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We read Bill Simmons, so you don’t have to

Bill Simmons shreds Danny Ainge is his latest column on Grantland. He claims Danny hasn't made a "good move" in 4 years (P.J. Brown). The column is written as the transcript of an anniversary party hosted by Glenn Ordway with several guests. 

Here are some excerpts:

Ordway: "Unfortunately, it's been slim pickings for Celtics fans ever since. You drafted poorly; you signed a slew of washed-up veterans; your biggest trade completely backfired; you haven't uncovered a single gem; and you've managed to piss off all the starters on your team by repeatedly throwing them into trade talks, then ADMITTING IT PUBLICLY while calling these players old. It's been quite a run. Let's bring out two of those lousy signings right now … ladies and gentlemen, Keyon Dooling and Chris Wilcox!"

Dooling: "Danny, you could have signed reliable bench players like Kurt Thomas, Reggie Evans, Shannon Brown, Earl Watson, Mike Dunleavy — "

Wilcox: "Or, you could have waited and held your free-agent exceptions for a chance at Kenyon Martin, J.R. Smith or maybe even Aaron Brooks.

I was surpised that Danny spent $3 million on Wilcox, but at least we understand the logic. Wilcox is an athlete who thrives when paired with Rajon Rondo. As for Kurt Thomas, Reggie Evans and zzzzz…. 

I'm 100% confident Celtics bloggers, fans and Simmons would have skewered Ainge if he held the free-agent exceptions for signings in March. The Celtics needed bench help IMMEDIATELY.

Not surprisingly, Simmons glosses over the Glen Davis for Brandon Bass heist. 

But wait, there's more:

(Sam) Presti: "If you want to improve this year's team, turn your expiring contracts — KG, Ray, Chris, Keyon and Jermaine — into better players and don't worry about cap space. For instance, let's say you offered KG's expiring contract to Dallas for Shawn Marion and Lamar Odom — Cuban might jump at that because he's desperately trying to clear money for Dwight and Deron this summer. He needs to dump Marion's deal to do it. That's why you see him on Twitter pimping Marion to boost his trade value — it's comical. Turn KG into Odom and Marion and you're better right away — Marion is still one of the league's best defensive players. Plus, you'd save about $4 million in tax money."

Presti: "Anyway, offer them Rondo and Jermaine O'Neal's expiring for Gasol, a deal which saves them $24 million in tax money these next three years. I can't imagine them turning it down. You'd need a point guard, too, so offer Ray to the Clippers for Mo Williams and Eric Bledsoe. They desperately need a two-guard; they might be dumb enough to say yes. If they turn it down, settle on Mo and a future first for Ray, if only because it's always good to own two first-rounders from the league's most jinxed franchise. Mo's contract expires next year, and you can always re-sign Ray this summer."

Presti: "Look at your new team — Gasol, Brandon Bass, Marion, Pierce and Mo Williams as starters, with Odom, Wilcox, Pietrus and Bradley as your first four subs. If Gasol and Odom get going, that's a dangerous 6-seed in the East, right?"

Wow. These scenarios are what I'd expect from a Bleacher Report blogger or a 10-year old fan. 

Has Simmons watched Odom play this year? Absolutely nothing suggests LO would be happier in Boston.

A starting line-up with Paul Pierce and Shawn Marion would force one of them to play 2-guard, a position neither is quick enough to do defensively.

But my favorite is Mo Williams. Mo-freakin-Williams. A gunner in a point guard body who is shooting 43%. 

Is there anyone who doesn't believe Simmons revamped Celtics roster would lead to horrible results? Danny Ainge has been far from perfect, but to criticize and then offer up these alternatives is laughable.

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  • I don’t really think it’s fair to say we’ve drafted terribly, either. I mean sure, we skipped Norris Cole, but so did 28 other teams. And Bradley is looking pretty solid for how low he was drafted. I wouldn’t give up on potential value of Moore or 3J either.

  • The only thing that is totally true about what Simmons had to say was that no free agents will sign here. Ugh. Starting roster predictions for ’12-’13???

