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Your Morning Dump… Where the “blow-it-up” talk is back

Every morning, we compile the links of the day and dump them here… highlighting the big storyline. Because there’s nothing quite as satisfying as a good morning dump.

The Celtics piss-poor play has made the natives restless, yet again. Blow-it-up-now remains the mantra of the frustrated. Change is coming, whether it be March 1 or July 1. Danny Ainge would move any player now, if he can get an asset without impacting the team’s financial flexibility. Unfortunately, such deals are more rumor than reality.

During an appearance last night on Comcast, Sports Illustrated’s Ian Thomsen said the Celtics should be entertaining offers for Rajon Rondo. His trade value has peaked, at least for this season.

He called the rumored swap for the Lakers Pau Gasol “tremendous,” even though Gasol is 6 years old than Rondo.

Thomsen said about 10 teams need a point guard and looks at “Portland, Utah and Sacramento” as possible suitors and threw out the names “Paul Milsap, Enes Kanter, DeMarcus Cousins and Tyreke Evans.”

I highlighted Thomsen’s comments in the Dump, because he’s not an attention seeking journalist. He has sensible opinions about basketball. 

Buckle up. We might be in for a wild ride over the next few weeks.

On Page 2, Paul Pierce sees no need for a team meeting.

“I think at some point over the next 48 hours, I’m sure we’ll have a conversation just amongst our team in terms of where we’re at mentally,’’ he (Jermaine O’Neal) said. “Because that’s the key, mentally for us right now. I don’t care what’s going on, we shouldn’t lose to Detroit twice in a five-day span. They’re playing good basketball but they shouldn’t beat us twice.’’

When asked if he will organize the players to meet, Pierce said: “I don’t see me calling a meeting right now. I’m not going to use the excuse that we didn’t have [RajonRondo for the second half or missing out on [Kevin Garnett] or Brandon Bass. We just have to be more competitive. It doesn’t take calling the guys in for that.’’

Globe – O’Neal: It’s time for a talk

My frustration with Paul Pierce is growing. He looks uninspired on the court and his comments following last night’s debacle are disappointing. 

I realize I’m not privy to everything that goes on in that locker room, but I’m not feeling the “leadership” vibe from Paul Pierce. 

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  • Alex

    Yup … It’s lookin bad …

  • KY Celts fan

    That dude looks like Bruce Willis.

  • KG

    I would hate a Rondo for Gasol trade…UNLESS it led to a flip of Gasol for Howard, but that seems like a long shot. Why trade a young team friendly player for an older player with a big contract. Unless we plan on building a team to contend next season, that trade would not make any sense.

  • Alex

    Oh and by the way, anyone else really worried about the income of the upcoming away game against Dallas. Just a day after the miserable Pistons loss…
    I expect a HUGE embarrassment against the Celtics on national television. Called it first.

  • I bet 20 $ Pierce doesn’t like Rondo at all. I think that’s the problem, and it’s huge.

  • Quest

    if you trade Rondo for Gasol who do we really have left for PG who can really carry this team forward this season even with a good center or are we now just scrapping this season all together. There are too many OTHER C’s players that are not performing. How and why is trading Rondo always the only problem solving alternative or solution for this team when so many are playing like crap.

  • Tyler

    Rondo & Allen for Lin.

  • KY Celts fan

    10 day countdown til March 1st. Then all hell breaks loose, and I believe the Celtics are going to be in the middle of it. That two week span is going to be one gut punch rumor after another, and there is going to be at least one big trade with this team before the 15th. Get ready for it now, boys. The next month is gonna be hell, and who knows what comes after.

  • cez

    …Anyone else worried about Doc’s job?

  • Quest

    So who out there is an unrestricted Free Agent that is worth anything? Restricted Free Agents does Danny have $$ to match offers? Check out Danny’s interview on WEEI even he has said that there is litttle trade talk happening because there is not much on the market worth trading forright now.

  • Quest

    Redsarmy do you have the stats available to break down the individual play vs injury time off court as to who is dead weight on this team?
    Rondo/Allen for Lin….sounds good… but then what do you do with a Bench that just loses the hard earned lead when your productive players sit to rest? This whole team is a mess. These Bench Players looked good on paper at the beginning of the season but now…..

