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Peter May wants to trade Rondo for D-Will

ESPN's Peter May thinks the Celtics should offer Rajon Rondo to the Nets for Deron Williams:

One person in the Nets organization who is not directly connected to negotiations with Williams offered his opinion on the star's intentions, saying he doesn't think there's any chance the guard stays with New Jersey. He also thought the team would be wise to come to grips with that and trade him before the March 15 deadline. 

If Williams is available, and you're the Celtics, don't you dust off the Chris Paul trade folder and go hard for him? You'd have to part with Rajon Rondo and someone else (Jermaine O'Neal fits neatly from a cap standpoint) to get the deal done. But it's worth it if you're the Celtics.

Is Deron Williams a better point guard than Rajon Rondo? He's a better scorer, for sure. I'd give Rondo the nod on defense and call them even on passing.

The question mark in all of this trade speculation is… Dwight Howard. Does Deron Williams give you a better chance to land Howard in free agency?

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  • Danno

    Two words:

  • putjinthehall

    I WOULD HATE to send Rondo to NJ, but thats a good trade.

  • Jerry Sondler

    Rondo & JO for Williams?
    I`ll gladly drive them to the airport!

  • mike

    The key is the contract. Rondo is locked up for a few more years, so if your concern is to land Dwight, you don’t make the trade without DWill extending his deal. If he does though, you pull that trigger for sure.

  • Alex

    Such a no brainer…
    That would be an amazing trade. Let JO go, as well.

  • Picture Planet

    Seriously, I’d give JO away for a bunch of fresh Spaldings.

  • KY Celts fan

    Begrudgingly, yeah, you’d have to do it. Deron and Dwight have both expressed interest playing together. Having one will draw the other. And having both those guys will attract other, better free agents to Boston as well. We’d be contenders for at least a decade (assuming they both continue to resign), and it would really stick in the Lakers’ craw, which would become the delicious icing on an epic cake.

  • Fresh Spaldings, or fresh Spinach. Even the spinach with the E Coli on it.

  • Beantown

    A 3 teamer with Orlando and New Jersey! We get D12 and Deron, NJ gets Rondo Turkeyglue and JO, then Orlando gets Lopez, KG, Morrow, and our clippers 1st rounder.

  • Lets be smart about this, i say we DONT trade rondo, but hear me out.Yeah sure maybe dwill is a better scorer, yeah sure maybe rondos a better defender, and theyre equall passers, BUT theres another category to look at. And that is CHEMISTRY. remember last year? the perk deal destroyed out chemistry, so i say we keep rondo not only because of chemistry, but also because i believe hes a better PG than Dwill. and for those of you that think Dwill will get you Dwight? Come on, rondo worked out wiht Dwight over summmer, so i think rondo can get you Dwight too.

  • Classless

    I would do it in a second, but I’m not sure why NJ does. Are they giving up on uniting Howard and Williams? If the trade happens, why would Boston be any more desirable for Howard/Williams than NJ? I’m pretty sure Dallas is the spot Williams wants. But we can dream, right?

  • Tyler

    You make this trade happen as soon as possible! I don’t care how many bodies DA needs to make vanish to make this trade happen! This trade happens and the chance of landing Howard goes up huge! witht he outside shooting threat Williams would bring and the inside presence Howard has this is golden. Rondo has a bad comment said about him by the president and he sulks, needs therapy 7 anti-depressants. Williams gets a slight and wants REVENGE! I love his mind set! Ainge, make this trade happen! I don’t care what he has to give up. Get the players first. If you build it they will come! Trade Rondo!

  • Tyler

    Turn the blinders off!

  • KY Celts fan

    Chemistry means nothing when 11 of 15 players aren’t on contract for next year. And Rondo and Dwight worked out with a lot of different players over the summer. When was the last time Rondo and Dwight ate dinner together as Deron and Dwight do whenever their teams play each other?

  • Michael

    Trade Rondo for D-Will, then move D-Will for Jeremy Lin. I’m sorry but I would make that trade. J-Lin is a passer.