  • KY Celts fan

    As a rule, never listen to Bill Simmons when he’s talking about Boston sports. The guy is a fan, but he’s a chicken little and a self-loathing douche.
    He never passes up a chance to trash Boston (though he loves them) while he never misses an opportunity to heap praise on the city’s biggest rivals. Seriously. Look at how often he mentions his respect for the Lakers, Yankees, Colts, etc. even though he claims to hate them. He can’t mention enough how he’s become a Kobe admirer.
    He completely ignores the Bass trade (a freakin’ genius move), ignores the Pietrus signing, criticizes the Trade after numerous times defending it, gets mad because Ainge couldn’t predict Jeff Green’s heart problems, says DA hasn’t uncovered a single gem despite the league wide praise of Bradley, says DA shouldn’t have signed old veterans while also saying DA should have signed Kurt Thomas (Kurt Thomas?!), is mad we used our mini-MLE on Wilcox instead of holding out for the chance of signing K-Mart but wants to blow all our capspace on Marion, Odom, Gasol, and Mo Williams instead of holding out for FA this summer! And all four of those guys will be over 30 next season; I thought the idea was to get younger, Bill!
    Simmons is such a tool.

  • Jerry Sondler

    How many “good moves” has Mitch Kupchak made since obtaining Gasol, which occurred the same month as PJ Brown becoming a Celtic?

  • I’m a Simmons guy and this is appalling. Surprised you didn’t make mention of him pushing Rondo for Pau OR him reneging the KG trade, or that’s how it felt to me reading it.
    Wilcox for $3 million doesn’t bother me considering other teams we’re throwing cash at anyone who remotely looks like they could play the center position. If Greg Oden could get $5 million and Kwame Brown could get $7.5 million… Wilcox at $3 million is worth it.
    Of course Simmons also forgets how DA didn’t sign Dooling, he traded for him for a 2nd round pick. He’s also only making 800 K more then the league minimum. Because Shannon Brown was completely willing to take a minimum deal to backup Rondo right?
    Considering all the loopholes that Danny had to go through in order to get the bench together, he did a solid job.

  • Danno

    the most important, and only real truthful passage in that whole bit was the last one, even though he meant it tongue-in-cheek:
    “As for my draft record, I just want to say that I’m pleased with the potential that E’Twaun, Avery and JaJuan have shown. Look, I couldn’t be THAT bad. We won the NBA title in 2008. We came within a break or two of winning Game 7 in Los Angeles in 2010. We’re going to be $24 million under the cap this summer, with two first-round picks to boot. Ladies and gentlemen, I need you to believe in me. Do you believe in me?”
    Everything said right there is 100% true, and people should be satisfied, if not ecstatic about the Celtics product they’ve gotten since 2007-2008. A championship, a second trip to the finals that was 2 minutes away from a 2nd championship, and two years later $24 mil under the cap.
    I don’t give a shit what anyone says. Danny is a freakig genius. Nobody has every trade or player move work out for them. Very few ever make it to a finals, let alone win one. We’ve seen two in 4 years and won the first of them. and Now we’re poised to rebuild with a Shedload of cash. How anyone can look at this negatively is beyond me.

  • Normally I love Simmons but this is garbage. Mo Williams 2-16 last night from the floor… off the bench… about sums up the rest of his analysis.
    Ray+1st rounder+cash for Monta Ellis anybody?

  • j-dawg

    Stopped reading him when he went on and on about trading Paul Pierce for Corey Magette about five years ago, and then railed on Danny/Doc demanding they be fired. He’s entertaining, but he would make a *terrible* GM.

  • It is a shame.. too many decent folks go to ESPN to become caricatures of themselves. Have avoided him for at least 4-5 years now, self consumed dork.

