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Rumor: Rondo on the outs here

Chuck - Red's Army February 26, 2012 Uncategorized 33 Comments on Rumor: Rondo on the outs here


Larry Coon is a writer for ESPN, HoopsWorld and the New York Times. He's extremely well-respected for his knowledge about the salary cap and CBA.

His tweet about Rondo was a response to a fan asking why the Celtics would trade a young, All-Star PG for an aging big man.

Regarding the believability of this report, Coon is not a guy who generally breaks NBA trade news. On the flip side, he doesn't throw out rumors and reports to garner attention.

I don't want Gasol. At 31, how many years of elite play does he have left? Two, maybe three max?

And if Danny Ainge does think Gasol can help this team win this season, who the hell is going to get Pierce, Ray, KG and Pau the ball?

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  • I can’t imagine what our offense would look like with Keyon Dooling and Avery Bradley playing at the point

  • Brad

    You think Danny might be looking at the excellent play making job that Paul did while Rondo was out and thinking that he might be the answer as a play maker? While he did do a great job, I’m not sure he can sustain that for an entire season or deep play off run.

  • Maybe Danny sees the games where Pierce played point-forward and thinks the team really doesn’t Rondo. I could see that but I don’t know. I don’t really want Gasol either. He’s too old and he’s not going to alleviate the salary cap issue next year. I do like his game but is he going to play center? LOL, are you kidding me? No way he’s durable enough for that.

  • Jinx.

  • AT

    He also says that the Lakers would want a 4 for any move that they make for Gasol, and that he doesn’t think JO is a good enough replacement (shocking)- and that the Lakers would be more interested in a package that looks more like Bass and Rondo. Personally I think the Rondo/JO package is one of the worst ideas ever- let alone a Rondo/Bass package. Absolutely not.

  • Having said that… Gasol would help with rebounding and scoring in the paint. Help enough to make a title run? Not so sure, and would he be emotionally stable to handle a trade to the team he’s (theoretically) hated for 4 years? Not so sure about that either.

  • If this happens, it’s gonna get ugly in Boston. Rondo is not just a basketball-player to his young fans here-he’s a God. You have no idea how many young girls are at every Celtics home game with their “9” jerseys on. This would severely hurt ticket-sales, merchandising sales (duh) and then the whole fact that he’d be going to the Lakers is just..ugh..I don’t even want to think about that part.

  • putjinthehall

    Im a huge Rondo fan, but F#$@ it. Im all in for Gasol.
    Does everyone forget he just won 2 NBA championships? And really he should have been the MVP in the 2010 finals.
    This team needs to be shaken up.

  • Don’t forget he has a world championship under his belt with spain. guy knows how to win that’s for sure…if we had D.West to start a pg i would have zero reservations on this trade..Dooling and Avery could be enough though if they stay healthy..

  • can’t make an omelette if you don’t break a few eggs.

  • Nothing helps ticket sales like a championship. Look, my Celtics jersey is a Rondo #9 as well. I would HATE to see him go… to Lakeshow no less. And as in my above comments I don’t necessarily think Gasol puts us over the top (though it’s definitely possible due to his inside scoring and rebounding, winning ways and versatility) but a championship would heal all wounds of losing our little god Rondo.

  • Jerry Sondler

    This trade is tempting…but, very unlikely.
    The risk is too high.
    Ainge cannot afford to make what could become a bad trade…involving his most tradable asset {Rondo}…to see it benefiting his most hated rival {LAL}.

  • Next year this team is getting blown up regardless. I love Rondo, hes so entertaining but the writing is on the wall. Danny does NOT want to build around Rondo for the future. To be as positive about the situation as possible, Pau would give us a good advantage size wise over any team in the East

  • Of course the Lakers would want Bass, but no freaking way he’s included.

  • Keep in mind: Gasol makes almost $19 million. Rondo makes $11. This deal will have to get much more complicated. The Celtics would have to include another salary… like Bass’… to make the deal work. And if the C’s are giving up Rondo AND Bass, they’re going to need more than Gasol.
    Also keep in mind that Gasol plays a LOT of international basketball. There is more mileage on his legs than most guys his age. He’s been durable, but he’ll decline faster than others because he’s always playing in some tournament for Spain.
    I don’t know why these rumors keep getting out there, but this deal becomes way too complicated to get done, even if both sides are open to speak.

