about some more insightful analysis and realizing instead our team has had issues for some time now and all the key people including Rondo deserve their fair share of the blame

  • Danno

    the silence is deafening, fellas.

  • Pretty positive Rivers is right in our drafting range right about now, he’s slipped out of top 10 and probably even lottery at this point. Still doesn’t mean we shouldn’t take him, if he gets to us I hope Danny is smart enough to take him. I never understood the beef with Danny’s drafting record. His second round selections these past few years have been pretty fuggin awesome and he hasn’t exactly been expected to draft a superstar out of the first round these past couple of years.

  • Chris

    As far as those step backwards in Rondo’s measurable statistics – His teammates have also lost a couple of steps in one major measurable statistic. Age.
    He’s a fish out of water in the Celtic offense, and even at that he is still one of the top 4 or 5 point guards in the league.
    Rondo is NOT the problem.

  • It’s a simple choice for the Celtics. If we want to try and win one more with the core we have, getting Gasol would be great. It we want to ‘blow it up’ and start all over, keep Rondo and get some younger legs to run with him. Young point guards with skills are fairly abundant; now more than ever. Skilled big men however, are a rare commodity.

  • Chris

    Rose, Paul, Williams. Maybe Curry. Maybe Nash. You will be hard pressed to name 5 point guards better than Rondo.
    Top 5 player, however, is pushing it.

  • Graham

    Are you joking? Gasol checks out all the time. Just because a guy doesn’t bitch to the media doesn’t mean he’s mature. There are tons of different forms of immaturity and one certainly has to be the mental weakness I see from Gasol that he carries whenever times get tough. He faced a tough assignment in Dirk last year and absolutely just gave up on the team, was terrible in that series. If anything, I would think playing with Kobe would HELP Gasol. As much shit as we Celtic fans give to Kobe for being a pussy or whatever, he’s matured leaps and bounds and is one of the most mentally tough players in the league now. He takes all the big shots ALL the time, he always is controlling the ball, whether it be making the right play or the wrong play, in crunch time, which leaves Gasol to have a pretty comfy role in LA. Don’t get me wrong — the dude’s skilled. But it wasn’t like before Bynum made the All-Star leap this year Gasol was standing next to Kwame Brown in the paint, and Kobe requires so much attention I’d be disappointed if Gasol didn’t put up 15-10-5 on a nightly basis.
    My point is, Rondo can give you 10-10-4 when he’s NOT trying. Pretty sure the Lakers would be absolutely be willing to take a shot on a freshly turned 26 year old who gets close to a triple double every time he tries (which you claim is one out of every three nights) in exchange for an aging big man who has been a shell of himself ever since the trade rumors (mental toughness!).

  • fire bavetta

    I’m ready for Rondo to be traded but I hate this deal. Even putting aside Gasoft’s contract and trade kicker for a minute it would make me sick if we helped the fakers in any way. Any trade we have with them should be one that’ll make them implode. This isn’t it. Knowing how the league and the universe just loves to gift them players. A Rondo trade that seems lateral at best now. Suddenly they get Howard, a nice young SF with their trade exception, FAs flocking to play with them and they are back contending in a couple of years whilst we are stuck rebuilding. Worst case scenario I know but the bottom line is no trades with the fakers unless we are robbing them blind.