  • Richard

    Lol, +1

  • I’ll say it once, I’ll say it again: Celtics fans are a$$h0le$. Here’s the guy that has basically kept your a$$e$ still relevant and you want to throw him under a 4-king bus. That’s why your team will never win another championship again–you a$$holes don’t deserve it.

  • Elliot

    if this happens Rondo will have the last laugh because D-Will will leave Boston and we won’t get Dwight. End.

  • Joe A

    I don’t know what world you Jeremy Lin fanatics live in. Apparently in this world he is the greatest point guard of all time, and after only two weeks of playing, he has a salary comparable to all-star guards.
    On topic, I wouldn’t do the trade, but I wouldn’t be that upset if it happened. If he was willing to sign an extension, and it meant Dwight would come, than I’m all for it. However, there is no assurance that any of that would happen.
    I do find it interesting though that some of the people that say Rondo has a bad attitude and looks disinterested in games are so high on D-Will. When in Utah, he allegedly feuded with Jerry Sloan, and for the most part of this season (and a lot of last season,) he looks disengaged on the Nets. Plus, he seems like he wants to go to Dallas.

  • KY Celts fan

    FUCK OFF!!!!! Why do you constantly troll here? Go masterbate to pictures of your sister and update your lousy blog!

  • KY Celts fan

    And you don’t have to use $$ here. You can type assholes. As in “JTs Hoops Blog is an asshole.”

  • SamR

    I agree that chemistry’s important, but this team doesn’t have any. In fact, the period that they seemed to have the best chemistry was when Rondo was out for 8 games.
    The only reason I can think of to not do this trade is that Williams is prolly going to Dallas when his contract is up.

  • … First off great marketing by you in promoting your shi – excuse me – $hitty web page. It’s great form to pi$$ off a fan base when trying desperately to expand your own. Coming to a conclusion that DHoward more likely would want to team up with DWill over Rondo so therefore it’s best to trade them is a perfectly valid point. That’s not dumping on Rondo. It makes sense. Unlike you, who posts nothing but inane garbage on this beloved site.
    While I wouldn’t be caught dead perusing your blog, I have a strong grasp of your limited basketball IQ by the trolling you’ve done here over the past few seasons. Thanks for your bold predictions and remember this day when Boston is raising number 18…

  • The fallacy of this debate is … if Williams, even on an expiring contract, is the magic ticket lure for Howard why would NJ trade him in mid season?
    Maybe they would be comfortable with RR and JO’s expiring contract, but Williams would amount to nothing more than a rental for us if he doesn’t sign a long term deal.
    It’s more prudent to wait and here’s why …
    Let’s assume Bass opts out and all FA’s are renounced we’re left with Pierce, RR, Bradley, JJ plus the two #1’s. With cap holds and 6 roster charges the committed salaries total nearly 36m, which leaves approximately $25m in cap space. That’s not enough to sign a pair max players.
    Williams + DH of course would significantly make more money and gain another max year if they were to resign with their respective teams. But let’s assume they both opt out and Howard sours on Brooklyn making Williams’ decision a fait accompli. In the first year of a new contract they’re allowed 30% of the cap, less than 18.5m. So in order to sign both RR would have to be dealt to NJ in a S/T with Bass + a future #2. But at least Williams is tied up for 4 years.
    Then you’re left with … 43.5m before Howard
    Williams 18.5
    Pierce 16.8
    Bradley 1.6
    Johnson 1.1
    Cap holds 2.5
    Roster Holds 3.0 (500k/)
    Howard is realistic at that point, but it leaves us only with a mmle and vet. min to round out the roster. I’d take my chances with Williams/Howard/PP tough. Unless Williams can be signed long term after the trade goes down it’s way too risky.

  • :)

    that being said, why would they trade deron for rondo.
    i still rondo better though

  • paul

    Well said. Celtics fans are indeed assholes.
    Hey, let’s trade Bill Russell for Wilt Chamberlain. Chamberlain does everything Russell does, plus he scores. Total nobrainer.
    And you asswipes would do it too. You really fucking would.

