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Rajon Rondo’s windmill dunk

Chuck - Red's Army February 25, 2012 Uncategorized 13 Comments on Rajon Rondo’s windmill dunk

The NBA tweeted out this video of Rajon Rondo and Dwight Howard horsing around today during some sort of All-Star workout.

When Dwight signs in Boston this summer, we’ll look back fondly on moments like this one.

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  • Greg

    Rondo should be working on his jumpshot now dunking. Trade Rondo for Jeremy Lin.

  • SC

    Is that considered a travel in today’s NBA? 🙂
    Either way, nice to see those two gettin’ chummy.

  • Pierce also posted a picture of him chatting with Deron Williams and ESPN’s all star headline is Dwight and Rondo laughing in some sort of drill… Nice to know future teammates are getting along already.

  • Well said! Dwight’s already said he likes Boston, and obviously he would love to play on a team coached by Doc rather than than nutjob SVG.
    Greg & all others who support this notion, Please stop with the “trade Rondo for Linn” crap, before we all puke. Rondo will kill him the next time they play the Knicks, just like Deron did. Yes, Linn is a nice player and the Knicks got very lucky, but we don’t need a point guard, we have one of the elites, who’s had afew great years, not a great 2 weeks.

  • Alex

    He’s having fun at the All-Star event, you dick.
    Let the man enjoy his time.
    Oh and the fact you would trade Rondo for Jeremy Lin makes you a complete moron so I’m just wasting my time talking to you.

  • Alex

    It’s just Lin. Not Linn.

  • Brick James

    It won’t be when they’re both wearing Purple and Gold.

  • paul

    Um, Rondo did work on his jump shot and he showed it off in the skills contest.

  • paul

    Exactly, we have an elite guard.

  • jakrisgre@netscape.net

    Let Jeremy Lin stay in NY. The Celtics dont need him. We have Rondo

  • jakrisgre@netscape.net


  • jakrisgre@netscape.net

    I totally agree. The only times Lin shined was when he played teams that had no defense. I cant wait for Rondo to blow him off the court. I give Lin credit for coming in and boosting the Knicks to eight wins consecutively, but all that Linsanity has stifled the good playing by Rondo’s triple double against the Bulls!

  • jakrisgre@netscape.net

    Agree with you 100%.