  • Tim

    Are you fricken serious Chuck??? I haven’t posted in about 2 years, but had to after your ignorant comments about Pierce.
    You don’t get it. Pierce and Ray are the only ones that looks inspired…. Are you watching the games?

  • that guys basket ball IQ is borderline retarded. at this point marc gasol is by far a better center than his lama brother. trading kg and ray to a desperate play-off team would be the better power move.. or keeping them and resigning 1-2 yr veteran min contracts. trading a top 5 pg w/a delicious 4 yr contract is beyond idiotic.
    btw during the last lock-out the knicks were the 8th seed and went to the finals

  • jo

    Knicks can keep Lin.

  • Alex

    Uh, are YOU watching the games? Ray Allen looks like he’s doing his thing but he’s missing a lot of shots. Some of that blame has to go to the piss poor picks that Jermaine is doing. Other than that, Ray seems really cold but there will be a point where he’ll get hot again.
    Paul Pierce, in the other hand, looks old. He’s either disinterested or old as crap. This guy doesn’t penetrate the basket as much anymore and he really does seem ticked off about something.
    It’s weird though. Ever since Rondo came back, the team IS falling apart… Not sure if this is a Rondo thing or something else. It’s weird that things run so much smoother when Pierce has the ball and running the offense.

  • Quest, I think because as it stands, it would be difficult to find anyone on this roster other than Rondo who has any decent trade value left. I would also be very sad to see Rondo leave, especially as I think that his salary is a bargain considering his talent. Call me crazy but if I had to choose between the Big Three and Rondo, it would seem that cutting the other three loose would benefit the team more in the future.
    As it stands the only reason I think Big when I talk about those guys is because of their huge salary that along with their play is completely crippling this team. Doubt you could get anyone decent for them though, so we will just have to wait until this season is over.

  • Until all the avenues in pursuing DH are exhausted I seriously doubt Danny thinks about trading RR in mid season.
    From the perspective of dealing RR for Gasol …
    1- Salaries don’t match
    2- We would lose approximately 9m in cap space since Danny would not take back a bad contract if a third team was involved.
    3- You build title contenders with superstars, which leaves only Howard and D. Williams.
    IMHO, this roster may incur a few tweaks but the core 4 aren’t going anywhere.
    Danny isn’t trading his assets to make frustrated fans happy. Immediate change isn’t always good. What’s of the utmost importance is cap space and #1 picks. He will not pull the trigger to trade Ray or KG on mediocre talent with long term contracts and if he’s not getting expiring contracts and lots of picks for Pierce, he can amnesty him and get $16 million more in cap space.

  • KY Celts fan

    nope, not in the least.

  • paul

    Either Pierce or Rondo has to go. Indications are clear that it will be Rondo, unless someone offers a king’s ransom for Rondo.

  • Pierce had that great stretch when Rondo was out, but he’s been awful the past 5 games. I don’t see how that’s disputable.
    Glad I could inspire your return!

  • cbk

    Rondo off the bench helps.

  • cbk

    Do not trade Rondo… Use Rondo off the bench with second team and run.

  • you know rondo’s a top 5 pg.. right? there’s nothing wrong w/him.. its the supporting cast that lacks consistency and raw talent. keep drinking milk!

  • Danno

    Sure there is something wrong with him. He’s a selfish, stubborn asshole and clearly NO ONE on that team gets along with him. They are a MUCH better TEAM without him, even if the individual parts aren’t as talented as they are with him.
    Rondo’s going through the same funk Gasol is going through. He was on the block. His team wanted him out of town, or at least the owners did. Problem is, NO ONE bit. The one trade for him that made sense fell apart, just like it did for Gasol.
    And both of their teams are suffering for it.
    Also – he seems to have take the All-Star Snub personally. VERY personally. In fact – Shaq was so adamantly in favor of Rondo during the TNT show that night they announced the reserves, I wouldn’t be surprised if that big sneaky bitch wasn’t calling Rondo behind the scenes to get him all pissed off about it. Worst thing that ever happened to this team was letting that conniving, shit talking fucker (Shaq) in that locker room. That dud e was locker room cancer. Just ask Kobe.

