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Your Morning Dump… Are the Celtics waiting to flip the switch?

Every morning, we compile the links of the day and dump them here… highlighting the big storyline. Because there’s nothing quite as satisfying as a good morning dump.

“They’ll be all right,” said Perkins. “I don’t think they’re caring about where they place in the seeding. I think they’ll get in the playoffs and do what they’ve got to do. I know a few of them are waiting for the regular season to be over so they can get into the playoffs. They’ll make it.”

If Perkins is right, then that’s a dangerous mentality — to believe everything will be fine once the playoffs start. A similar thought process by the C’s preceded their elimination last season by Miami in the Eastern Conference semifinals.

Herald – Rest is best for many Celtics woes

Oh no, not the flip-the-switch mentality. As much as some of us (me) hate the idea of coasting in the regular season, we must accept it happens. Sometimes it works (2010) and sometimes it doesn’t (2011).

The key to consistent play is having a consistent rotation:

But things have been far from optimal. Each of the Big Three has missed games, Paul Pierce and Ray Allen because of injuries, Kevin Garnett for personal reasons. And Rajon Rondo has missed 10 games, eight with a sprained right wrist and two with a suspension.

Of the 32 games the Celtics played before the All-Star break, the Big Four started only 16. Coach Doc Rivers is banking that the quartet will remain healthy and well-behaved for the final 34 games. 


The Celtics may be healthier in the 2nd half of the season but that won’t necessarily translate into more wins. The schedule is road heavy and brutal. 

Best case scenario – the Celtics sneak up to the 6th seed and secure an easier 1st round playoff opponent (i.e. not Miami or Chicago). 

Worst case scenario – the Celtics stay in the 8th spot. They won’t fall behind Cleveland or Milwaukee.

On Page 2, Bob Ryan eviscerates Bill Simmons.

Great job by the legendary Bob Ryan dismissing Bill Simmons criticism of Danny Ainge. Here’s a summary of Ryan’s points:

  • Simmons is unrealistically greedy
  • We are in the 5th year of a 3-year plan 
  • 94 seconds away from a 2nd title in 2010
  • On passing DeAndre Jordan: “There are a million of those stories.”
  • On the Perk/Green trade: “They (OKC) are not as thrilled with him as they thought they’d be. We still haven’t seen judgement day on Jeff Green.”

Bob Ryan is wrong on one front, he does have the cache to get into a pissing match with Simmons.

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  • Alex

    Well, they better flip something in this second half of the season…
    “Worst case scenario – the Celtics stay in the 8th spot. They won’t fall behind Cleveland or Milwaukee.”
    Who knows? Big bold words, especially with the very tough road trip the C’s are going to be in.

  • Quest

    Halfway mark…..have to start wining more consistently ….end of season looming not far off….can the C’s still make an impact in the East still remains to be proved.

  • What?
    The Thunder don’t like Wilt Perkins?
    The devil you say.
    Sadly, that deal was the rarest of swaps – one that helped neither team.

  • Jerry Sondler

    WORST CASE SCENARIO-6th thru 8th spot : First round elimination is far from a “happy ending”.
    BEST CASE SCENARIO-9th spot : Celts due to finally get very lucky in lottery, make best of an ill-fated season.

  • KY Celts fan

    If we make the playoffs at the 8th spot, we get the 15th pick in a good draft. If we end the season as 9th in the East and miss the playoffs, we automatically jump to 12th in a good draft as there will be some above .500 teams in the West that won’t make the playoffs. I’d rather miss the playoffs and climb that three spots. The 12th pick in this draft is like the 7th pick in most others.

  • bob ryan is one of a handful of celtic opinions that’s holds his salt

  • It’s funny because Ryan was very chummy with Bill during the BS Report. He also admitted on that broadcast he hasn’t paid close enough attention to the market value/worth of players over the years and wouldn’t be able to evaluate trades beyond the obvious superstar deals. Ryan is also retiring after the summer Olympics.

  • BigMck

    I’d rather they make the playoffs than the lottery. We’re talking the difference of a couple slots in the draft.

  • BigMck

    Ryan is just being humble. It doesn’t take a genius to know there’s no need for Mo Williams.

  • Ainge has done a fantastic job in Boston, but I’ve seen no evidence that this team is going anywhwere this year. To be frank, there’s lottery teams I’m not sure they could beat in a 7 game series. They’ve been incredibly inconsistant so far. They certainly have the ability to play better, but realistically, I dont see any of the teams above them in the East imploding.
    Nice job by bitter Bob!

