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Your Morning Dump… Where Doc doesn’t expect any deals!/ESPNSteinLine/status/171810499921588225!/ESPNSteinLine/status/171811673370402816

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Let's just get this all out there so you know the ground rules for whatever scenarios you are cooking up.

1:  The Celtics are over the cap, so any trade they make with a team now has to match salaries… unless they find a team under the cap willing to make a move (teams under the cap are allowed to make unbalanced trades). 

2:  Draft picks have no real value when it comes to making salaries match.

With those things in mind, Kevin Garnett is making $21 million this year and Ray Allen is making $10 million.  Paul Pierce is making $15 million but he's also due another $32 million over the next two years.  Rajon Rondo is making $10 million and is due another $36 million over the next three years. 

Teams that may be interested in the salary cap relief provided by KG and Ray are already over the cap and are very unlikely to be looking at trading away that much salary just to clear space next season.  Teams under the cap are already in rebuilding mode and generally don't want to take on a Pierce, who will tie up valuable space over the next couple of years. 

So that leaves maybe a deal for Ray Allen out there, which alone won't get the Celtics any closer to a title.  That also leaves some possibility of trading Rondo, but as much as some of you guys hate him, there are still only a handful of guys better than him at his position… so Danny's not just going to give him away.  

I read the comments.  I know what a lot of people are saying.  But Doc is right.  He doesn't expect any deals and you shouldn't either.  Danny will listen just in case a David Kahn loses his damn mind again and comes along with something ridiculous…. but it will take something ridiculous for Danny to actually pull the trigger.  

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On Page 2:  Doc sticks up for Rondo

Said Rivers: “You’re always disappointed when that happens. You should never put yourself in front of the team. But the game is an emotional game. We can agree it was a pretty clear foul and a bad foul that wasn’t called. At the time we were getting our butts kicked and it’s a human game, and emotional game. I can guarantee you 35 seconds after it happened that Rondo wished he could take it back. That happens. He’s still young, and I hope we don’t forget that.

“We all do some messed up things in our lives, and unfortunately for Rondo, he does it in front of a lot of people and we don’t. That’s the big difference. We always tell our guys to think about the team if you can, but it’s hard. You could tell he lost his composure, because at halftime he was the one saying hey guys, let Doc work on the refs. You leave them alone. So clearly that (ball toss) was not intentional.”

Herald:  Rondo suspended, but not before some ironic words

Rondo did something very stupid and he's paying for it, as he should.  

This is not the first time Doc has used the reference to Rondo growing up in front of a lot of people.  He is still young.  That's hard to remember.  And I know I certainly don't want to be judged by my actions at 26 years old..  

And that's not an excuse for Rondo.  Rather, it's part of who he is.  He's young.  And some people handle things better than he does at 26, and some handle it worse.  But you can't dismiss youth and emotion and say "well, you get a lot of money to do this so be perfect."  That's not how it works.  I'll guarantee you almost every shining example of professionalism you'll try to pass off has a history behind-the-scenes that will surprise the hell out of you.  

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  • just as long ray/kg resign on the cheap next year. they would be great 7/8th men!! but can they swallow their pride? if not than danny needs go somewhere else. i was hoping this year ray would have slid to the 6th man.. bah

  • um how do I say this hmmmm. We kinda are not good. We have no real center and one of the worst back up backcourts in NBA History!!!!(a bunch of has been’s and never will be’s)Q is shell of himself. Even the TNT guys calling the game said “I’d never thought I’d say this, but Doc says if Chris wilcox gets in foul trouble it is going to be a long night” really. This is the best we could find. Bass going down is killing us yes. but we need a Center and a solid combo Gaurd if we want have any shot at this thing. and your hope for next year counts on Jeff Green you are drinking the Kool-Aid sign and trade him he not a 3 and he is not a 4. He is a tweener I’d take Ryan Gomes over him any day if you want a tweener. Danny trade Rondo, KG, JO and anyone else not named Bass PP and Allen. Pardon the Typos it Fat Tuesday and surprise I halfway in the bag!! GO CELTICS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! when is the next 2 man game?

  • paul

    Rondo stood up for himself when no one else would. Doc should have been screaming after that play,but he was fast asleep. Rondo cannot just take it when he gets clobbered night after night.

  • rondo averybradley/etwuan moore jajuan johnson and jermiane oneal and our two first round picks (and any other 2nd round picks they want) for dwight howard. Boston gets howard nuff said. Orlando gets “one of the top players at his position” young talent and draft picks. Then in 2012 howard will be an attraction for boston and he wille xtend the career of ray ray and kg who hopefully will sign for cheap. If danny can make it happen then we instantly become contenders again with a renewed big 4 and a celtics team who is able to board.

  • I’d take a side of ryan anderson with that deal if you can work that out

  • it works out in the espn trade machine says its equal without even adding our two frist round picks or any 2nd round picks

  • i dont think they would throw in there center of the future in the deal but i would take any players they are trying to dump in order to get dwight

  • Danno

    Yes, he can if he wants to not get suspended.
    He was right to protest the call. It was a bad non-call.
    His reaction, was that of a spoiled 5 year old having a temper tantrum. He absolutely deserved the suspension. In fact, he probably should’ve gotten MORE time off. He whipped a Ball at the ref in frustration for not getting his way. That, my friend, is assault and battery in the real world.
    You really need to step back and look at this situation like an adult.

  • Just to expound on this post, if Danny stands pat and perhaps finds another front line rebounder, off a buyout or small trade that doesn’t effect the off season cap, we’ll have approximately 25m in cap space with two #1’s.
    In light of going 1-6 after winning 5 straight the trade innuendos will heat up over the break and will only intensify if they continue to lose games. One thing is for sure … guys like Dooling, Daniels, Sasha and the rookies have no value.
    I doubt very much Garnett can be moved and it doesn’t appear any GM is pinning away for JO’s expiring contract just yet.
    Despite what Callahan beleives Rondo is not going to be used as trade bait because we need a top tier point guard to play with Howard if he would consider playing in Boston. IMHO you do whatever it takes even if it means trading for Howard before the deadline, and we do have one palatable option, which doesn’t include flipping Rondo.
    So that leaves Pierce, but he could be amnestied and then play for a team of his choice next season, and Ray who could be dealt to a contender and return to Boston as FA.
    Would anybody object to this trade, which would leave enough room to sign Howard in the off season?

  • T
    hat’s one of the problems. Orlando will insist on #1’s and right now it doesn’t appear ours will be a high lottery pick.
    Additionally they will insist on us taking on a bad contract or two.
    Turk $11m one yr
    Nelson $8.5m player option next year
    They’re also locked into Duhon, Q. Rich and J. Richardson and owe BB another 18m over the next three seasons.
    If they’re trading Howard then he’s coming with extra baggage.

  • Danno

    Howard has no desire to be, or intention of playing in Boston, at all.
    I think you should all just get that notion out of your heads. He’s not coming here.

  • The only hope the Celtics have is to make a move for Deron Williams or Howard and PRAY they enjoy their brief time here, then PRAY again the other (Howard/Williams) signs here as a free agent.
    Going into next year with just cap space is a death sentence for this team. No big free agent has EVER signed with this team in their history. Trades/Drafting is how the Celtics have won.

  • i dream about brandon jennings, batum, nick young, speights and okur

  • yes i couldnt agree more. Doc always uses the excuse that he didnt see the play (well if he didnt see it the first time i am sure they replayed it on the jumbotron)….and if that ref didnt think that was a foul he had to be dreaming so if u miss a call that bad expect the player to get pissed and throw a ball at your ugly ass!! Go Rondo 100%.