  • Indeed. It’s beyond comical to watch the paeans to Rondo roll out while this team loses and loses and loses.
    Get it through your heads: Rondo isn’t a desirable commodity in this league, because as Danno said, he’s a selfish, stubborn diva that other teams JUST DON’T WANT TO SCREW WITH.
    It’s embarrassing watching all this Rondo knob-slobbering going on out there in Internet land, especially Celtics Blog. Stop it. It’s hard on your credibility.
    Rondo’s not a top-5 PG and he won’t be until he grows the hell up and stops letting off-the-court shit impact his game.

  • let’s not forget rondo’s from a different generation. my younger brother’s the same age and he’s just as much of a me-first selfish punk, but underneath it all he’s a good kid. rondo has also lost his boi perk and was victimized by the toxic teammates: sheed and shaq.. no doubt those guys poured it on him.
    rondo could care less about stats, all-star/olympic selections. he’s all about endorsements and doing business. this team was built on specific need: ray to shoot, perk/kg for defense, pp for leadership, and a cast of role players. sure he has character issues, but he’s also a warrior. his teammates are a group of has beens.
    when the celtics won #17 rondo was in tears hugging doc knowing that coaching and hard work paid off. that can happened again if he’s given fresh blood with players that have raw talent and the ability to complement one another. right now they’re not a better team w/o him.

  • chachee

    i agree. there’s definitely some infighting for sure. i’d say trade both these guys but it wouldn’t sit well with the fanbase. and they’ve paid a lot of money for the “fans” to be interested in the celtics again. the c’s are still relevant in this city but if they gut the team and blow it up, i’m assuming we go back to square one and start this thing all over again. either way, it’s inevitable. danny might as well start early while the value is at its highest. he’s always said, as long as there’s a deal worth doing (regarding the Big 3), he’d do it. let’s hope he has the balls to back up that statement.

  • chachee

    Top 5 PG, in the last 2 years? Yes. This year? No. i’d take Rubio over Rondo. Here are the PG’s that i rank over Rondo:
    D Williams
    I just don’t see how he can be ranked above any of these guys. The supporting cast (C’s bench) is subpar but that’s what always made Rondo so good. You surround him with talent and he facilitates. You surround him with mediocre veterans, and he weaknesses get exposed. he can’t shoot the three, he can’t shoot free throws, he struggles with the mid-range shot, he lacks consistency with aggressive drives to the basket. Rondo could get away with taking a few plays off (just stand there and wait until Ray runs around the court until he gets open and pass to him), but when that stops working, Rondo just stands there and becomes the offense. When Rondo becomes the “offense”, of course we’ll be .500 team through 30 games. I’ve had my blinders on with this kid since the Big Three started. When he started to drop triple doubles, i was convinced he was he future and that everyone else who doubted were haters. But i finally see the light. THIS is Rondo. Unless you surround him with talent, THIS is what you’ll get.

  • you definitely make some valid points. now try playing GM and form a team. drose, dwill, cp3, and westbrook are all cap killers. keep in mind a 7 game series teams need to be 8-9 players deep. you just can’t win with 3 max contracts and that’s how these “super teams” are failing. ronda @ 11M is what he is.. a top 5 point guard that needs to be surrounded with a supporting cast: shooting guard, rebounders, etc. that’s the bigger picture and celt fans need to accept that and his other intangibles: a proven warrior/team player. if you want a top 3 pg than be prepared to pay for it with concessions at other positions. btw thank you for not putting jlin in the discussion and rubio is unproven, but john wall has serious upside.

  • Tim

    He hasn’t been scoring, but if you watch his demeanor he’s as inspired as ever. You can always tell Pierce’s attitude by the way he plays help D. He’s been as active as ever.
    Without Garnett, Bass, and a center (JO has been horrendous), I think we’re just starting to point the finger and blame anyone in sight. Pierce doesn’t deserve it.

  • Tim

    Yea, I’m watching man.