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Happy Birthday Rajon Rondo


Today is Rajon Rondo's 26th birthday.  I'm declaring a moratorium on the BS surrounding this kid for a day.  

Just as a matter of perspective:  When Paul Pierce was 26, he was starting a season in which he'd shoot 40.2% (29.9% from 3).  The kid is young, and there is room and time for him to improve.  

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  • Jerry Sondler

    There is room for improvement, but it will never happen. Rondo is as good as he`ll ever be, which is pretty good but far from great.
    If he were to be traded to NJ for D-Will, nobody will ever hear of him again.

  • Walk

    Couldn’t agree more…but I’m curious why no one ever writes about what he does during the offseason. DRose comes back after his rookie year with a consistent midrange j. The following year he stretches it and becomes a decent 3 point threat. Is there ever any literature about his offseaon work outs or how he’s trying to better himself?
    I love Rondo and appreciate everything has done / injuries plays through, but I do question what he does to better himself. Is it possible that he truly works at it but developing his jump shot is not in his DNA? It’s been 6 years and the gaping hole in his game is the same one he entered the league with.

  • How in the world can you say Rondo is as good as he’ll ever be?
    And if he went to NJ, you’d never hear from him again?
    I’m sorry, I’m calling bullshit on that. Those are two of the most ridiculous statements I’ve heard in this whole hating-Rondo madness.

  • If you don’t think Rondo works on his game in the offseason, you’re insane.
    I can just as easily say “I NEVER see any pictures or read any stories of Rondo partying it up in the offseason. He must be holed up somewhere working on his game.”

  • mollysdaddy

    Am I the only one who misses the headband?

  • Jerry Sondler

    How is calling Rondo a “pretty good” player a display of hatred????
    He simply is not {and never will be} what you so obviously want him to be, which is “great”. Nobody outside of New England would dare to even suggest {for fear of ridicule} that Rondo is as good as Rose, Paul, Williams, Westbrook, etc.
    He`s not that much different from the player he was 5 years ago. He still cannot shoot FT`s, opponents still dare him to shoot uncontested jumpers all night long from beyond 12 feet.
    He`s a very good complementary player, when on a team surrounded by top talent. He`ll show up, do his job, keep his mouth shut, and make his already talented teammates even better.
    But that`s where it ends.

  • Walk

    Pissy response…but back it up. What has gotten better? Has any opponent had to change their defense philosophies since ’08 because of something Rondo has done?

  • mmoyet@mkelectric.us

    Westbrook, rose, Williams, are all undersized shooting guards masquerading as point guards who shoot the ball 19 times a game where rondo takes 11 and none of them are the facilitators that rajon is. So what do you want from your point guard? I can easily make the case that if rondo shot the ball as much as the other so called top point guards in the league his ppg average would be over 20, but how would that translate on a team with 3 hall of famers that clearly don’t have it anymore but believe they do with an offense tailored around them? Rajon Rondo is not the problem. Let’s have this discussion when he’s playing with younger and athletic teammates that want to rebound break out and run rather than jog up the floor and get into half court sets that aren’t working anymore.

  • me too! 😉
    Happy Birthday RR!!

  • Danno

    Happy Birthday Rondo!
    Enjoy your self-imposed Vacation when you team needed you the most, Asshole!

  • Vivek NJ

    104-118 not a bad ending despite behind 23 points. we did not have bass and wilcox.