  • Actually JO’s expiring contract would give LA some much needed cap relief – ergo – you have deal that works. I completely disagree with your assessment that Gasol’s international play would be analogist to burning out early. Quite the opposite is true of Dirk. Conditioning in the modern era is light years ahead of where it was even 10 years ago and Gasol does not have a injury riddled history.
    Pau addresses three major problems …
    1- Rebounding
    2- Can score off the blocks
    3- Another shooter in crunch time, something that RR is not
    Another bonus is the passing. We could have the best passing frontline duo since Davic and Weeber.
    I’m not hanging Rondo out to dry, but it’s pretty clear that PG is now the deepest position in the league. With Lin, Rubio, Irving and Wall there are at least 10 solid PG’s in the league, and three of them are superstars. RR’s value is not what is was a year ago.
    The problem I see is the vacated PG position. Bradley is too inconsistent. Dooling has shown nothing, therefore I doubt he has any trade value.
    You trade for Pau and find a way to bring in a competent PG to that of a 07′-08′ RR who can just run the offense, we have a chance in the east and there’s enough cap space to make run D. Williams or Howard or even Nash in the off season.

  • Lee in Oregon

    A trade like that would put the Laker’s back on top for the rest of Kobe’s career. The C’s are going nowhere this year and adding Gasol for Rondo wont change anything. I trust that if Danny trades Rondo, it’s for the future of the team, not to try and salvage one last run from a group who are on their last legs and cant even beat some of these lottery teams at home. Effing ridiculous, especially from the Times.

  • Lee in Oregon

    yeah but have you seen him lately? He sucked badly last year, and more of the same this year. That game against the C’s was his best game of the year. I’d take his brother Mark or Andy Varajao over Pau.

  • Dwight Howard to LA?

    This has to do with Rondo and Pau Gasol as now apparently rumors are coming in fast a deal is in place for the Lakers to land Dwight Howard on March 1st from LA Times and Orlando Sentinel,0,424129,full.column
    Rumor mill to work overtime
    Bynum probably has the best approach. Magic fans, you’re going to hear wild rumors galore surrounding Howard until the March 15 trade deadline.
    There’s a rumor circulating involving Howard, where the deal actually will come down March 1.
    It goes something like this: The Magic send Howard, SF Hedo Turkoglu and Nelson to the Lakers; the Magic receive Bynum and Gasol. The salaries are close to matching up, making the deal work.
    A third team, the Toronto Raptors, could be part of the deal or in a separate trade with the Magic, sending PG José Calderon to Orlando.
    Could be a great deal for the Magic, under the circumstances. There are some obvious holes in the scenario or scenarios.
    For one, what do the Raptors get out of it? But the biggest hole is this: Howard is apparently cool on joining Kobe in L.A.
    You’ve been warned.
    And here is LA Times,0,7656235.story
    The Magic send Howard, Hedo Turkoglu and Jameer Nelson to the Lakers for Pau Gasol and Andrew Bynum. The Toronto Raptors are also part of the rumor sending Jose Calderon to Orlando, although no one is quite sure what would complete that part of the trade.
    The rumor also has all this happening on March 1.

  • I hope Rondo leave so yah’ll can suck it!!! It’ll be great seeibng Celtics fans choking on Crow with some humble pie for dessert.

  • KY Celts fan

    Man, you’re a tool. And judging by your blog, probably some 14 year old panty waste since all you do is repost videos from

  • I don’t even understand why Rondo being traded would create this response. Explain, JT…

  • Quest

    So many Trade rumours swirling around Rondo for so long and Danny making no statements to the contrary makes you think there is some truth to it all. Danny not seeing Rajon as part of the C’s future rebuilding…lack of leadership or performance skills?

  • Danno

    The article says it all. Rondo is on the outs. The Celtics don’t like him, and he doesn’t like being here. It’s been brewing for a long time. It’s his attitude, combined with his lacking abilities in some areas. We’ve seen it before. Antoine. Wally. Perk. Guys who let their emotions run their game instead of their better judgment.
    I’m tired of his antics. Good riddance.

  • Jerry Sondler

    If true…Orlando would have to do it.
    No team can offer more in return for Howard.
    Alternative is to lose him to free agency.

  • Magic owner is on the record saying he doesn’t want Bynum.

  • Ditto. Team’s in a tailspin and he throws a ball at a ref. Tired of his “me first” antics. Get him out of here. If the Lakers will take him and JO for Gasol – which isn’t close to value for Pau – make the deal.

  • Dwight Howard to LA?

    It’s obvious you don’t read true he has states that. It in this scenario Orlando receives both not just Bynum. Orlando didn’t just want Bynum they want both. And f true March 1st Lakers will give both for Dwight

  • Damn here in LA we don’t want Gasol. Y’all don’t want Rondo? What the hell is the world coming to?!?! A few years ago it was all Lakers Celtics all the time…this is sad for both of us…

  • you can’t worry about sales when you’re trading

  • And there’s another report this morning that it’s not happening. Troll again any time.

  • Soon as Rondo goes 0-for-5 from the foul line in the fourth quarter and throws a bottle of water at Mike Brown, you’ll understand.

  • HAHAHAHA hooooboy…well in that case if this happens, enjoy GaSoft and his constant screaming. He will miss a lot of close to the rim dunks and blocks. He also loves to turn off his D. You know this.