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Recap: Celtics lose game and more bodies

I had a feeling this face punch compilation from Road House would fit the game recap. The Mavericks beat up the Celtics tonight, 89-73.

The script was the same… there's no need to rehash the lack of rebounding and second chance points. Not having anyone who could guard Dirk Nowitzki (26 points, 16 rebounds) certainly didn't help. 

The Celtics lost two more bigs: Jermaine O'Neal (sprained wrist) and Chris Wilcox (strained groin). Is Mark Blount still available? His rebounding ability would fit perfectly with this team.

The lone bright spot? Paul Pierce (20 points, 4 steals) showed a pulse. Ignore the -27.

I hope no one took my prediction for a Celtics victory seriously. 

Box score

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  • Saw an interesting tweet on my timeline tonight. It said: “Well, at least this will end all those thoughts that the team is better without Rondo…”
    Bradley was the lone bright-spot for me. Where did that jumper come from? And he absolutely gave Dirk fits when Nowitzki was outside the FT line. Thank God the all-star break is coming-up. This team and it’s fans need a break-this is excruciating.

  • Julian

    This team is awful right now! They are dogs! They stink! They are not winning the title this year. I’m sorry but I am not such a blind Celtics fan that I can’t see it. Danny Ainge needs to blow it up & maintain the financial cap space for next year. Get some assets. Maybe future draft picks and young hungry talent. I’m tired of watching the senior citizen bingo night in green & white.

  • Lee in Oregon

    Avery kept me going tonite too! If he keeps shooting like that I could see a Rondo/Bradley backcourt with Ray coming off the bench. Doc needs to shake it up a bit after the break. KG and Bass can’t get back soon enough.

  • Vik Melb Aus

    Love it Kwapt you always see the bright side , unlike alot of C’s fans..
    Blowing it up aint easy- washigton, detroit, etc
    We just need to get healthy and maybe sign a decent big man who can draw defence pressure and has a postgame.
    Everyone forgets the lockout year is about making it to the dance ie Knicks 99.
    Doc will figure it out and all the big 4 aint gonna go out like that
    Our bench is better but they have had to step into starting roles.. wilcox he is a great off the bench player not a starter, pietrus, bradley..
    The silver lining is these guys are getting exp and time together and that will help come playoff time.

  • Vik Melb Aus

    We will be there when it comes down to it and we will get the 5th or 6th seed , and than we will hear all the bandwagon follwers who will claim they never lost faith.
    Off course we are going down to the mavs today. No Kg on Dirk, No bass for offence of the bench, No JO-defence, no wilcox for easy buckets or running the break, No Rondo – to push that ball, make the plays..
    Once after the all star break wwe normally see the c’s drop this year it will be the other way around.

  • I would really like to see the Celtics bring back Leon Powe..knows the system..has had plenty of time off to be as close to 100% as possible and you know he is going to work hard and hit the glass

  • Amen to that! I was just thinking about Leon…kid had heart.

  • Elliot

    just throwing it out there, Does Danny make a run at the Birdman? who is apparently up for trade. He’s a center but he’s only 6’10 and we all know Doc wants a 7 footer how ever from what i’ve seen he gets the ball and capable of being a good shot blocker. Will he fit in with this team? Is he someone that can make an impact the rest of this season? I don’t know what his contracts like or anything and who would we trade for him? Just thought.

  • I’m not sure if we can read much into this game given the fact there was no RR/KG/Bass to start, then JO/Cox going down all coinciding with the dreaded back-to-back road game. Good heath permitting, the roster at least needs a few tweaks (rebounding + more size), but I just don’t see any viable parts being dangled until after March 1st nor do I feel Danny will blow it up unless it’s for #1’s and more cap space because I strongly feel he will go after Howard if he makes through the trade deadline.
    The important number to focus on is 3.5 — that’s the amount of games we trail for the 6th seed. Certainly not impossible, but if the starters can’t get on track after the break it won’t matter much where they finish. This season is becoming a referendum on Danny’s drafting, and who he signed and let go after they won the title. Pretty hard to recover from Giddens when you could have drafted D. Jordan. He should have given TA the extra year and Posey could have been a difference maker in game 7 of the 10′ finals. The killers were signing Sheed and JO in successive years and then trading Perk on the assumption Shaq would be ready for the playoffs. Although we did gain a #1 this year and I think Green will resign after he tests the market.
    I still beleive in Danny, Doc and our core unit.