  • paul

    Sure it’s valid, if you are a hype-head.
    Hell, most of the supposedly intelligent and well informed fans still think The Trade was a GRAND idea. After all “we got the best player in the deal”, and all that rot.

  • paul

    I think Rondo is the better player. But one way or another, Ainge will trade Rondo soon. He could certainly do worse than trading him for Williams.

  • yeppers, you’re thinking like a competent gm. the yrs and short money is the underline value. but don’t put it past danny to sign dwill in the offseason??

  • Sorry Paul there’s a difference. Defense wins championships. Last time I checked Howard has won multiple Defensive Player of the Year awards and the best Center in the league today. Russell was not the polarizing enigma Rondo is. And Russell got results.
    I personally love the Rondo and feel teaming him up with Dwight would make them the most devastating, offensively challenged duo in the NBA. It would be tremendous (especially if Ray and KG were to resign as 7th and 8th men next year). But if you ask me to put on an NBA GM hat, and if it’s known that Dwight and DWill want to roll together, why wouldn’t you try to get one of them?

  • Do this trade NOW!

  • Alex

    Please get the fuck out of here with your Jeremy Lin.
    Please learn the game of basketball before you post a comment.
    Deron Williams for Jeremy Lin. I’m sorry but that’s beyond idiotic and I’m just gonna assume you are trolling because that’s really the stupidest thing I’ve ever heard.

  • Alex

    Because there’s a very good chance that Deron won’t resign with NJ. One of the sources stated that Deron told the NJ management to trade him asap because he’s not planning to resign.
    I’m sorry but I would rather have Deron than Rondo. Rondo’s defense has been piss poor (I’m surprised to see a lot of people saying he has elite defense when he gambles constantly and refuses to stay in front of his man) with his attitude and the chemistry is looking like it’s been ruined on the team already. Having a scorer and passer in Deron would drastically boost the Celtic’s offense. We’d only have the rebounding to worry about.

  • Funny…

  • Rondo is the better defender? You must be kidding me? Please take up my iso challenge and clip any recent game. Compare Rondo’s stellar defense to Williams’ against the same foe. I could almost guaranty that you would have to eat those words. As long as we can keep Williams long term, go for it.

  • Rondo is the better defender? You must be kidding me? Please take up my iso challenge and clip any recent game. Compare Rondo’s stellar defense to Williams’ against the same foe. I could almost guaranty that you would have to eat those words. As long as we can keep Williams long term, go for it.

  • midi178

    Well! I don’t understand one thing, why danny won’t have meeting with Garnett and allen, he should ask them what type of contracts they expect next summer. If they expect more then vet minimum, you trade them or let them go, else I would sign them to minimum vet contract. Next we would have Pierce, garnett, allen, rondo, two mid 1st rounders, cap space, and great coach, with that you have legite shot at Howard, of course if he isn’t trade before summer. If you doubt that they could win it all in this squad, look at clippers and knicks those teams somehow found good role players. In a subjcet of rondo dwill trade I would not do it if he don’t agree to sign multiple years contract. If you look at season when celtics won it all rondo’s jumper wasn’t such a big deal, probably becouse you could allways go to Garnett in the post and he could bail you out of rondo shooting, now that is not an option. I realize that my scenario might never happen, but what other option do we have? Trade rondo dwill and then let him go next summer? Trade Garnett, pierce allen For what? I think magic won’t trade him before deadline, they will gamble and hope he won’t go and leave 30 millions on the table if he does he will choose to win now. And that is celtics hope for him. If celtics trade rondo wothout dwill extention they will trade top 10 point guard with reasonable contract for nothing!!!! Sorry fo my english.

  • I spit my morning coffee all over my Laptop a bunch of fresh Spaldings. I don’t laugh much funniest post 2012

  • GH

    DWill is a better scorer but during RR’s 2 recent high scoring games the talk was that PP and Ray were standing around sulking b/c they weren’t getting the ball…not that I believed it
    but it was said by a lot of ppl. Would our current scorers tolerate getting less looks?