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Photo Gallery: Celtics vs Thunder

My friends over at Hoop China posted some nice pics from last night's loss to OKC. Some bonus GIFS after the jump..


AveryPin RayButter

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  • TJames

    How is Avery’s dunk not in here? Was awesome…

  • Tyler

    Great! More moral victories for one of the two greatest franchises in the NBA. This shit fuckin makes me sick! We are supposed to be fighting for Banner 18! The only thing that matters. Not a moral victory! Fire Danny Ainge and his incompetent staff!

  • mvp2012

    Take pill or splash cold water on your face. Win or lose these are just stock images for people to look at. I agree, no moral victories does this team or any team justice at this point, but these are just up close, stock images for us to see.