  • Fo sure. I think the media holds Simmons to a different standard because he's not a cookie cutter sports journalist/broadcaster and they can't duplicate his success.
    But is it really any worse than listening to Felger and Gresh talk hoops?
    Sent from my iPad

  • chachee

    this is Bob Ryan. this guy is more of a joke and blowhard than Simmons. it’s amazing how many of YOU root for Bob Ryan over Bill Simmons. it’s embarrassing. just to show how much of an impact Simmons article has had in last 24 hours, look at this copycat journalistic diarrhea from Ronny Bourges:
    it’s one thing to borrow from someone, but to completely rip them off….boston media are pathetic sometimes.

  • Jerry Sondler

    After ping-pong ball disasters in 1997 {Duncan} and 2007 {Oden/Durant}…Celtics are overdue to get excessively lucky in one of these draft. No time like the present!
    Does it really matter seeing them face a regular season elimination on April 26…as opposed to a first round elimination on May 6?

  • paul

    No. He’s on his knees to Danny, which is even more pathetic than when he was on his knees to Red. Simmons was absolutely right on most points. Wrong about Rondo, though. Simmons is a pathetic idiot on his knees too, like all the fake journos out there.

  • paul

    What has he done a fantastic job on? You don’t think the Big Three themselves deserve most of the credit for making Lyin’ Danny and Smarm Master Doc look good?

  • paul

    Agreed. The Borges piece is truly pathetic. The other day a guy at the globe did a similar imitation hit piece against Rondo, after one came out in the Herald.

  • chachee

    Ryan has been covering the Celtics (and Boston sports) his whole career, I respect that. You have to expect journalists to play devil’s advocate with each other on all topics because that makes for a good story and perspective. sometimes it hard to oversee these things because the opinions or views are so strong. i just don’t understand why everyone on this board/site has some much anger and hate towards bill simmons. the guy is a national writer on one of the most visited websites on the internet. his articles generate thousands of hits. all he writes about is boston sports. whether you agree with him or not, he’s still a die-hard fan. how can you not root for a guy like that?

  • Ryan Sev

    much of what simmons wrote was bs and his trade ideas would not bring a title to boston. After reading his article, its difficult to believe this guy knows more than the average fan about basketball. Knowledgeable fans, never mind actually nba gms, could shoot down 75% of his points. If anything I would criticize some of the trades and free agent contracts he made before the 07-08 season.

  • chachee

    it was a satirical piece, it was meant to be funny. he got a little creative with his trade ideas but to notion that he knows nothing about basketball is ridiculous. agree with him or not, the man wrote a 700 page basketball bible, covering basically every player to play in the league. he knows more than you, me, everyone on this site, about the NBA. i’m curious to see what kind of trade proposals the genius’ on this board can come up with.

  • We have all looked at the trade landscape, and there are no trade scenarios that I have found that make sense. And by make sense, I mean help the Celtics in the long term without hurting any of the current flexibility.
    Simmons has an encyclopedic knowledge of the NBA, but he does not have any good sense about what it takes to build a successful basketball team. He has proven time and time again with his wildly insane scenarios that he has no real grasp on the construction of an NBA team.
    And I’m not saying that I do, but people need to understand that he doesn’t. It doesn’t make him less entertaining or bad at his job… but people need to understand where the line is.

  • chachee

    but there’s need for Sasha Pavlovic and Marquis Daniels? i’m confused.

  • chachee

    C’s will scratch and claw their way to a 7/8 seed and will most likely have to face the Heat or Bulls. There’s no way the C’s have a chance of advancing, with their current roster. to suggest that things will all of a sudden change and they’ll miraculously get a 3/4 seed is wishful thinking. It’s either make a move before the deadline and really try to make a push OR play out the season, hopefully miss the playoffs and pray that they get a shot at a top 10 pick. this year’s draft is STACKED. the difference between a 6,7,8 pick and a 14,15,16,17 pick is HUGE. They’ve done this before and it’s hurt them. They’ll limp into the playoffs, just to get in for the sake of it and they’re a one and done team. They slip 5-6 spots down in the draft and everyone starts wondering why they didn’t just miss the playoffs for a better pick. Too much pride with the veterans, i guess. it certainly won’t make danny’s job any easier.

  • Jerry Sondler

    I`m fairly confident the Celtics will NOT make the playoffs.
    Starting March 11th…they play 18 of their next 24 on the road.
    Starting April 4th…they play 11 games in 2 weeks.
    I don`t think their old legs will survive the grind, plus a few injuries should be on the horizon.
    Let`s be honest, it`s in their best interest to fall short of the playoffs..