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Grande: Rondo is going to the All-Star game

Congrats to Rajon Rondo. Being named to the All-Star team is a pretty good birthday present from the league.

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  • Ian

    Hrm… Rondo to the All-Star game… Does he calm down a little and put his snub behind him?

  • Danno


  • aaron

    it’s a nice birthday present, of course David Stern will nulify it come tomorow and give D rose two spots on the roster

  • Chris57

    can we get paul or ray to replace him in the 3 contest then please…

  • maybe he can stop pms-ing now

  • i sooo agree 🙂

  • James Eisenman

    Perfect venue for Rondo. No defense required at the All-Star game.

  • Greenie

    Now he’s just going to play like he’s made it. Fat & happy. Which he did not, he backdoored into it. When is DA going to trade Rondo and two more players for D-Will?

  • Elliot

    you’re a retard he got snubbed badly just like 3 or 4 other players it should be called the Eastern All-SmallFowards. Because players true to their position pretty much got snubbed so Small Forwards like Carmelo Anthony can play different positions to what he was voted in for e.g. Carmelo is the starting PF…. even though he’s a SF….

  • C-18

    He was crying couple weeks ago for not making it. He’s too childish, he doesn’t deserved to be an ALL STAR. They should have picked Ray Allen or Boozer.