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Rondo for Pau Gasol rumors just won’t die


The NY Post’s Peter Vecsey is the latest to stir the pot:

If the Lakers indeed are interested in signing Rasheed Wallace — a logical step-down from flirting with Gilbert Arenas—it lends credence to the Rajon Rondo/Jermaine O’Neal-Pau Gasol swap I keep hearing. Lord knows they’re desperate for a point guard and Rondo is exceedingly obtainable and Kobe Bryant loves his “any means possible” style.

Gasol is an extremely talented big man, but I don’t like this trade. I realize size is a premium in the NBA, but… alright, I’ll admit it… Gasol’s appearance creeps me out. I can’t get past it.

How would this deal affect the Celtics salary cap? Gasol’s contract runs for two more years at $19 million per season.

Danny Ainge will still have the cap space created by the expiring contracts of Ray Allen, Kevin Garnett and others. 

And as the Herald’s Steve Bulpett points out, Ainge has the option of using the amnesty clause on Paul Pierce’s contract if he’s stuck in a corner.

Kobe loving Rondo. Gasol in Celtics green. Amnesty and Paul Pierce in the same sentence. Geez… I like nothing about this post.

(h/t Celtics Blog)

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  • paul

    I don’t particularly care for Gasol, but to hate him because he looks european – which is really what this writer is saying – is pretty demented.
    I don’t want to see this trade happen, but I do wish Ainge would just push the trigger and dump Rondo. It’s not that I hate Rondo like most of the bully fans in Boston do. I think he’s our best player and the best cornerstone for the future we could hope for. It’s that I think it’s been clear for months now that Rondo is on his way out the door. Just now we have Doc speaking about the future and saying ‘we don’t know what we’ll have’. Those are pretty telling words, considering that, if they so choose, the Celtics DO know at least one major piece that they have on long term contract for very nice money…
    So for everyone’s sanity, it’s time to make the deal, and let everyone move forward with their careers. And to you haters, GOOD WORK! You helped poison the waters for Rondo in Boston. Well done. Did it make you feel powerful? Silly question. Bullies bully.

  • Jerry Sondler

    This one is a tough call.
    Anytime you can get a skilled 7-footer…in exchange for a 6-footer, who needs a GPS to find the basket from beyond 15 feet, you do it in a heartbeat!
    However, salary cap considerations and age differentials cannot be ignored.
    The Rondo/JO trade to NJ for D-Will is way more attractive. Without a doubt, D-Howard would rather team up with D-Will as a Celtic than a Net.

  • Germanb90

    Why to LA ? Why ?

  • Quest

    Adding another aging player to the roster man are there any younger guys available. Gasol is not going to replace what KG has brought to this team….a bandaid solution maybe. Trading Rajon to Lakers may come around and bite us in the future. Rondo passing to Kobe on a nightly basis may be what the Lakers need.

  • BigMck

    Hate him because he looks European? I think you are taking some liberties with my comment.

  • is reporting that the Lakers want Rondo/Bass rather than Rondo/O’Neal. I really don’t like Gasol for Rondo/O’Neal. I outright hate Gasol for Rondo/Bass.

  • Zedd

    NBA_LatestNews NBA_LatestNews
    Celtics trading Rajon Rondo and Jermaine O’Neal for Pau Gasol if Lakers sign Rasheed Wallace.
    Ainge better not do this.

  • C$

    I hate the way Gasol looks too. Even if we got him for free I don’t think I’d be able to root for him.

  • Quest

    Well 3 more weeks of rumours until deadline. Hoping whatever Danny does it’s sooner than later getting tired of speculations already.

  • Pau Gasol for Rondo?

    This is why the rumor keeps on staying alive!/LarryCoon/status/173791692196020224

  • Erin

    Bass AND Rondo for Gasol? No. No. No. You want to trade the brightest spot on the bench since 09 for bloody Gasol? No.

  • Elliot

    less Gasol more Howard. If this happened it wouldn’t surprise me a terrible move such as this has Danny Ainge written all over it.