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Taking Stock: Celtics – Thunder

Taking stock

After every game, we'll take stock of how each individual performance affects the player's overall value.



Avery Bradley:  Not a bad performance on the offensive end, though he's still nowhere near good enough to be a primary ball handler yet.  And I guess we're all looking at Avery's 3 blocks and not Westbrooks 31 points and dribble pentration as a marker of his defense?  Is that right?  Avery played pretty well last night, but he's still got plenty of room for improvement on both ends.

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 Paul Pierce: When the shots weren't falling (5-15 fg) he got to the line (12-16 ft).  And that's what you need to do as a primary scoring threat. 

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Kevin Garnett: Call him older, slower, whatever.  His impact on the Celtics offense is palpable.

 Mickael Pietrus:  I was debating on whether to give him the uptick in value or not, but his shot seems to be falling and he took more 2's than 3's.  He was in a tough situation, though, and he was only a -1 in a 15 point loss. 


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Ray Allen:  More than his good shooting, I loved his 7 assists.  Ok, not more than his shooting.  We need his shooting more.  I'm just glad he can shoot again.   


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Sorry, the whole bench gets the big, fat red arrow.  JaJuan Johnson is the only guy who might not deserve it, but our bench was outscored 31-9.  That's a 22 point difference in a 15 point loss. 

Is this entirely fair to the bench?  Not really.  I recognize that.  Two of the starters two day are normally bench guys and they're being asked to step up against the best team in the league. But that doesn't change the fact that this bench is still well behind where it should be.  They should be better than this.  Even if it's marginally better… they should still be better than this



Doc Rivers:  I'm not sure what he's supposed to do in this situation.  



The comeback gets points, but the 30-3 run negates those.  The starters get points, but the bench negates that.  The good feeling about some progress being made gets points, but the loss negates that.  I've never been so happy for an All Star break to come.

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  • not sure how you failed to mention the c’s first half defense absolutely sucked, or bradley’s confidence in shooting seems to be rising, either way this team wasn’t/isn’t ready to compete at a high level

  • aaron

    game was bad
    days off is good
    not gonna watch all star shoot off
    maybe in a week they can beat cleveland
    we’ll see
    good thing playoffs don’t start now
    gotta make playoffs though

  • Nick

    DISGUSTING that you guys are not acknowledging the metamorphosis of Avery Bradley. The guy is a true lockdown defender and made Westbrook work hard all night. Anytime a team has 3 guys who combine to take about 85 shots per game like OKC does… then they are always gonna get their numbers. But I’ve seen Westbrook torch people and do w.e he wants out there… Bradley stifled him all night long. I’m all for getting this guy more minutes at the expense of Ray Allen. He is plenty strong and athletic enough 2 cover opposing two guards.

  • James Eisenman

    You really have to admit it. You’re a Rondo defender at all costs. You guys refuse to isolate clips of Rondo’s defense but you continue to tout him as a great defender (better than Deron Williams, you said). He is actually a TERRIBLE defender and you know the clips would show that. Westbrook is one of the hardest covers in this league. NO ONE is going to stop him when he’s on. He made several incredible, undefendable shots last night. As a defender, sometimes all you can do is make your man take difficult shots. You can only block his shot so many times; especially a guard who’s taller than you. Yet, Avery literally hounds him all over the court, blocks his shot a few times and, when he’s on him, holds Westbrook’s shooting percentage down markedly and you ignore that and focus on the amount of points he got. Did you remember that, in the end, it was Durant and Ibaka who hit the crucial shots? No. When I bring up how many points Rondo’s men have torched us for, you ignore it. In the last two games, Avery’s jumpshot has looked incredible. He has been the potent, don’t-you-dare-drop-off-of-me guard on the floor. He’s been very consistent as of late. Something that Rondo almost never is on those shots.
    This post about Avery is truly your inability to get off the Rondo train. It has nothing to do with Avery. I watched the 1984 Celtics-Lakers game on NBA Classics the other day. Every one on both teams was playing GREAT defense, yet the players were so good, they kept on scoring despite the defense. You can’t judge defense by the amount of points scored by your opponent, only. You need to know – Who is the opponent? What is happening on the floor – Is the defender on his man or is he trolling for steals? Is the defender making his man take shots in ways that make the shot as difficult as possible or in a manner that he’s uncomfortable shooting (forcing a right-hand only guy to his left, or making Dwight Howard take his hook shot from 5-8 feet away from the basket so he’ll more likely miss). You eyes will tell you a lot more than stats. If the defender is getting steals, what kind of steals are they? Is the defender interfering with the other player’s rhythym and comfort on the court? Avery had an exceptional game yesterday. (It was when Doc switched to that RIDICOLOUS ZONE against a top 3-point shooting, high-flying team, that we really got torched). Sure, Avery could use improvements but WHO COULDN’T? The truth is, he actually appears to be working on his game and improving. Just admit that you’re watching him through Rondo-colored glasses and don’t pretend to be an unbiased observer. This post makes it crystal clear. As Laker Fan Jack Nicholson once said – “Crystal.”

  • Rondo To KG

    I disagree with Bradley breaking even last night. If anything, he is the most deserving player to rise in stock. He’s really starting to get confidence in his shot, his defensive abilities, and is even starting to attack the rim.
    We were ready to give up on him earlier this year, but he’s starting to slowly prove us wrong as the season progresses. One of the few good things about being hit by the injury bug, I suppose.

  • i agree with Nick…Avery second year in the league and he is really a great defender! Give him a break seriously, he normally comes off the bench so playing as a starter is making him have to guard some of the better pgs for longer periods of time. And he is more confident in taking his shots (and dunking over KD another think u forgot to mention)

  • James Eisenman

    Rondo’s stats on Westbrook – 1/16/12
    Russell Westbrook, PG 40 9-18 3-4 5-6 2 5 7 4 3 0 4 1 +6 26
    Avery and others on Westbrook – 2/22/12
    Russell Westbrook, PG 41 11-24 1-2 8-9 0 5 5 6 1 0 2 0 +11 31
    And from what I understand from another poster, Westbrook was like 5-14 when Avery was the actual defender on him

  • James Eisenman

    From one of the other posts, like I said:
    FYI on AB
    Westbrook shot 5-16 33%, 1-2 3p on him on the floor
    In 16 minutes with Bradley on the bench …
    12-21 58%, 2-3 3p

  • Tyler

    The defense sucked! Last I checked the box score in the Globe & Herald we got our asses kicked. Only cowards talk about moral victories!