  • Chris

    Again, Rondo’s teammates have gotten older. Rondo is entering his prime, while KG/Ray/PP are entering the last few minutes.
    If your teammates can’t handle your passes, are too slow getting to their spot, don’t cut at the right angle or the right speeed, the PG gets credit for the TO. Conversely, you fail to get an assist for those same reasons as well. Assists are also down if the one receiving the pass does not make the shot or cannot finish at the rim.
    FT% is misleading. How big is the sample size?
    FG% – again, sample size. Plus, you can measure improvement in a shot by looking at the form as well. His form has improved over the years. He still needs to get much better, and this is still his achilles heel, but to label improvement solely based on FG% w/o looking at form is incorrect.
    Rebounds are a wash. A good rebounding week for him and that will go up.
    Seals are also misleading. He has an aging KG and a decrepit JO behind him. Bass is not as adept at drawing charges as Big Baby was(even though I see Bass as a huge upgrade). Add that up and I don’t think Rondo has enough confidence in his frontcourt defensively to gamble as much as he has in the past.
    Plus he has no one that can run with him if he did gamble and steal. His teammates are all old and slow. Not having Jeff Green has hurt a lot in this regard.
    Minutes – he is the best player on the team. Also the most dynamic, and even with his limitations causes the most problems, and still young, so he should get the most. His minutes will also go down as the season progresses with the strong showings of Avery Bradley, so the minutes is misguiding as well.
    One last thing: Scientifically your comparisons are way off base. You are comparing the stats of a full normal season with the stats of half of a shortened condensed season. Faulty comparisons that will lead to extremely skewed conclusions.

  • Danno

    Rose, Paul, Williams, Parker(Tony), Westbrook, Nash and Kidd are all still above Rondo.

  • fire bavetta

    It’s blatantly biased posts like this that makes it hard for us Rondo critics to be taken seriously. First the sample size from this season is not large enough for bold proclamations. Assuming it was I would he’s scoring career highs this season. His field goal percentage should decline as he takes more jumpers. His assists have not been steadily declining since 08-09. That’s a lie. They’ve increased since then in reality and dropped off this season. Steals decline I am fine with if it correlates with less gambling. Free throws as always are atrocious. To say Rondo is not improving is false. He is but the issue is that he has not improved the most in the areas he and the team need. See a more balanced approach that provides valid criticisms without resorting to hyperbole and half truths.

  • Danno

    The examples I posted were samples for this season compared to his career high watermark. In the last 3 full seasons he has steadily declined in ALL categories, with the exception of assists – thous he has declined again this year in that category as well. I didn’t put all of them for every year because this was an accurate enough example to make the point.
    The point was that our favorite Rondo Fanatic “Paul” and a few other usernames who just happened to show today up to defend Rondo’s honor through a barrage of Broken Engrish, and blantant nonsense keep yelling and screaming that “Rondo’s the best PG in the league, and getting better every year, and how dare you trade my Rondo Woobie Blanket!!!!”
    But he isn’t getting better every year. In fact, overall he’s been getting worse every year. When you combine that with his now well documented attitude problems and the obvious chemistry issues surrounding him this year – it’s a recipe for failure.

  • There’s no way that trade is going to happen. No GM in his right would trade a true 7 footer like Pau Gasol for a PG, even if it is Rajon Rondo. Common sense dictates that you never trade big for samll.

  • LOL. You’re the only guy who really makes sense on here about this topic. I couldn’t agree more with everything you’ve said except you’ve left out his F-League defense of trolling for steals instead of guarding his man. I really don’t understand why so many people just plain refuse to look at what he does right in front of their faces.

  • Danno

    I don’t either, man. Lots of people are looking for upside/future to build around. Rondo’s not it. His skills have peaked and are plateaued or declining. He’s also become a defensive liability, as you noted. People just desperately want to believe there is something good beyond the current Big 3 era. There will be. It just won’t be Rondo. Keeping him only hurts your chances of making a big splash next year.

  • Again, another person defending the indefensible. His steals are down and he’s gambling MORE. If people actually knew how to watch a game off the ball, they would see it. The camera follows the ball and most people’s attention is drawn to it. If you know what you’re looking at and you record the game, you can just reverse the tape (WHICH THEY REFUSE TO DO ON THIS SITE) and follow Rondo on the weak side, leaving his man wide open to drop to the lines of the key so that he can troll for steals. He does this more and more in the last few years. 30+ games is a pretty good sample, statistically. The real issue is not so much that he has declined in his output; it’s that he hasn’t improved in any real sense. No improvement in free throw shooting, decline in defense, slight improvement in open mid-range jumpers, decline in moving the ball with any vigor. I’m just tired of the Rondo show and would just love to get a rebounder and post-up man in place of Rondo’s most significant decline – A BAD(DER) ATTITUDE!

