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Your Morning Dump… Rondo takes 2nd in the boring Skills Challenge


Every morning, we compile the links of the day and dump them here… highlighting the big storyline. Because there’s nothing quite as satisfying as a good morning dump.

Celtics point guard Rajon Rondo finished second to San Antonio’s Tony Parker in the Skills Challenge as part of festivities at All-Star Saturday night in Orlando. 

Rondo needed a tie-breaker to edge Washington’s John Wall and get into the final round — actually navigating the obstacle course in the night’s best time of 27.5 seconds. But up first in the final round, Rondo needed three attempts at the bounce-pass station, finishing at 34.6 seconds. Parker was nearly flawless and checked in at 32.8 seconds, while New Jersey’s Deron Williams took third place at 41.4 seconds. 

Rondo and Wall each produced first-round times of 32.8 seconds, forcing the tie-breaker. Ironically, that turned out to also be the winning time for Parker. 

ESPN Boston

Congrats to Rajon Rondo for his showing in the NBA Skills Challenge. But let’s be honest, the competition is a joke. An 8th grader could blow through the course.

Why doesn’t the NBA spice it up?

Add moving passing targets. Have the players dribble with two basketballs. Add a moat full of alligators to the final scoring station. 

The one thing the Skills Challenge has going for it… most of the top point guards do compete. The Dunk contest is loaded with nobodies.

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On Page 2, how Glen Davis could make it difficult for the Celts to resign Brandon Bass.

The Celtics are hoping that Brandon Bass exercises the player option on his contract at $4 million, which would be a bargain for his production. Or the Celtics could agree to an extension for Bass, who appears to have found a home in Boston. The contract that may affect matters is Glen Davis’s four-year, $26 million deal with the Magic. Davis has underperformed that contract, and Bass may hold out for something more.


Brandon Bass is averaging 11 points and 6 rebounds in 29 minutes per game. He fits perfectly into the Celtics offense. But will he fit next season when the roster (and possibly the offense) gets an overhaul?

Bass will have interest from other teams, but I hope he’s smart enough to sign with a team that will maximize his strengths. A team that will allow him to thrive as a mid-range jump shooter and on the fast break. He’s not a back-to-the-basket power forward.

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  • paul

    I remember how excited and worked up everyone was over Pierce and Allen competing for the 3 point challenge. Here we have Rondo putting in a nice showing in the pg skills challenge, and it’s soooooo interesting to notice how different the attitudes of the haters and bully fans are – gee, folks just can’t be sarcastic enough, EVEN THOUGH Rondo once again demonstrated that he really has improved his shooting, and has more confidence in it, which was exactly what fans were demanding. But see, he can’t win can he? You haters and bully fans all will just make up some other hoop that he has to jump through for you, because really, you just want to hate someone, and Glen Davis is gone.
    You must truly have deeply pathetic lives that you long for the thrill of hate. And that’s sad. That energy you put into hate could be put into making your lives better. Oh, but wait, I remember, you enjoy hating. You are bullies. It’s what you have done ever since kindergarten, isn’t it? So I guess it’s not sad. I guess you just have a different idea of fulfillment in life than decent people have.
    Regarding the writer’s Bass comments: I find it interesting that once again there seems to be a weird expectation that players should be loyal to the Celtics, even though Danny and the media and the fans have repeatedly and explicitly disavowed any significant loyalty to players. Amazing stuff.

  • Alex

    You seem to be raging at the folks who are making stupid trade proposals like Rondo for Jeremy Lin. I understand it is frustrating to read these but you have to realize that these idiots are not worth our time because they clearly don’t understand a lick of basketball.
    The folks who were legitimately criticizing Rondo in the past (like me for example) had VALID reasons for talking down on Rondo and asking for a trade proposal. About 2-3 weeks ago, this was happening, and all because of Rondo’s habit of performing BADLY due to his lack of effort of moving the ball around and defense (he still shows bad defense here and there still but hopefully he changes this in the second half of the season). Clearly I had my reasons for disliking Rondo but he has finally shown some consistency in aggressiveness as of late so I’ve held back what I’ve said for now.
    Rondo definitely had nice runs during the Skills challenge. Too bad he tied and used his best performance on a tie-breaker! Grrrr!

  • Quest

    It’s a fun weekend break from the grind for the players. Really the whole weekend of events are boring. But enough of the criricism already save it for the real games starting on Tues. lets just have some fun for 2 days.

  • BigMck is a natural asshole. friday s/he was bitching about paul pierce’s all-star photo, yesterday “rondo’s growing up” today its the “boring skills challenge”. seriously why is this person covering the celtics?
    BigMck should find another team/sport to offer their pathetic opinion to bitch and throw childlike temper tantrums. breeding hatred and negative connotations is a direct reflection to their own pathetic lives. guaranteed BigMck is fat with little-no athletic ability to absorb the positive attributes it takes to play at a high level.
    last nights dunk contest went to a new creative level, exposed new and up-coming athletes and had a relative positive vibe for a lock-out season. and if you/BigMck can’t recognize that, than you my friend are a complete natural asshole. lets be honest BigMck is the real joke.

  • Rondo To KG

    Is this a sarcastic post? Last nights dunk competition was easily the worst ever and it isn’t even close. After that contest, I legitimately want to see it not come back next year. If it wasn’t for an exciting three point contest, last night would have been a total waste of time.

  • Well now … I’ve been pondering this Bullpet column in this morning’s Herald, and sure sounds like something’s brewing with RR being the sweeter. I’ll leave the pull quotes to RA for a follow up thread, but Vecsey too confirms the RR/Gasol trade rumor is live bait … although he and the originator of the story, Eric Pinkus of HoopsWorld, are certainly not the most credible sources.
    Before everyone starts raining down expletives on me I remind you if the trade (including JO) goes down there would be enough cap space to sign one max guy if Bass opts out, which is likely.

  • A$$hole maybe but, BigMcK doesn’t drink the kool-aid, he tells it like it is no suger coating. I find his post smart and funny like yours Greenbean. never seen him, RedsArmy says he is fat so you got that going for you. You Really liked the dunk contest? Other then Evans 2 dunks it sucked and maybe the Diddy one. Not a fan of name calling more of a fan joking, ballin, and drinking. Ease up this a fun place athough but I hope you 2 have an all out war that would be funny

  • Jerry Sondler

    Yes, we are “haters”…in the sense that we “hate” Rondo`s inability to hit jumpers from 12-18 feet.