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Your Morning Dump… Where the fundamental flaws are driving me nuts

Youth-basketball-fundamentals-and-offensive-plays-57-yr-olds-21357905Every morning, we compile the links of the day and dump them here… highlighting the big storyline. Because there’s nothing quite as satisfying as a good morning dump.

“We worked on a lot of defensive stuff because the dribble penetration is just crushing us,” he said. “We showed film of the last three games, and you don’t have to talk a lot. I mean, it’s pretty obvious. Guys have the ball square and then the guy’s driving. You see the big (the forwards or center) running over to help and either it’s a foul, it’s a layup or it’s an offensive rebound.

“I don’t think that’s that hard to figure out. We just have to do a better job on it. That should never happen, especially on some of the plays when it’s happening. There’s no reason for you to get beat off the dribble.

“And then,” Rivers added, “our bigs have to do a better job of talking, because a lot of times, in the guards’ defense, they’re thinking that there’s a pick and roll coming — there’s nothing, but they don’t know. They’re guarding the ball.”

Herald – Celtics get defensive

What is the deal with this team and the fundamentals? Not squaring up their guy on defense. Not shouting out screens. Not boxing out. These are junior high school level fundamentals. 

NBA players often use their athleticism to mask flaws in their game. A player can grab a rebound without boxing out because he can out jump than his opponent. Or after gambling for a steal, he uses his quickness to get back in front of his defender.

But what happens when you lose a step of quickness or an inch on the vertical? I think we know the answer. It’s happening on a nightly basis with the Celtics.

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On Page 2, Mickael Pietrus explains why he’s taking a lot of threes.

Sure, he’s battling a mini-funk the past three games, connecting on just two of his past nine shots and missing his past seven 3-pointers, but it’s hardly anything to get worked up about at the moment. Even still, it’s caused Pietrus to reflect a bit on his offensive contributions, particularly as he continues to work his way back from offseason surgery on his right knee.

“When you hurt your knee in some kind of way, you’re afraid that you’ll do the same thing again to hurt the knee,” explained Pietrus. “So you see me, I haven’t driven to the basket the way I want to, so I’m basically trying to be a spot-up 3-point shooter, but this is not who I want to be. I can make 3s, but I want to shoot more free throws. And the other part of my game, I have to get better guarding the ball, defensively. That’s the championship mind, and I want to give more. Even though [the Celtics are] happy, I’m not happy.”

ESPN Boston

I love everything Pietrus brings to the Celtics: energy, defense, fearless shooting and the team first attitude. He’s James Posey 2.0.

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  • Nathan

    His offensive game reminds me of Nate robinson

  • no, no, no Nate overdribbled –MP hardly dribbles at all

  • Jerry Sondler

    Does Doc really think his roster of “former” All-Stars has forgotten the fundamentals?
    The harsh and stark NBA reality is that the team with the most talented players wins the game.
    There are no “intangibles” in the NBA.
    The NBA is like Track & Field…the more talented man/team always wins!

  • Nathan

    so do you think the mavericks where the most talented team in the league last year?

  • Akara Khanii

    Guys all the talk about the Celtics and fundamentals on defense and remember we are still the NUMBER ONE defense in the league; Other teams would kill for what we have.

  • You are right. But what drives us nuts, is it’s feast or famine. They go through these ruts where they can’t stop anyone.

  • Jerry Sondler

    -Regular season winning percentage of .695
    -Rolled over the Lakers, Thunder, Heat in the playoffs
    -Three starters with FG% over .517%
    -Had most players averaging double-digits in points scored
    -No starter shot less than 73% at FT line {Hello, Rondo at 56%}.
    Yeah, I`d say they had as many talented players as any team.

  • Well stated above that it’s “feast or famine” on D. But I think it is unfair for people to put so much blame on the defense when the major problem is clearly that this team just cannot score like they used to. Not that they were an offensive powerhouse when they won it in 2008, but this team has taken significant steps backwards on the offensive end, and the only thing I can attribute it to is Paul Pierce not being the scorer that he used to be. I bet if you looked at his free throw attempts (which I haven’t yet done) per game they have gone down SIGNIFICANTLY in the past 2 years. I’m not saying he’s the only one to blame, it’s just unfortunate for him that he’s expected to carry such a big load on offense and he no longer seems capable of doing it consistently. He was great playmaker while rondo was out, but as I stated above his ability to get to the line and to create his own shot is WAY down this year. It’s happened quicker than I thought it ever would.

  • Gil

    I think the thunder has a better win percentage and better talent why again didn’t they win

  • Jerry Sondler

    You`re free to think OKC had better talent….that doesn`t make it so.

  • Jerry Sondler

    Dallas won 57 games last year…OKC won 55

  • hypothesize all you want, this season boils down to how they’ve failed against teams + .500

  • He was mostly talking about Rondo. Isn’t that obvious???? My God; it’s exactly the comment I’ve made here 50 times. If the GUARDS don’t get up on their men (Rondo guarding the outline of the key), their men dribble and penetrate going to the basket. He’s also complaining a little about how the bigs switch over, AFTER RONDO’S man drives free to the basket, but….This is not rocket science. In the last 3 games Pierce and Allen also were lazy in this regard but Rondo has done it regularly in all but about 2 games. Doc finally watched the tapes!!! Maybe you “Rondo is brilliantly playing one-on-team defense” will finally give it up. Even Doc is on my side!

  • Mavericks have always put up a high regular season winning percentage.
    How do you explain losing that series to Golden State?
    The stat sheet can not disprove the existence of intangibles. Intangibles exist, it’s crazy to doubt that. When you play poorly it shows up on a stat sheet. When you play well it shows up on a stat sheet. But the stat sheet can’t tell you why the game happened the way it did.
    To disagree on the existence and importance of ‘the intangibles’ is to go against all the great players and coaches.
    Red and Russ in particular always put a lot of emphasis on them, and who else would you listen to?

  • I don’t think Doc does that stuff much. He calls out Rondo when he wants to call out Rondo. Statistically, Rondo is our best defender.
    Rondo isn’t perfect of course. But recently, teams have been exploiting Ray more. They demand more of him on defense to slow him down on offense. And wasn’t Ray also out for a lot of the winning stretch when Rondo was out?
    Ray has seemed to cheat father time more than Paul and Kevin have, but Father Time is catching up with Ray as well, and it’s on his defensive duties where you’re most likely to see it.
    I’ll tell you who DOES talk about a guy while pretending to talk about the team in general. Danny.
    And he’s right to do it because he’s a GM and naming a specific guy affects his job and the player in a very different way than the coach doing it.

  • Jerry Sondler

    When one team clearly has more talent than the other…what “intangibles” can the weaker team turn to?

  • I don’t know what lame stats you’re talking about but Rondo is a horrid defensive player. He is never up on his man and gets picked off or beaten to the basket 10-15 times every game. If Doc didn’t mean him, he’s got his head up Rondo’s ass with Rondo. This is so damned obvious.