  • Chalk up Bill’s latest rant to frustration cleverly wrapped up in his obligatory tongue and cheek humor. IMHO, The BS report is among the very best across all genres and the dude has 1.6m twitter followers, so he must be doing something right. But I’m glad he’s not my GM, and should I amass a fortune one day and buy shares of the Celtics I won’t be calling him for advice. That said if you look at Danny’s body of work since the title season the results leave a lot to be desired ….
    08′ Draft: Giddens/Walker/Semih
    Could have drafted Jordan. Giddens is out of the league and Walker has turned out to be a ho-hum 38% 3 point specialist.
    08′ off season: Let Posey walk (WTF), and signs Patrick O’Bryant (WTF)
    08′-09′ mid season … trades POB/Cassell traded for essentially nothing … the Miki Moore/Starbury era begins
    09′ Draft: Lester Hudson — ouch!
    09′ off season: signs Shelden Williams, Sheed, Quis
    09′-10′ mid season — signs Finley and nobody else worth mentioning … trades House/Walker/Giddens for Nate, which possibly was his best in season move. Sheed retiring prematurely really hurt us in terms of cap space and coaxed Danny into using the MLE on JO.
    10′ Draft: AB, Gody (we may have something in Bradley)
    10′ off season: Let Tony Allen walk (WTF), Signs Shaq, JO, Wafer, D. West, Re-signs Nate — adds Lawrence Frank as Asst Coach.
    His best off season since 07′, but JO has never been right. Got unlucky with Delonte. No one can fault him for resigning Nate and the Arroyo/Murphy in season signings made sense.
    Shaq’s health or lack thereof was the death knell. That was Danny’s biggest blunder. Shaq at the vet min. was indeed a steal, but he banked the season on his health, traded Perk away because of it … and the rest is history.
    BTW … Even though D. West is hurt again, Dooling is not his equal and I would have preferred Thomas or Evans given the rebounding fiasco.
    Hate to disagree with RA.
    Simmons’ thesis may be over the top, but Danny has been pedestrian as a GM since 07′.

  • Matt33

    Obviously, Simmons meant this column as somewhat of a dramatic tongue-in-cheek joke. I don’t think he intended anyone to take this seriously… this column is similar to the “Big Two Featuring Ray Allen” column he wrote during the Cavs series in ’08.
    It’s over-dramtic, he embellishes certain points to over emphasize them, but the underlying theme of the article that he is trying to capture is something we are all somewhat feeling.

  • Norris Cole is so overrated. Sure he had amazing game vs C’s but the rest of season proves that he’s another roster cager. I thing JJJ is much better and more productive player. He plays defense and have preety smooth J. Also he can learn a lot from KG and it will pay dividend sooner or later.

  • Tyler

    I agree with Simmons in terms of Danny Ainge and his prowess as a drafter. He made two and a half trades that were good. He got lucky as hell on one draft pick (Rondo the Manic depressive head case) and now the team stinks like dog shit. Other than that he can’t draft and is a horrible evaluator of talent. I would rather the Celtics kick him to the curb and hire Kevin P. If anyone says anything about how he drafted Oden over Durant, your morons because I remember before the draft Celtics fans with fake Celtics Greg Oden jerseys yelling “Oden! Oden! Oden!” Thinking we were going to get the number one pick. That obviously did not happen. At least Kevin has a track record of putting together playoff teams. Danny Ainge stinks as a GM and should just do us Celtics fans a favor and blow this team up fast. Kevin McHale is not walking through that door to hand away the T-wolves Kevin Love. I love the Celtics and am tired of watching Grumpy Old Men on the court. THIS is not how we get Banner 18! Team building loss? What a crock of shit!

  • Jerry West

    shannon brown and artest was good for a year. win 2 titles the moves are at least decent. hes also got a much better young piece in bynum than we have and the ability to attract free agents.

  • Jerry Sondler

    Bynum has been a Laker since 2005…well before Gasol arrived in 2008.

  • Matt33

    Nice post.

  • IanD

    I couldn’t agree with you more. I also think Simmons’ footnote about this summers free agent market was spot on. A lot of cap space with few true star prospects leads to over paying for crappy players.
    “Another problem with this plan: It’s a sketchy free agent market. After Howard, Williams and the ageless Steve Nash, the next best free agents are restricted (O.J. Mayo, Eric Gordon, Brook Lopez, JaVale McGee, Omer Asik, Roy Hibbert, Ryan Anderson, Darren Collison), frightening (Michael Beasley), supporting guys (Nick Young, Ray Felton, Kwame Brown, Goran Dragic, Spencer Hawes, Carl Landry, George Hill, Ian Mahinmi, Aaron Brooks), old (Jason Terry, Grant Hill, Marcus Camby, Andre Miller, Antawn Jamison), really, really fucking old (Juwan Howard) or Kris Humphries (Kris Humphries). What does $24 million in cap space really mean if you miss out on Howard, Williams and all the restricted guys? Yikes. That’s what it means.”

