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Your Morning Dump… Where Rondo’s growing up

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Every morning, we compile the links of the day and dump them here… highlighting the big storyline. Because there's nothing quite as satisfying as a good morning dump.

“Each and every year he’s maturing as a player,” Pierce said. “That happens with a lot of young players. We go through a phase where we’re young and immature and then we have to grow up, and I think he’s into that phase where he’s growing up.”

Herald:  Rondo: "I've got to do better"

Can we chalk up what Rondo is going through right now as "growing pains?"  If anyone would know, it's Paul Pierce, who was nearly run out of town the same way fans are turning on Rondo now.  

Rondo's low point was the ref ball-toss… about which he says 

“I mean, I don’t think you guys will see that again from me,” Rondo said. “So obviously I’ve learned from it, but I’m an emotional player. I just felt things were different, and I reacted the way I reacted.”

But here's the quote that really got me: 

“I can do a lot more,” Rondo said. “I hold myself to a high standard really, and I’m not pleased with the way our team’s been playing. So I think I can do a better job of maybe being vocal and speaking up as far as things we need to get done — not necessarily trying to take over Doc (Rivers)’s job. Just being the point guard, I’ve been here for six years. He knows what it takes for us to win, and think I do, as well, so I think I’ve got to be more vocal as far as going into Doc’s office and trying to figure out some things that we can do to try to get some wins.”

I'm sure Doc is lookng forward to that.  We'll just have to wait and see how this second half goes down. 

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On Page 2: Paul Pierce is the worst headline writer ever

On making it to the All-Star game for the 10th time.

PP: You know, they're all pretty special. The first time you make it, you're excited that you've arrived as an NBA player and that motivates you to keep going. To make it here my 14th year is a feat. I'm constantly motivated to want to be one of the best players in the league.

Let's say you were an AllStar MVP. You're on publications across the country. What do you want the headlines to read? It can say absolutely whatever you want.

PP: "Pierce wins MVP." I don't know, I'm not a writer.

ESPN Boston Rondo on All Star Nod: Good B-Day gift

Pierce is one of five Celtics to make 10 All Star games.  He's probably not going to need anyone to write that headline though. 

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  • TJames

    Pierce wins MVP… hahaha

  • Pierce could go for 50 and not win MVP.

  • Did you seriously write another “Rondo is growing up” post? This is the 3rd one this year alone.

  • yeah they will def. try their best to give it to Lebron or Kobe…they don’t want to look bad by not giving it to them u know…

  • James Eisenman

    Yeah and written in the face of the ref ball-toss, the comment that Rondo is a better defensive player than Deron Williams, the comment that Avery’s great defense and mid-range shooting were not that spectacular because it has to be measured against Westbrook’s 31 points, when he will never hold Rondo to the same standards. Hmmm. Is he Rondo’s BF or is he going to get off the Rondo addiction some day soon? Being addicted to Rondo is like crack. It will lead you to ruin in the long-run. lol

  • I don’t care if Rondo grows up or not. Just TRY and stay in front of your man and keep practicing an outside shot until they have to guard you.

  • It’s playing off the pierce quote…. You know… Like we do in the dump?

  • exactly what i thought

  • paul

    You are so hilarious. You and all the other haters absolutely torch Rondo anytime he struggles to contain an elite scorer that anyone would have a hard time containing!!!

  • paul

    I noticed the charmingly vicious way you turned that quote from Rondo into yet another attack on him. Nice one pal.
    Yeah, you are so right, he should curl into a little ball and NEVER talk to Daddy Doc about how the offense should be, YOU KNOW THE OFFENSE THAT HE IS RESPONSIBLE FOR RUNNING?
    Like I said, nice one, pally.

  • paul

    Rondo is one of the best defenders in the league. We all agree he should stay in front of his man more, but I have to wonder, are you so sure all those other superstars out there that you long for are in fact perfect players and perfect human beings?
    Nice bunch of vicious thugs you ‘fans’ are.

  • Wait…  I'M attacking Rondo? I've been his biggest defender

  • James Eisenman

    The funny thing is I’m not the hilarious one in this dialogue. My God, when did the Celtics start attracting fans like the people here? We used to attract the knowledgeable fans. You people are standard fare for being Lakers fans. Rondo is a terrible defender. Literally terrible. He would not be on Red’s team. Ever. You say we all want him to stay on his man more. You never actually played on a team. You couldn’t. No coach would allow you to stay on it. You can’t be a great defender if you troll for steals and every player you’re supposed to be guarding goes off for twenty against you or drives past you and gets your big men in foul trouble. You stink when you do that. Rondo does that, ergo, Rondo stinks. He doesn’t just get burned by the elite. He gets burned by Jarrett Jack and Norris Cole and gets hurt by the two doofus back up guards for Chicago. The elite guards FEAST on him. Avery gave up 31 to Westbrook but Westbrook went 5-16 when Avery guarded him. That’s the best you can ask for against an elite. I’ve been playing competetive basketball for longer than you’ve been alive and, at 59, I know I could get off 20, and be over 50% if Rondo was “guarding” me in a game. I’d work him into every pick open a mid-range jumper and Pop, people would say Rondo is Grandpa’s b**ch today.

  • James Eisenman

    Rondo is one of the worst defenders in the league. Fans are not thugs because they want their players to play some semblance of real defense. Even Lakers fans now admit Derek Fisher can’t play defense and they’re mostly dumbasses. We don’t want a perfect defender. Adequate would be fine. I loved Tiny and he was just an adequate defender. Rondo and fans like you ought to pull up some 1981 films of him and you’d at least see a great point guard with adequate defense. We’re not thugs but it’s hard being a pure fan of a primadonna punk who throws balls at refs.