  • Well, common sense may not dictate what you’re saying when you have a team with another 7-footer, perhaps are signing Rasheed as a back-up and desparately need a point guard.

  • Kidd is not better than Rondo. Parker is a push.

  • Danno

    I’m a season ticket holder. I’ve become accustomed to watching the play away from the ball that you often don’t get to see at home.
    Rondo is flat out awful when not directly involved in the play. and he cheats for steals all the time. I wish they had a stat for it. He’d average -12 per game.

  • Worrying about “helping the lakers” is stupid. Do what’s best for the Celtics.

  • They could have a stat for it. LOL. It’s like trying to prove the smallest element of matter. You can’t really see it; you can only prove it by the evidence that it existed. If you want to see the damage of Rondo’s trolling, just count the number of picks he gets splattered on when the ball shifts back from the weak side to his man. If they could just amplify the sound to be like one of those bug zappers, it would sound like being in Florida on a humid summer night as the mosquitoes are being electronically eliminated by the dozens. You could also count up the number of fouls that the Celtics bigs get when picking up Rondo’s man, roaming free to the basket. 80% never would have happened if Rondo was up close enough on his man to get around most of the picks. It’s frustrating when I see this over and over and people keep calling him the “best player on the team,” the “future of the team,” an “elite defender,” etc., etc.

  • Parker is a push? LOL. Push me over that cliff any day of the week. Parker is a killer with the game on the line. Handles the ball, passes and CAN shoot the mid-range jumper. And he’s a respectable (74% free throw shooter). Wall is a push. Kyrie Irving is probably better but not enough of a track record yet, so he would be a push. Would agree about the ancient Kidd, at this point, though.


    Well, most people are debating RR+JO for Gasol. I’m not sure if I would want include Bass, but I know it’s hard for you to reason out a trade for a player that you vehemently support. Nobody has leverage in this debate because the deal is in the ballpark of fair. It’s also not like a trade of this caliber is an insult to RR and he would be going to a contender. Still, nothing about this rumor has been substantiated from credible sources and it wouldn’t surprise me if Danny stands pat and maybe tweaks the roster with another big … if available. LOL

  • Jerry Sondler

    This trade will NEVER happen for two clear reasons :
    1} Danny cannot afford to run the risk of helping to create an LA dynasty. If that were to happen, he`d have to hire a bodyguard 24/7.
    It`s practically a given that Howard will soon be a Laker. It becomes a certainty the moment Rondo is traded to the Lakers.
    Originally, LA wanted to obtain Paul & Howard. They`ll be very happy to settle with Howard & Rondo.
    2} Boston needs much more than Gasol to turn into a title contender. Now, they`d be w/o a PG.

  • KY Celts fan

    Man, it’s not even fun to read the comments on this blog anymore. Too many assholes who think they are the smartest guy on the Internet.

  • Joe A

    I’m against this trade. There is just as much of a chance of the Celtics getting their shit together and making a run in the second half of the season as there is of Pau Gasol helping this team make another title run.
    Plus, I think Rondo is a perfectly fine piece to build around. He’s been pretty good (all-star caliber) in a system that doesn’t play to his strengths, and he has a pretty great contract, so if it isn’t working out, he is easily trade-able. And he has improved every year. Plus his play in the last 3 playoffs was outstanding. in 2009 he almost averaged a triple double through 14 games; in 2010, he essentially lead this team to the finals; and last year, he played with a dislocated fuckin elbow. I just think Rondo deserves a year or two to see if he can carry a team that is made up to play to his strengths.
    And all of this stuff about his bad attitude is a moot point. If we traded every ornery 26 year old, we would of traded Pierce years ago.

  • Dj

    That is not a trio that wins in the west. Not even close.

  • You raise a lot of questions in my head; you wrote an excellent post, but this post is also mind provoking, and I will have to think about it a bit more; I will return soon.