  • You're right, and no one on that list, or a combination of players put us on course to overtake Miami, Chic and OKC.

  • chachee

    you bash simmons for suggesting mo williams and then you follow up with THAT proposal. you make simmons look like a genius. this isn’t nba2k12, you can’t shut off CPU trades and get anyone you want. warriors would NEVER pick up the phone again if danny suggested this trade.

  • chachee

    SHHHH….how dare you suggest that Danny isn’t the holy messiah. we all know bill simmons is gutter trash. still, anything that has his name on it, continues to get the most comments. we don’t like him, remember? he deflected to the west coast and once you do that, NO MORE CRED IN BOSTON.

  • Not to mention Shannon Brown was a throw in to the Adam Morrison for Radmonovich salary dump trade. No doubt it worked out well but that’s what you would call a pleasant surprise if you’re a laker fan and not necessarily a genius move by the GM.

  • Yeah, but his father still calls the shots from Boston. LOL
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  • Jerry Sondler

    Shannon Brown?
    I`ll admit his leaping ability enabled him to throw down some impressive dunks in garbage time.
    But would they have won titles in `09 & `10 with someone other than him taking up that roster spot? I think so.

  • i never heard of the dude…but by reading what his mind is 1) i am so greatful he aint Celtics gm 2) he does sound like a douche

  • Tyler

    He is right. DA needs to trade Rondo & the grumpy old big 3 and start rebuilding or he needs to quit as GM and let a professional go in and clean this mess of a team up. Danny Ainge has had one screw up after another and as a die hard Celtics fan I am sick and tired of his bullshit nickel & dime crap!

  • JulienFromSpringfield

    All the negativity in this town sucks!

  • Why? The logic is no different here than it is in a Rondo for Gasol deal. With the shape Allen keeps himself in he has probably two years left of the same production he’s giving now (15 points with great shooting percentages, exempting of course his recent slump)and a few years after that of solid production. Simmons in my mind is wrong to say Gasol has four or five of good years left. Good years compared to the average NBA forward, but no more than two years of equal production in comparison to what he’s doing now. The Warriors have been desperate to deal Monta Ellis for the past two years now and unless I’m missing any reports of some sort of rekindling between him and management that won’t change. Ray Allen’s new contract is due to go down and renegotiation with Monta is likely to involve a higher deal especially with his recent play. Cap relief, professionalism, and even at age 35 a pretty damn good player. Next to Steph Curry they could be dangerous if they play their cards right. Of course the 1st rounder and cash isn’t too promising but that’s the first offer. More realistically you’d have to through in Avery Bradley to make the cap work but with the offense Ellis is bringing to the table I do that deal.

  • Ainge isn’t in the Belichick “In Bill we Trust” stratosphere. He brilliantly (but also luckily) assembled the new Big 3 and delivered an immediately title in 2008. Even Ainge couldn’t have expected the Celtics to have the greatest turnaround in NBA History that year.
    Since then, he hasn’t set up this team to maintain success. Granted, it’s pretty tough to find impact players in the draft so low, but Avery Bradley was a mid round selection and not the impact player (so far) that’s needed to maintain success. No free agent of note has signed here and it doesn’t look like one will next year. Basically, Ainge created the Big 3 and has stood pat since 2008. He needs to trade them all before we become the post 2008 Detroit Pistons.

  • andrew

    PEople forget that we have been money strapped ever since we got the big three. Ainge only has high 20’s or low 30 picks then he only has veteran minimum contracts to give out. He has done the best he can in the situation. I bet at least 25 of the leagues teams would love to have Danny Ainge as their GM.

