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Rondo suspended two games


No big surprise here — Rajon Rondo's tantrum during the Pistons game resulted in more than just ejection. The NBA suspended him for two games today after reviewing his actions.

ESPN says he'll begin serving immediately, so he'll miss the Mavericks and Thunder games. That's the only part that catches my eye about this story. Players almost always seem to protest their suspensions, either looking for a reduced penalty, or trying to align them with certain games. Obviously, Dallas and Oklahoma City are two of the best teams in the NBA, so these two games are particularly costly. Perhaps the team and Rondo felt that getting this behind everyone before the all-star break was the way to go.

It'll be interesting to see how the team looks without him. I'm a big Rondo guy, but the offense has looked bad lately, as he's shot more and the team in general seems averse to moving the ball. If a Bradley-led attack leads us to a win or two over western powerhouses, will that mean something to Danny Ainge as he looks to shape the roster going forward?

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  • Kind of a bonehead move on his part. That was some terrible officiating, though.

  • Alex

    If the Celtics win tonight or against OKC (or BOTH), Rondo is going to get traded.
    My prediction right there.
    If the Celtics lose both (and pretty bad too), then the Celtics have bigger issues to resolve.

  • Perfectly timed, so he doesn’t have to get embarrassed by Westbrook.

  • Paul

    Tantrum? So he should have just meekly taken that abusive, horrible non-call by the ref? He did the right thing. Yeah, he should have thrown the ball 5mph slower, ok?

  • BHlousej

    No offense, but however you look at this incident, it doesn’t warrant a two game suspension. I’ve frequently seen players throw the same kind of pass to refs, and nothing was called or given out. The pass was a relatively week one, telling fr the amount of force one can extrapolate into the ball, so the ref should have been able to catch it. However the ref didn’t, and it hit him in the chest, seem strange? Shouldn’t a ref always be prepared to have the ball passed to him, and be ready to catch it, if so this ref wasn’t prepared to do his job properly, and Rondo should not be punished for the refs failures and/or incompetence.

  • paul

    And yeah, I do expect the Celtics to win one or both games. This team clearly won’t play for Rondo. He has to go. But don’t put the blame on him. You know who is at fault for this. Paul Pierce is good at getting rid of anyone he sees as possible competition, isn’t he?

  • CsfaninVT

    I am not at all in disaggrement with rondo’s frustration with the officiating. I’d be pretty pissed too if I couldnt count on the officials to keep someone from potentially breaking my neck.

  • C-Facts

    Danny should try real hard to trade him for Deron Williams. Deron doesn’t wanna be in New Jersey. To work the numbers Danny should Ship Rondo, wilcox, Dooling, with a draft pick for Deron Williams and Marshoon Brooks.