  • Really too many people out to judge..
    When Rondo was missing, KG and Bass were in and I liked it. KG is half team. You can survive Rondo or Ray, but not KG or PP in my opinion. Let’s cruise to the All Star Break to get some rest and some people back.

  • Hodges

    Time to trade Rondo. He’s too much of a manic to be a leader. He could not make a three pointer if there was no money on it and he does not even work on his shooting during the offseason.

  • I actually do too Perry & we are definitely in the minority. J.O.s defense has been very good- another 4 blocks last night. But his inability to finish even layups at the rim has killed us. I also think Ainge will not make any major moves until this summer-unless it was something that would make us significantly better. The 2nd half of the season is interesting we have a lot of games against below .500 teams, but we also have a brutal stretch in April where we play Miami 3 times, Chicago & Indiana. Who knows what kind of shape we'll be in come playoff time…  

  • Are you sure about that? Are you with Rondo in the offseason? Do you work out with him and know he’s not working on shooting?

  • Jerms

    i’m good with people hating, but at least get your facts right. rondo has proven that he can hit 3 pointers over these few years. and he recently had a break out game where he was shooting lights out+hitting free throws. how could he score so many points if he didn’t practice? must be a fluke. and how did you know he didn’t even work on his shooting in the offseason? unless you were right beside him 24/7, don’t assume.

  • Jerms

    wished they had a rome training camp. that would have glued the guys in.

  • Alex

    Rondo has been the only consistent player so far this week.
    At this point, I just hope Howard stays in Orlando until the end of this season and Danny Ainge makes a BIG attempt to grab Howard in the offseason. With Rondo, Doc Rivers, Green (possibly), and added tools, Howard would be an amazing addition and all those perks are definitely valuable to look at from a FA’s point of view.
    I don’t want Rondo being traded any more. The Big Three, in the other hand, are no longer capable of doing much. Their legs are tired… it sucks just watching all this unfold before our eyes.
    Oh and another good thing about Howard going to Boston is that we have Danny Ainge. Someone who is a WHOLE LOT more competent than Otis Smith.

  • Erin

    I would love Howard to join us, but I really can’t see this happening.
    #1 If you were in Howard’s shoes, would you come to Boston seeing how bad we’re playing right now? ORL is sitting way up high right now from where we are right now.
    #2 Howard has said time to time that he wants to go to the Nets. Nets have Brook Lopez to trade, D Will, a bunch of fresh legs, good weather, and a rich owner who can slap him with money. What do we have to offer? The corpse of O’Neal? Wilcox? I’m quite surprised Otis gave us Bass, but I’m not sure he’s dumb enough to do a Chris Wallace.

  • Wished that too!
    I live in Rome, I would have been at the training facility every day for 24 hours.. 😀
    I hope ubuntu is still alive, that’s the biggest factor we can count on coming playoffs.

  • Wished that too!
    I live in Rome, I would have been at the training facility every day for 24 hours.. 😀
    I hope ubuntu is still alive, that’s the biggest factor we can count on coming playoffs.

  • I don’t have to be with Rondo to know he doesn’t work on his shooting. How does one get WORSE from the Free Throw line after working with Mark Price? He doesn’t work on it. The proof is in his stats. You can’t make an argument otherwise.

  • I can’t?
    Since 2009, Rondo’s shooting% from 16-23 feet has improved every year (33%, 41%, 42%)
    Since 2009, Rondo’s 3pt % has improved every year (32%, 35%, 37.5%)
    His FT% is up almost 5% from last year.
    His shooting does need work. It’s a work in progress. But don’t give me this crap that he’s not working on it. He’s a professional basketball player. He’s been and All Star and he would have been again if he didn’t get hurt.
    Just admit you don’t like the guy and then we can have a reasonable discussion. Don’t mask your hate by trying to pretend he sucks. He doesn’t.