  • andrew

    are you joking me? Danny ainge draft picks of Al Jefferson, Perkins, Tony Allen, Delonte West, Gomes, Big Baby were all amazing because they were all out of the lottery and guys that have all become solid role players at the least. His last couple years picks are ok and he missed on some because he is always picking in the high 20’s or low 30’s. You forget all his good drafts when he actually has a pick lower than 28.

  • andrew

    Bill Simmons is an idiot if this article relays his true feelings. What a joke. I bet at least 28 of the NBA’s owners would love to have Danny Ainge as their GM. Winning a title and going to a second is not enough for Bill? what a bitter idiot!

  • BS Report

    Hey Red’s Army- You’re welcome for the most hits your web-site has gotten this year.
    Btw- have you ever been at the Garden for a meaningful Celtics game? Have you ever been there, felt the moment, felt the intensity, and felt like you were actually impacting the game? And I’m not referring to back of the balcony either… (where I hear you sit for the three games a year you attend). Just curious…

  • Lee in Oregon

    well said Danno. Ainge has been an excellent executive, especially in drafting, trades, and piecing together benches. There has been some poor free agent signings (who hasn’t? but on the whole, I hope he’s our GM for a long time. Simmons will be on the Clipper bandwagon if he isn’t already, and the transformation to LA DB will be complete. I stopped reading him when most of his references are to crappy TV dramas I’ve never seen.

  • Tyler

    This is the Boston Celtics we are talking about. Not the Bobcats or Blazers or Washington Generals. There is a standard that needs to be upheld and if he is too weak to hack it he needs to move over! Banner 18 is the only thing that matters. Not “Moral Victories” against the Thunder.

  • Tyler

    I Agree 100%! You gotta make moves or else your are left behind to rot for another couple decades. One moment of pride(2002 22 pt comeback east finals) in 22 years does not cut it for the C’s! 17 Banners & counting! I did not know we lowered our standards. let’s start putting divisional & winning streak banners to make us feel better about ourselves as Celtics fans.

  • Tyler

    All the Pink hat Celtic fans need to get over their emotions and understand that moves need to be made to reach the only goal that is important, Banner 18! A 31 year old Garnett, 32 year old Allen & 30 year old Pierce is not walking through that door! We are the Boston Celtics Goddammit! One of the two greatest franchises in the NBA. Red would have had things planned in advance or would have had the balls to make the moves! Unlike Danny Ainge who makes chicken shit moves that satisfy his owners need to sell a little hope and lots of tickets. I am so sick and tired of having watched the fucking Lakers be so damn dominant for the last 15 years! We need a GM with not just balls but greater intelligence. Ainge just has balls. I want him fired!

  • Tyler

    All of these guys should have been dealt at or a seperation plan made two years ago when the three year window ended after we lost game 7 to LA. Due to pressure from the ownership Ainge probably was forced to keep the old guys to offer a false window of hope for Banner 18 and sell lots of tickets. We are the Boston Celtics and are we not about winning NBA Titles???????????? Not quickie hand job moral vistories!

  • Tyler

    I remember the pride and power the Celtics Organization had back in the 80’s not because of the players but because the people running lived, breathed and died with it. I am just tired of incompetent management within the Celtics for the last 25 years.

  • Sure, and I'll always be grateful that Danny took this franchise from the dregs of the league to champions in one year. I was only critiquing the editorial content aimed at  Simmons. His flippant opinions were over the top, but Danny's moves of late have been spotty. The truth of why we are facing extinction lies somewhere in the middle. IMHO, DA is still one of the best GMs in the league. Now he gets another chance to reload the franchise. I'm totally comfortable with Danny's acumen because he understands the way back is through stockpiling #1s and cap space.
    Sent from my iPad

  • KG

    Oooh snap!!

  • BigMck

    Sorry to hurt your feelings, BS Report.
    I’ve been to many Celtics games. Regular season and playoffs. Balcony, loge and suites. But I’m not one who thinks you need to attend 41 games a year to prove your worth.
    In case you haven’t noticed, this blog is 24/7. We work our asses off. Questioning our dedication to the Celtics is foolish.

