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Via CSNNE: ‘Sheed to sign in L.A. with Lakers


Looks like the Lakers are going to sign Rasheed Wallace. CSNNE reports: has learned that the former Boston Celtic forward plans to sign with the Los Angeles Lakers.

"His days as a starter in this league are gone," said the source. "I think he knows that, and so do the Lakers. But think about it. Of the big men that are available, is there one that's really better? And if he's gotten himself in shape, adding him becomes a huge get for them."

You can read the entire post here: Sheed to sign with Lakers.

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  • Danno

    As bad as the Celtics have been at times this season, at least we’re not the Lakers.
    Hoo-boy. That plae is just disintegrating.

  • Bwahahahahahahaah!
    …that is all.

  • chachee

    i agree that this reeks of desperation, i certainly don’t feel like LA is disintegrating. They’ll be fine. They have a better team than us, that’s for sure. There’s much more drama in Lakerland but the expectations are slightly higher in LA this year than they are in Boston. It’s been said many times, players are more likely to sign with LA than they are with Celtics. The endorsement deals are better, the weather is better, the opportunities to promote your brand are better, the lifestyle is just different. I think the fans are better in Boston but they’re just as passionate in LA.

  • bwahaha, ball don’t lie toxic style. sheed and world peace on the same team!! bwahaha!!

  • Huh? Lakers have 2 elite players (Gasol and Kobe) and probably the best young center in the league. The Celtics have Rondo, 3 large expiring contracts, old Paul Pierce and…? I hate LA but you are absolutely wrong.

  • I bleed green in L.A.

    Jim Buss is my new hero, he will destroy the Flakers for a long, long time.

  • Danno

    They also have the worst coach in the league, a front office in turmoil that is spiraling out of control, an Owner who fired all of Jackson’s competent staffers to hire his brothers and cousins, a GM who has thrown in teh towel, an aging all star Gaurd who is begging for a trade again, an all star forward who hasn’t gotten over the fact that they tried to trade him, and a record that is nothing to write home about.

  • I haven’t seen anything where Kobe demanded a trade, nor have I seen Kupchack stating he’s going to quit. And if you’re going to throw in the subjective stuff about Gasol (who btw is slapping up 20-10’s on the regular unlike our power forward) then you have to include Rondo moping around after the continued rumors about him.

  • Danno

    apparently you haven’t been reading my opinions on rondo.
    I wish they had traded him months ago. Dude is clubhouse cancer

  • chachee

    The Lakers are in better shape (literally) than the Celtics, at this point in the season. Right now, Gasol might be better than any player on the Celtics. He’s probably the most consistent big in the league and maybe the best offensive big in the game as well. That being said, I still don’t know if I would trade Rondo for him. However, this signing of ‘sheed is a low risk, high reward situation, unlike when Danny signed him two years ago. He probably won’t even play or he’ll compete with Troy Murphy for his minutes. I don’t see this helping or filling the void that the Lakers have. Maybe this is a calculated move that will lead to them trading Gasol. hahahaha…

  • Jerry Sondler

    Sheed a Laker?!?
    As a Laker-hater…I love it!

  • The source states “IF he’s gotten himself in shape”…..

  • bb200

    They don’t have a better team. When u have players like Gasol and Bynum, guys that actually box-out and rebound, and kobe, then you’re in good shape. I think the Celts have a better team on paper.

  • bb200

    Huh? Kobe is 34 and Gasol is 32. So how can u call Pierce 34, old r u serious. Stop acting classless.

  • conspiracy

    Theory…. Sheed was suspended by the NBA till this season for when he stormed the officials locker room after game 7 of the finals. NO WAY he was going there to tell them he was retiring (that “oficial” story makes no sense). He was gonna crack some skulls for the horrible officiating in the 4th quarter of that game.

  • Elliot

    Grab all the worst white guys in the NBA and put them on a team. That is LA’s bench all they need is Scal.

  • Picture Planet

    He helped them to one title…

  • Bit of a strange signing for LA. I always thought Sheed was OK, a bit of a bum but when it came down to it he could play. No idea why he goes to LA though.. They’re ok for height, so very few minutes going spare for bigs. I’m surprised he didn’t go to Chicago or something, a genuine contender who could do with height. LA signing him seems wasted, they don’t need him and it’ll probably cause more harm than good.

  • I guess it provides depth for them. Can only see him getting more minutes unless they trade Gasol or one of their two big men get hurt. Can’t really see Kobe and Sheed gelling in the locker room. Two completely different personalities.
    Check out the Boston Sports Blog for the grades for the Celtics Point Guards so far

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  • has learned that the former Boston Celtic forward plans to sign with the Los Angeles Lakers.

  • i like it very much