  • He shoots 59% from the free throw line. Up 5%. Wow. That’s amazing. That doesn’t show much work. Free throwing is muscle memory. Bird shot hundreds before and after practice. So does Ray. Why are there no stories about Rondo doing that? Hmmm. I think we can make a pretty good assumption in that regard. His on-court shooting is only marginally better. Not good but not nearly as God awful as it was. Of course, we left off his defense, which continues to get progressively worse! I know you can cite some meaningless statistic but you can see the total lack of regard, on his part, for staying with his man. I know you can isolate clips. You do it all the time when Rondo has a good game or to show Wilcox and O’Neal making lackluster picks.. You guys even cherry-picked clips to try to show that Rondo was more effective than Bradley. I challenge you to isolate Rondo on defense in any of his last 5 games or all. You’ll see him drop off his man on the weak side. You’ll see him getting picked off on the pick-and-rolls and, in the last few games, you’ll see him getting flat out beat on the floor (because his defensive stance has been way too upright lately, which leads to Eddie House-type defensive imbalance). He cannot be working on that part of his game. I can assume that because there is progressive regression, not improvement. I do admit that I don’t like him but I know I have good reasons. Do it…fairly…you’ll see. Everyone will see. I know what you’ll see because I watch most games on tape delay. I isolate and reverse the plays. Recently, Ray hasn’t been very good on defense either but, I don’t think he’s ever been picked 1st team, all-defense. And he is 36, I think. If you do it, I’ll trust that you guys are not just apologists for him. Do it. Please?

  • I haven’t read anywhere where Paul Pierce takes hundreds of FT’s before or after practice. Nor have I read that about KG. Nor have I read that about most people. Does that mean no one works on their shooting?
    Look at what I’m saying: Yes, Rondo needs to improve in some areas. But Rondo is also amazingly great in other areas. And there are not a lot of people better overall than him at his position.
    People say “GRRRRRR.. TRADE RONDO!!!” But for what? For WHAT exactly??? What is there better than Rondo out there? Give me a legitimate reason.
    And I swear… I’m banning the person who says Jeremy Lin.

  • Classless

    LOL you cite 3PT %? Really dude? You forgot to leave out the fact that the 3PT shot is not part of his game, only when he’s dribbling wildly with the shot clock down. A 5% increase this year in his free throws is false positive. His recent stretch shooting well from the line offset his ineptness in the beginning of the year. He’s still at his core a 50-55% free throw shooter and is scared to go to the line in the 4th quarter, which takes away from his greatest strength, his slashing ability.
    I don’t hate Rondo. In fact, I love him, own multiple Rondo shirts, etc. I agree with you that he has many great skills. You just can’t deny his weaknesses (mid range jumper, free throws, bad defense) are all on him. THAT is why he’s so frustrating and not a top 5 PG.

  • How is making shots a false positive? This isn’t a medical diagnosis. Either the shots go in, or they don’t.
    Plus, this is how this whole thread started: “He could not make a three pointer if there was no money on it”

  • Well, first, I don’t blame KG and PP for not doing that because they are good free throw shooters to start. Rondo needs the work. He has always been bad, except for part of one season, when he actually worked with Price. But the last two seasons? Nah. And I guess you’re not biting on my iso challenge. I get it. You guys don’t want to show proof of his total disregard of that part of his game because it would be embarrassing. As far as trades, most of the guys on this site, live in a fairy tale world where team Presidents just trade away great players for flawed players. It didn’t happen for CP3 for a reason. The Knicks would not even entertain a Rondo for you-know-who trade. (LOL. Don’t want to be banned.) If you’re limiting trades for point guards, there are several I’d take in a second over Rondo. No one will make the deal though. But, Red was great at thinking outside the box. He went after Danny after he said he was staying in baseball, etc. The Gasol for Rondo trade, I can hear the critics now, would make the team better. We could live without a true point guard. When they have Rondo-like limitations, Kobe can simply exploit his weaknesses by simply daring him to shoot and clogging the passing lanes. Our offense is stagnant with him, at this point. And it’s not just that we’re old along side him. I just believe we have to trade him for a solid player and pick up a decent journeyman point guard now because of his defense. He’s literally killing us in games because of this.