  • Hey BS Report- I’m sorry to relay that this thread hasn’t had any effect on our traffic, despite the overwhelming reaction in Boston that this Simmons piece is a steaming pile of diseased rhino dung.
    Now, for the insult of your comment…
    You should apologize to the legions of Celtics fans who cannot afford to sit in any seat in the Garden. You should apologize to those who can only afford balcony seats. You should apologize to the Celtics fans who don’t live close enough to Boston to go watch the team they love.
    Don’t apologize to me. I’ve been to plenty of games. I’ve sat 5 rows from the top, and 5 rows from the bottom. I’ve sat in luxury boxes and in the old obstructed views. I’ve been to Game 7’s and to November suck-fests.
    But not everyone is as lucky as me. And you know what? Those are true fans too. So you can take your elitist insinuation that only those Celtics fans who can sit in good seats for good games are true fans and shove it. Because like Bill Simmons… who I really, really hope is behind this comment but I’m sure it’s just some fan-boy fronting to feel big… this comment, and its author, is horrifically out of touch with what it means to be a Celtics fan anymore.
    I’m not going to judge a Celtics fandom by what ticket stub he or she can produce. I judge a Celtics fan by his or her passion for the game. Even those with whom I’ve disagreed on this site, especially recently, are great fans because their frustration is born of passion for the Green.
    Of course, you won’t apologize, because you’re a snob who has misguided notions of what a true fan is. That’s fine. My only hope is for you to crawl into a Simmons-shaped hole and disappear.

  • BS Report-
    As a season ticket holder I attend 2 pre-season games, 41 regular season games and every possible playoff game available. I also travel for a handful of games each year, including the 2008 and 2010 Finals, in LA.
    So yes I’ve felt it from my seats that are just a few rows behind the backboard closest to the C’s bench. I watch them closely, not just the action or the jumbotron.
    I know what it feels like to be there when the team doesn’t bother to show up just like I know the ultimate elation of witnessing their first title since 1986. So yes, as a RA contributor I attend every game. And while you stick your nose up to the fine folks up the balcony, they can feel it just as much.
    I guess justification of being a Celtics fan is rooting (ripping them) from 3,000 miles away while suggesting fantasy trades that only help other teams get better or put them over the top. Makes sense. If you’ll excuse me I have to go back to renewing my season tickets again. I might demand that they show reality TV shows during halftime since you know, that stuff is always relevant to basketball.

  • Red also didn’t trade the Big 3 back when they were declining. He had a chance to trade McHale for Detlef Schrempf and Sam Perkins and he said no. That trade surely would’ve helped the Celtics so why didn’t he trade McHale who was never the same thanks to playing on the broken foot?
    The way you make it sound, it feels like people are lining up to acquire Kevin’s $21 million deal. Ray or Rondo are the only two players that teams are even talking to Danny about. Danny has the balls to trade either of them but all of the rumored deals aren’t worth trading them for to slightly improve the team this year.
    It’s also not being a “pink hat Celtics fan” to appreciate everything that the Kevin represents to this team. Now that his knees betrayed him everyone wants to ship him out… but without that man this team is nothing.
    Pierce would probably be a Bull or Warrior who would get chastised for not trying to hard on D. Ray Allen would’ve been gone after a year or two so the team could rebuild, but that’s if he was even acquired to begin with. Rondo would be a stat filler for a basement team and would’ve left for a max deal in the summer of 2010 when every team had cap space.
    Yeah it’s great to talk about success that the Celtics had back then, but for my generation, we never experienced that. We only heard the stories, saw the ESPN Classic re-runs and Youtube videos. My uncle and older cousins had Larry Bird. I had “Larry Bird isn’t walking through that door.”
    These past five years have given us a chance to link to the past that you’ve been so proud to boast about. The playoff battles with the Bulls gave me an idea of how it must’ve felt to watch the old Celtics vs Pistons. The Celtics/Lakers rivalry now has a new chapter. Thanks to those guys.
    The thing that REALLY irks me is when the KG trade went down, everyone knew at some point that this was going to play out exactly like it has and we’re OK with them playing out the contract and then rebuild. People wanted Ray and Pierce back when their contracts we’re up, so why are people so willing to drop them for a couple decent players and a pick? Why change the plan now and put a bitter ending to what has been a wonderful story that has captivated Celtics fans?

  • I’m not the biggest Danny fan but I thought that he has worked well for the little he has to work with thanks to the massive contracts the Big 3 had. I hated seeing Posey go. It slayed me. Then I saw what New Orleans gave me for a contract and realized that the C’s couldn’t sign that deal.
    Tony Allen didn’t bother me as much because he would’ve never developed into the TA we see in Memphis. Not enough minutes around here and every time he screwed up, fans & media we’re all over him (myself included). He needed a fresh start with a new team and he has become a great defender.
    The things that make him look bad are the Hudson pick, and the reliance on Shaq/JO for a deep playoff run. The trade makes sense on paper and Green is the better player of the two but that just destroyed the Celtics chemistry.

  • KM

    “Lester Hudson Ouch!”
    Lester Hudson was the 58th pick of the draft. I love all these revisionist drafters that put no context about any picks. Show me one guy in the last ten years drafted in the last 3 picks of the draft to make any impact. The only one remotely making a dent in the league is Semih Erden, drafted by Danny Ainge!!!

  • Yes at the time I thought Danny was being fiscally responsible with that 4th year, but if Posey's demands were met would there have been a need for Sheed? Quite possibly they could have gotten more bang for the buck in 08-09', and 09'-10' even with an old Posey teetering out in year 4.
    And you're right about TA and the lack of floor time, but off the finals performance, and Miami's perimeter prowess he could have helped. Given his age and the million or so separating both sides it was just a shame to lose another glue guy.

  • Matt33

    A little over the top John? lol
    I’m sure that wasn’t Simmons… It’s probably someone that is actually a bigger RA fan than Simmons fan anyways because you provide daily content!
    In Simmons mailbags all of his readers always ask questions/make comments in his tone/style of writing. This sounds like this is all it is.
    I like Simmons and read most of his stuff. I’ve never read or heard him attack fans. He takes playful shots at just about everyone else, but I’ve never heard of him going after ours -or any team’s for that matter- fanbase.

  • Point well taken on Hudson, however it marked two straight years of 4 ho-hum draft picks, and the Semih/Gody trade to Cleveland was terrible when you consider Semih might have helped us in light of all the injuries. Danny never could find a way to use the pair of 450k t/e either. I'm not knocking Danny's acumen. I love his bold moves, and it's a hit or miss business. But there is a reason why this team is 15-17. The starting cast is aging and he never could supplement the right pieces to adjust the bench or comport with RR's skill set.

  • Matt33

    Very well said Ben.

  • Yeah I think the Need for Sheed would still be there because we didn’t have anyone that could backup KG or Perk and be a guy that opposing teams would have to worry about. Then we saw how Sheed played and how being anywhere near the basket would give him a horrible disease and that sucked.
    I’ll agree with you on Tony. DA was in no mood to negotiate with Tony and pretty much brushed him off. Another team to crap on Danny was not signing Leon Powe after he busted his ass for this team. That one still stings.

  • Even on two bad wheels Leon would have given us toughness and rebounding :))
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  • Mck & RA –
    Living in PA, I can attest to the fact that fan-dom, dedication to the team, hard work (as a blogger in your case), knowledge, analysis, etc – has NOTHING to do w/ where you sit in the Garden OR how many games you attend per year.
    Red’s Army has been providing quality Celtics/NBA content since 2006 (?) – regardless of balcony seats, loge seats, press row seats, court-side seats (which I can say – you’ve been in ALL OF THOSE SEATS!). You guys do work your ASSES OFF and that assessment by “BS” (who is def NOT Simmons btw – LOL) is not just unfair – it’s insulting. Insulting to me as well – being from PA, I make the trip to Boston a handful of times per year, yet, I believe that has nothing to do w anything relevant to your link and comments to the Simmons article.
    Stand tall men – you both have A LOT to be proud of and you offer a quality service to all Celtics AND NBA fans!
    Goo Celtics – Go RA!